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Where we are located.

In case you are in any doubt where we are in the actual world; The Glamorgan Mailing List centres on the old historic county of Glamorgan and in line with normal genealogical practice, this information is structured according to the county as it was prior to the re-organisation that took place in 1974.

The Glamorgan Mailing List covers all the industrial and highly populated areas, Cardiff, Swansea and the 'Valleys' where the once world famous iron and coal came from. Newport is in Monmouthshire and comes under other Mailing Lists, such as Monmouthshire.

Wales is a Celtic country

Wales (in Welsh: 'Cymru' pronounced approximately Kum-ree) and is one of the four constituent parts of the United Kingdom (along with England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland).  Wales is located in the south-west of Great Britain, and is bordered by England to the east and Ireland [across the sea] to the West. The entire area of Wales is about 8,023 square miles (20,779 km).
Wales has its own ancient language and now its own parliament.

The old county of Glamorgan  is situated in South Wales, UK. The Capital City of Wales is Cardiff.

The main population and industrial areas are in South Wales. These include the capital, Cardiff, the other two major cities, Swansea and Newport. The South Wales Valleys are famous for their past major contribution to the world's iron and coal and today house small industrial areas. Many people emigrated to populate America, particularly from the South Wales industrial areas.

We Welsh are an artistic and creative lot. Our nation has produced and is still producing many world famous actors, singers and artists.

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