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Map of Glamorgan

This shows the industrial area of South Wales which is Glamorgan. I would not wish by that sentence to give visitors who have never been there the wrong impression. Apart from the industry there are many areas of outstanding natural beauty, such as the Gower Coast

Cardiff is a major shopping venue with many other attractions too. Merthyr Tydfil, once renowned for its iron throughout the world, is right on the edge of Breconshire, which is now called Powys. This is a most delightful county in its own right. My brother David and I used to be taken on picnics from Merthyr into Breconshire, and here we kids were set free from the adults to build dams in the stream and pick windberries [small blueberries, but with a sweeter taste]. These were such innocent and truly happy days! We were never bored yet we were without mobiles and i-pods!!

If you wish to see some stunning scenery and photos of Wales, do look at John Ball's website.


This map of Wales shows Glamorgan as the most highly industrialized area.
On the right the county of Gwent is the former historic county of Monmouth.