Pike Atlases


Is the son of Hezekiah McAtee, who was born in the state of Maryland in the year 1769. In the year 1825 he moved, with his family, to Sangamon county, Illinois, where he remained for two years. He then moved to Pike county, and settled on section 7 in Barry township, where he remained, engaged in farming and raising stock, until his death, which occurred in the year 1850. He left a wife and eight children. His wife's maiden name was Sarah Smith. She was born in the state of New York in the year 1773. She died in Pike county, Illinois, in the year 1856. Mr. and Mrs. McAtee were subjected to all the hardships and privations incident to a pioneer life, but by .dint of perseverance, industry, and economy, they accumulated sufficient of this world's goods to make them independent in their declining years. They both lived long and useful lives, and died devoted Christians.

Elijah was born in the state of Kentucky in the year 1811. In 1843 he married Miss L. F. Grubb, daughter of the Hon. Alfred Grubb. She was born in the state of Kentucky in the year 1822. A short time after her birth her mother died, and at the age of ten years she came with her father to Pike county, where she remained until her marriage. Mr. and Mrs. McAtee are both well known through Pike county for their benevolence and charity. Mr. McAtee has always been a very industrious man, and, as a consequence, has been quite successful in accumulating property. He has done much to advance the interests and growth of Pike county. Mr. McAtee is warmly attached to his family, and it affords him pleasure to speak in the highest praise of his good wife, to whom he ascribes much credit for their success. They are the parents of eight children, five of whom are deceased, and three living, viz: Bell, who is the wife of Albert Leach; Franklin Pierce, and Alfred H., both at home, single.