Pike Atlases


The subject of this sketch was born in Hamilton county, Ohio, October 31st, 1832. He is a son of Aaron Fagin, who is also a citizen of Pike county. Mr. Fagin received his early education in the Ohio Weslyan University, and after arriving at the age of twenty-one, he was married to Miss Sarah A., daughter of Israel and Rebecca Jones, of the above mentioned county and state. After his marriage he engaged in farming, meeting with good success.

In the year 1855 he removed to Pike county, Illinois, where he followed his former business until 1858, when he turned his attention to the lumbering trade, at which business he made considerable money. After quitting the lumbering trade he opened a clothing house, and about the same time he run the ferry and warehouse on the Illinois river, at Naples, for a period of about eight years, since which time he has been engaged in various other pursuits. He was a partner in the Perry woolen mills, for five years. He has also been engaged in stock dealing and pork packing. Politically he is, and always has been, a strong advocate of the democratic principles.

Mr. Fagin is a whole souled, generous man, and is highly respected by his neighbors. He is a man full of energy, and with good business qualifications. A view of his residence is shown in this work. At present he is residing at Perry, surrounded by a happy family, and plenty of the world's wealth to make life pleasant.