We are very fortunate in having list members who are actively engaged in other genealogical projects. Look out for regular List Members:

  • Gareth Hicks  who runs the Genuki Wales website which is full of information
  • Gareth Hicks has a Help page and a Cwmgors a'r Waun site, which is slanted towards Welsh genealogy.
  • Dai Bevan is admin for the Dyfed Mailing List where you will find experts on many subjects willing to help.
  • John Ball who contributes photographs of areas of Wales on his personal website. John is administrator of the excellently run Powys List.
  • Jeff Coleman who maintains our Glamorgan Mailing List and gives detailed help with family history requests. Jeff is particularly knowledgeable about the Swansea valley.
  • Jill Muir runs this website and the Welsh Chapels and Churches Photographic Web site and helps as Joint List Administrator for the Glamorgan List.



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