Welsh Chapels & Churches

Contributing to the Welsh Chapels and Churches Photo Library.

History of this site.

This website came about after the original owner Jill Muir was persuaded by a friend Dai Bevan, to invite Rootsweb List members to contribute chapel and church photographs. The images are intended to be of help to many people researching their ancestry. As family historians know, having a photograph of their family's respective chapel or and church is of great interest, and the aim is to provide a platform for these.  The site also exists to show the many chapels and churches which now do not survive as religious houses.

If you own any chapel or church photographs, I would be very grateful for the contribution of scanned images of these photos. Please email images scanned in full colour mode saved at about 800 x 600 as jpg files to Jill Muir

Please also name the photo, in the way shown below, which is in lower case and hyphenated. Please do not use an underscore. This saves a tremendous amount of time when preparing the photo for internet display.

e.g. ~ aberdare-ebenezer-chapel-cm.jpg or aberdare-soar-chapel-baptist.jpg 

 [ cm = Calvinistic methodist]

In this way, the photo has its location, its name and hopefully the denomination.

In your message could you please tell me which Welsh county this was in, as this website refers to counties prior to Local Government Re-organisation in 1974, ie the Historic counties of Wales.  Please do not take photographs from the internet or from books, unless you are the donator of the photograph in the first place. You must either own the photograph or the copyright owner is willing to have it donated.

In the past, after responding privately to the contributor, I included any images supplied on the site update as soon as I could. All contributions were fully acknowledged on the relevant page. At present the site is 'frozen' as I am unable to add any further photographs to the site.  Many thanks for your understanding and co-operation.