Barry is one of the best Townships in Pike county. It contains some of the most enterprising and best farmers in the county. It is principally timbered, with small necks of good, rich prairie. The soil is rich and fertile, well adapted to raising grain and fruit of all kinds. It is also well supplied with good springs of most excellent water, making it well adapted for both farming and raising stock. There are a great many Pennsylvanians and New Yorkers living here, who are extraordinary good farmers. The first white persons who settled in this Township were Mr. Hadley and the Rev. David Edwards. Mr. Hadley built the first house and made the first improvements on Sec. 21, about the year 1824. Rev. Wm. M. Blair and his five sons, John N. Harvey, Samuel Montgomery and Wm. Blair (who died while a member of the State Legislature in the session of 1845) Hezakiah McAtee, his son Elijah McAtee and Alfred Grubb were among the early settlers, and all of them have done their full share to improve the county and bring it to its present and prosperous condition. Montgomery and Samuel Blair and Eliza McAtee are about all of the first settlers that now remain, the rest are either dead or have moved away. The first white child born was the daughter of Samuel and Lucy Blair. She is now the wife of N. P. Hart, a worthy and well to do farmer, living one mile and a quarter west of the Town of Barry. The first death, was Mrs. Amanda Davis, in 1831. She was the mother of the Davis Brothers, now in business in the Town of Barry, and also the sister of the Hon. Montgomery Blair. The first marriage was that of Samuel Blair and Miss Lucy Brewster. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. Samuel Stone, at his own house in the year 1829. The first sermon was preached by the Rev. Wm. M. Blair at his own log house, in the year 1829, on Sec. 30. He also taught the first school in a log house on Sec. 28, in 1830. The first church was built by the Methodist denomination, in the village of Barry, in 1838. Alfred Grubb was the first justice of the Peace, and Hon. Montgomery Blair was the first Supervisor of Barry Township.






When came to Co.
Allen, C. S. Barry Saddles & Harness SC 1851
Allen, James B. Barry Farmer & Mechanic SC 1849
Allgaier, Chas. A. Barry Hardware & Stoves PA 1869
Angle, Lewis Barry Mfg'r, Merchant &c Virginia 1844
Baker, A. C. Barry Physician London 1836
Barney, Col. Benj. Sec. 31 Farmer MA 1826
Bill, M. Sec. 23 Miller New York 1844
Blades, E. W. Barry Merchant Delaware 1856
Blair, M. Barry Farmer & Merchant Ohio 1828
Blake, Leander Sec. 27 Farmer Maine 1842
Bliven, A. G. Sec. 2 Farmer New York 1832
Boulware, Daniel Sec. 2 Farmer Tennessee 1828
Bowen, W. L. Barry Railroad Man Maryland 1867
Bower, B. F. Sec. 5 Farmer PA 1840
Bower, C. E. Sec. 11 Farmer Ohio 1840
Boyles, T. H. Sec. 7 Farmer Ohio 1866
Breeden, Horace S. Barry Merchant Virginia 1869
Brenan, John Barry Shoemaker Ireland 1863
Bridge, Wm. H. Sec. 7 Farmer Virginia 1866
Bright, William Barry Baker Prussia 1853
Brothers, John E. Sec. 7 Teacher Pike Co., IL 1848
Brown, B. D. Sec. 25 Farmer MA 1833
Brown, J. Hardin Barry Clerk Illinois 1847
Brown, L. H. Barry Carpenter New York 1837
Burke, Alex. B. Barry Shoemaker Dublin 1861
Callaway, L. H. Barry Physician .......... 1853
Chamberlain, A. G Sec. 25 Surveyor Ohio 1845
Chrysup, Geo. W. Barry Grocer Illinois 1845
Churchill, C. R. Barry Farmer New York 1845
Clark, Wm. W Sec. 21 Farmer Vermont 1855
Clifton, Leander Barry Blacksmith Delaware 1866
Cobb & Bro., H. C Barry Barry Adage ........... .......
Cochran, Thomas Sec. 29 Farmer Ohio 1840
Corwin, E. M. Barry Jeweler Ohio 1865
Crandall, E. A. Barry Grocer New York 1839
Davis, C Barry Miller & Merchant Indiana 1828
Davis, C. G. Barry Miller PA 1841
Davis, Samuel Barry Miller & merchant Illinois 1829
DeHaven, L Barry Hotel Keeper PA 1837
Dewell, John Sec. 4 Farmer Ohio 1837
Divens, A. J. Barry Cooper Ohio 1861
Earnst, John Sec. 26 Miller PA 1850
Eddingfield, W. H. Barry Plasterer Ohio 1850
Farmer, James Sec. 23 Blacksmith Ohio 1839
Farmer, John Sec. 17 Farmer PA 1845
Ferris, L. N. Barry J. P. & Farmer New York 1839
Fox, James Sec. 16 Farmer Herkimer Co., NY 1863
Fricke, J. C. Barry Cooper Prussia 1844
Gard, Joseph Sec. 31 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1844
Gilmer, John T. Sec. 26 Farmer Illinois 1840
Givler, William Sec. 2 Farmer PA 1849
Green, Joseph Barry Lumber New York 1836
Greene, D. W. Barry Justice of the Peace New York 1837
Grey, H. R. Barry Painter Illinois 1844
Grubb, Henry T Barry Clerk Illinois 1850
Grubb, John P Sec. 23 Farmer PA 1844
Grubb, W. E. Barry Farmer Illinois ........
Guss, Benj. F. Sec. 3 Farmer PA 1848
Guss, William Sec. 3 Farmer PA 1848
Hack, George Sec. 30 Farmer Germany 1857
Haines, J. E. Barry Railroad PA 1859
Hancock, G. A. Sec. 27 Farmer Ohio 1863
Hanson, G. W. Barry Physician Vermont 1870
Hart, Joel Sec. 33 Farmer MA 1836
Hart, N. P. Sec. 26 Farmer NH 1838
Hart, Nathaniel Sec. 27 Farmer MA 1838
Hatch, S. C. Barry Physician NH 1832
Hollenbeak, A. C. Barry Stoves & Tinware New York 1859
Holms, James Barry Books & Stationery Scotland 1855
Hopkins, C. J. Barry Cooper Ohio 1850
Hopkins, Thomas Barry Cooper Illinois 1838
Howlett, R. W. Barry Gunsmith England 1843
Hoyt, Jr., William Sec. 28 Farmer New York 1845
Hubbard, W. G Sec. 23 Wool Mill Missouri 1858
Hudson, J. W. Barry Saddles & Harness Maryland 1866
Hull, Simon Sec. 36 Farmer Ohio 1845
Hurt, E. Sec. 24 Farmer SC 1839
Jackson, C. Barry Artist New York 1831
Jennings, Peterson Sec. 34 Farmer SC 1836
Keifer, John B. Barry Carpenter PA 1857
Kinne, A. T. Barry Druggist New York 1856
Kinning, C. F. Barry Cooper Indiana 1862
Laing, A. C. Barry Attorney New York 1869
Lewton, Daniel Barry Livery Illinois 1869
Likes, James Sec. 29 Farmer Ohio 1839
Lippincott, C. P. Sec. 15 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1839
Maple, F. G. Sec. 18 Farmer Ohio 1863
Martin, Thomas M Sec. 11 Farmer Missouri 1849
Mason, C. E. Sec. 35 Farmer NH 1838
Mayes, George D Barry Miller Pike Co., IL 1835
McAtee, Elijah Sec. 7 Farmer Kentucky 1827
McConnell, B. Barry Blacksmith New Jersey 1859
McDaniel, George Sec. 26 Farmer Illinois 1845
McDaniel, William Sec. 23 Farmer SC 1836
McDonald, H. C. Barry Boot & Shoe Maker Indiana .........
McIntire, Thomas Barry Carpenter Indiana 1828
McIntire, William Barry Constable Illinois 1836
Metcalf, Miss Jennie Sec. 14 Weaver Illinois 1844
Murphy, John W. Barry Brick Moulder NC 1859
Myers, William Sec. 34 Farmer PA 1849
Nestrick, Samuel Sec. 18 Farmer PA 1863
Nicholls, Thomas Sec. 8 Farmer Ohio 1839
Nutting, E. Barry Hotel Keeper New York 1869
Orebaugh, Jacob Barry Shoemaker Virginia 1856
Parker, P. M. Barry Dentist New York 1836
Perry, G. W. Sec. 23 Wool Mill New York 1858
Perry, O. H. Sec. 24 Wool Mill PA 1849
Phennegr, J. S. Barry Blacksmith Ohio 1840
Philips, Jared B Sec. 28 Farmer PA 1854
Pike, D. Barry Farmer New York 1850
Playsmeyer, Harmon Sec. 23 Brick Maker Germany 1859
Raffety, Richard Sec. 12 Farmer Illinois 1840
Rider, D. W. Barry Constable Ohio 1858
Riphey, D. Sec. 25 Tinner Kentucky 1852
Rowand & Son, J. S Barry Druggist New Jersey 1846
Shewe, Solomon Sec. 31 Farmer Ohio 1844
Shoultz, John Sec. 5 Farmer Germany 1860
Smith, Eugene Barry Bookkeeper Illinois 1839
Smith, James Barry Undertaker Maryland 1855
Sweet, Jno. L Barry Grain Dealer & Merch. New York 1837
Terry, J. L. Barry Carpenter Virginia 1848
Triplet, Golson Sec. 2 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1830
Watson, Albert Sec. 10 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1842
White, Alex Barry Merchant Scotland 1851
White, W. F. Barry Hardware, Agr. Imp's Scotland 1849
Whittleton, John Barry Farmer England 1856
Wike, D. J. Sec. 27 Farmer PA 1844
Wike, George Sec. 23 Retired PA 1838
Wike, John Sec. 23 Wool Mill PA 1848
Williams, Jas. R. Sec. 36 Farmer Tennessee 1842