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Anti-Virus Precautions.

This introduction contains important information for ALL subscribers to the Rootsweb Glamorgan Mailing list.

Firstly - do you have anti-virus protection and are you aware of the need to update it every week and every few days whilst viruses threaten? Anti-virus protection is YOUR responsibility. It is the duty of every internet user to have adequate anti-virus protection. We strongly recommend that before you use this or any other mailing list you should do these three things:-

1] Download the latest security patches from Microsoft. One way of doing this is to open Internet Explorer, go online then go to the Tools /Windows Update menu. Select and run the critical updates. Some people may choose to use a different browser (e.g. Netscape or Opera)or a different email client (e.g. Eudora or Pegasus) , or even a different operating system (e.g. Mac or Linux).

2] Install a good virus protection package and check frequently for updates provided by the manufacturer. If you can not agree to this condition then we must ask you to contact one of us immediately.

Alerting the list to new virus threats so that you will be aware that updates should be obtained will be done by our List Admin Jeff. Links to some vendors of anti-virus software are shown here

For a free download of an excellent anti-Virus programme: see
AVG at Grisoft

If you need help on selecting other affordable anti-virus software, then subscribe to a Rootsweb list of Virus Discussion.

Similarly, please do not post virus warnings or hoax alerts to the list, as many Virus/Hoax warnings have a tendency to spiral out of control. On the Glamorgan Mailing List the List owner regularly updates the list with any new Virus attack from a very reliable source.

Attachments to files/messages

Sending attachments to individuals – Do not send attachments to individuals without asking or warning them first. Ask what format they prefer. (Word, plain text, etc). The preferred format is rtf (rich text format) as the resulting files are much smaller than a Word document and most formatting is retained. In your email client ensure you change the Mail Setting Format to 'Plain text'. It is often set at htmlL which will be rejected by Rootsweb.

Reading attachments - Don't open email attachments without checking with the sender that the message is genuine. Some viruses can be activated simply by receiving or opening the message. So keep your anti-virus software and security patches up-to-date.

Other stuff about attachments...

Please DO NOT intentionally send attachments with list mail. These are automatically bounced back to yourself and the List Admin Team in an unintelligible mass, and will only result in you and the List Admin team wasting time and money sending and receiving them. If you have established a common interest with a fellow-subscriber and you wish to send more detailed information, and wish to converse with them - please do so, 'off-list'.


A program which replicates itself, incorporating itself into other programs shared on a computer system.

Trojan Horse

A program that appears innocent, including html files and screen savers, which can then gain control of and damage or allow remote (third party) access to your computer.


A program which can replicate itself, attaching copies to other programs.