Derry Township


The first white settler in this Township was W. Isaiah Cooper, in 1826, who made the first improvement on Section ?? and built the first house. D. W. Howard was the second, and made improvements on section 35. William Hornback, Charles Hoskins and Charles Martin were early settlers, but they are all gone except Charles Hoskins and Wm. Hornback, who still live in the Township. The first death was that of James Hornback. Thomas Proctor was the first Justice of the Peace. Rev. Lorenzo Daw preached the first sermon in the year 1830, at the house of James Hornback, at which time he baptized Mr. Hornback. The first school house was built on Section 20, in the year 1837. The first marriage was that of Enoch Cooper to Miss Esther Cooper (adopted daughter of Isaiah Cooper), in the year 1829. The first birth was a child Daniel and Pauline Howard, in 1827. This Township is heavily timbered, with small necks of good rich prairie. The soil is well bedded with gray limestone, plenty of good water which makes it well adapted to farming, and the raising of stock and fruit. It is in a good state of cultivation, and has a large number of good and enterprising farmers.






When came to Co.
Brothers, A Sec. 9 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1843
Brothers, William Sec. 9 Farmer Clay Co., IN 1842
Buckingham, John Sec. 35 Farmer Green Brier Co., VA 1835
Burbridge, John C. Sec. 23 Farmer Pickaway Co., OH 1838
Burke, J. W. Eldara Merchant Morgan Co., IN 1854
Caley, Thos. H Sec. 21 Farmer Putnam Co. IN 1851
Camp, Martin Sec. 36 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1838
Carey, Jesse Sec. 24 Farmer Philadelphia 1837
Chamberlain, J. W. Sec. 34 Blacksmith & Farmer Butler Co., OH 1835
Crowder, Asa Sec. 21 Farmer Rutherford Co., TN 1829
Davis, S. M. Sec. 13 Farmer Canada East 1843
Dickinson, Peter T Eldara Wagon maker Oxford, OH 1851
Dolbeare, Jas. S Sec. 15 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1844
Dolbeare, Priscilla Sec. 15 Farmer Morgan Co., OH 1834
Easley, Moses Sec. 18 Farmer East TN 1841
Fesler, Jacob Sec. 19 Farmer Kentucky 1836
Fowler, Bloomer Sec. 28 Farmer Kentucky 1861
Freeman, J. R. Eldara Blacksmith Carroll Co., TN 1840
Freeman, S. C. Eldara Merchant Pike Co., IL 1848
Garner, James H Sec. 33 Farmer Clark Co., KY 1840
Garner, Joseph Sec. 29 Farmer Clark Co., KY 1840
Hall, Henry Sec. 27 Farmer Butler Co., OH 1855
Hazelrigg, Charles Sec. 31 Farmer Clark Co., KY 1831
Helm, John Sec. 24 Farmer England 1848
Hendricks, R. C. Sec. 6 Farmer Randolph Co., NC 1837
Hogan, W. S. Sec. 34 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1849
Hornback, P. C. Eldara Teacher Pike Co., IL 1851
Hornback, R. W Sec. 20 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1837
Hornback, S. P. Eldara Farmer & J. P Pike Co., IL 1834
Hoskin, Charles Sec. 22 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1832
Hoskin, Daniel Sec. 26 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1831
Hoskin, I. A. Sec. 26 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1830
Hoskins, Henry Sec. 25 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1842
Johnson, J. W. Eldara Teacher Missouri 1870
Jones, Thomas J Sec. 18 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1842
Jones, William Eldara Merchant Pike Co., IL 1834
Killian, Edward Sec. 12 Farmer Roscommon, Ireland 1865
Landrum, Albert Sec. 18 Farmer Kentucky 1854
Landrum, J. M. Sec. 18 Farmer Indian Nation 1854
Lippincott, John Sec. 33 Farmer Butler Co., OH 1839
Martin, George S. Sec. 1 Farmer Fauquier Co., VA 1836
Martin, Hutson Sec. 27 Farmer Illinois 1846
Martin, Tarble W Sec. 26 Farmer Vermillion Co., IL 1846
Mays, James M. Sec. 24 Farmer Ross Co., OH 1850
McSorley, Patrick Sec. 13 Farmer Ireland 1852
Miller, James D Sec. 13 Teacher Columbus Co., PA 1869
Moorhead, T. W Eldara Physician Clermont Co., OH 1853
Motley, D. P. Sec. 16 Farmer Putnam Co., IN 1839
Motley, E. R. Sec. 21 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1842
Motley, W. L. Sec. 16 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1847
Moyer, John Sec. 10 Farmer Orange Co., IN 1839
Moyer, Moses Sec. 10 Mechanic NC 1839
Myers, Adam Sec. 32 Farmer New Jersey 1851
Nation, James H. Sec. 25 Farmer Sangamon Co., IL 1858
Newnham, Wm. Sec. 14 Farmer Clark Co., OH 1847
Ottawa, Fredreck Eldara Boots & Shoes Prussia 1856
Pike, William Eldara Painter Pike Co., IL 1850
Pursley, Jacob Sec. 11 Farmer Missouri 1835
Raftery, J. T. Sec. 15 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1847
Raftery, John Sec. 15 Farmer Roscommon, Ireland 1839
Reynolds, A. Eldara Justice of the Peace Portage, OH 1869
Robison, Alexander Sec. 13 Farmer Beaver Co., PA 1866
Smith, Jonathan Sec. 13 Farmer Clermont Co., OH 1856
Stubinger, Joseph H Sec. 22 Farmer Delaware 1834
Swan, Donald Sec. 6 Farmer Scotland 1861
Taylor, T. B. Sec. 5 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1833
Thomas, S. F. Sec. 17 Farmer Washington Co., KY 1831
Tittsworth, Franklin Sec. 19 Farmer Tennessee 1831
Troutwine, Frederick Sec. 30 Farmer Germany 1841
Underwood, J. L. Eldara Lawyer NY City 1837
Ware, Wm. L Eldara Stock Dealer Montgomery Co., KY 1862
Wildin, George Sec. 25 Farmer York Co., PA 1858
Williams, Stephen R. Sec. 31 Minister Ohio Co., KY 1844
Wood, H. R. Sec. 29 Farmer Centre Co., PA 1840