Pike Atlases


Moved from the state of New York to Indiana, in 1817, where he remained three years, when he left his family and traveled to Morgan county, Illinois, where he located land and built a house. He then returned to Indiana, and built keel boats, in which he moved his family by water, to their new home, in 1829. He remained in Morgan county one year, and then moved over to Pike county, and made improvements on the north fork of McGee creek, in Chambersburg township. There he remained about two years and then sold out and moved to Atlas, where he remained one year, and then moved six miles south, where he had purchased land and made improvements, on section 7. There he raised two crops, after which he sold his improvements, and moved to section 27, in Pleasant Vale township, where he had purchased land. There he remained engaged in farming and raising stock, until June 17, 1833, where he died.

Charles T. Brewster was born in the state of New York, in 1811, and remained with his father until 1832, when he purchased a piece of land and commenced farming on section 27, in Pleasant Vale township, remaining there until 1849. About this time he crossed the plains, with ox teams, to California, where he arrived just four months from the day he crossed the Mississippi river. He immediately engaged in mining for gold. After remaining nineteen months, he became satisfied with his success, and returned home in 1854. He again engaged in farming and raising stock, but on a larger scale than before. He has large and valuable possessions in Pleasant Vale, Illinois, where he is now living in comfort and ease. He has always been a useful man in his community, and has given employment to a great many poor people, always paying good wages. There is one man now in his employ who has been with him for thirty years.

In 1852, he married Miss Melvina Percell, of Pike county, Illinois. They have had eight children, three of whom are still living Charles E., Ann M., and Minnie M. Mr. Brewster is one of the heavy property holders of Pike County, and has always been of very active habits, and a thorough-going business man. He has frequently held the office of supervisor, and other local offices of his county, and is very generally respected.