William Ross is supposed to be the first white man that settled in Atlas Township, he made the first improvement, which was on Sec. 28, in the year 1819. Joseph Petty, Deacon Snow, John Wood, D. Shinn and a man named Brown, were among the early settlers, James M. Sheeley settled in 1821, they all made good improvements. The first birth was child of John M. Smith. The first death was Mrs. Husong, she was buried near the residence of William Ross. The first marriage was that of Daniel Barney to Miss A. L. Husong, the ceremony was performed by Wm. Ross, Esq. The first school house was built on Sec. 26, in 1826. The first sermon was preached by the Rev. Lorenzo Dow, in the old log court house, to a small congregation, in 1826. William Ross was the first Justice of the Peace. Atlas is heavily timbered, with small neck of good prairie, and a large quantity of sni bottom lands, it has some very energetic farmers, who will make Atlas one of the finest Townships, on completion of the great levee. It is well adapted for farming and raising stock. There are none of the first settlers now living except Daniel Barney who still lives in the town of Rockport and is much respected. Col. Wm. Ross, the first settler in Atlas Township, is now a resident of Newburg Township, one mile from the Public Square, Pittsfield.






When came to Co.
Adams, J. G. Atlas Farmer New York 1843
Barney, Daniel Rockport Laborer Ohio 1824
Baughman, Aaron Sec. 14 Farmer Ohio 1848
Brackenburg, C. W Sec. 24 Carpenter New York 1844
Butler, Wm. R. Sec.12,T7,R5 Farmer Illinois 1833
Chappel, S. H. Rockport Justice of the Peace Pennsylvania 1864
Crenshaw, Nicholas Rockport Hotel Kentucky 1840
Crouse, Geo ........... Farmer Missouri 1852
Davis, James M Sec.11,T7,R6 Farmer East TN 1857
Dean, D. W. Summer Hill Farmer Ohio 1856
Dustin, Wm. Sec. 24 Farmer NH 1836
Ferguson, Thompson Sec. -- Farmer Kentucky 1834
Graham, Henry Sec. 14 Farmer Ohio 1830
Henry, James M. Rockport Physician S. C. 1856
Hesley, A. F. Rockport Merchant Russia 1857
Horton, Hobert S Sec. 1,T6,R6 Farmer Connecticut 1832
Horton, Horris Sec. 1, T6,R6 Farmer Connecticut 1832
Hoskins, John Sec. 12 Farmer Illinois 1822
Huffman, Henry B Sec. 23 Cooper New York 1838
Long, Jackson A Sec. 11,T7,R6 Farmer East TN 1835
Long, Jesse Sec. 1,T7,R5 Farmer Maryland 1831
Marion, F. E. Atlas Bookkeeper Missouri 1856
McCarty, John B. Summer Hill Wagon Maker New Jersey 1865
McCord, S. E. Sec. 13 Farmer Pennsylvania 1838
Miller, C. R. Sec. 20 Farmer Indiana 1838
Miller, Henry Sec. 23 Farmer W. V. 1867
Miller, John Sec. 7 Farmer Kentucky 1833
Miller, Lydia A Sec. 25 ............. Ohio 1838
Newman, Wm Sec. 13,T7,R5 Farmer Ohio 1857
Otwell, J. D. Sec. 2,T7,R6 Farmer Kentucky 1839
Paullin, Sarah N Rockport ............ New Jersey 1836
Peecher, Wm. E Sec. 11 Farmer East VA 1855
Perry, W. M. Summer Hill Physician New York 1869
Peters, H. Summer Hill Blacksmith New York 1846
Petty, Elijah Sec. 20 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1832
Pierce, Jane E. ........... Farmer England 1834
Pierce, Seth ........... Farmer New York 1858
Ramsey, Henry R Sec. 24 Farmer New York 1838
Rupert, James P Rockport Miller Pennsylvania 1838
Sapp, John E Sec. 32 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1832
Sapp, Linsey S. Sec. 32 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1838
Sapp, Samuel M Sec. 29 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1846
Shaw, G. J. Summer Hill Farmer MA 1836
Smith, Horace M Sec. 31 Farmer Illinois 1837
Snider, Wm Sec. 24,T7,R5 Farmer Ohio 1860
Stebbins, Alfred Sec. 15 Farmer MA 1839
Stebbins, George Summer Hill Farmer MA 1839
Taylor, Mary H Sec. 4 Farmer Ohio 1836
Taylor, Samuel Sec. 7 Farmer Illinois 1834
Thurmon, C. M. Louisiana Ferryman Kentucky 1821
Watters, Jesse ............. Cooper PA 1832
Watters, Wm. Henry Sec. 25 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1853
Wood, Wm Sec. 12, T6,R6 Farmer PA 1832
Yokem, F. M. Sec. 1,T7,R5 Farmer Missouri 1833
Yokem, Wm Sec. 35 Farmer Kentucky 1833