The first settlement and improvement was made on sec. 3, by Barker Crane, in 1831, he made an improvement and soon after left. The next settlement was made by Tandy Hume on Sec. 16, it is said that he plowed the first furrow in the Township. Other early settlers were Alfred Bissell, on Sec. 2, in 1832, Mr. Rockwood the same year, on Sec. 12, others were Thomas Linzey, Wm. Burden, Asa Lake, Thomas Kirgan, Ebenezer Franklin, Charles Redman and others. The first church was built at a place called woodland, by the United Brethren, in 1867. The first preaching was done about the year 1841, by Michael Hobbs, of the Christian denomination, he was also farmer and Justice of the Peace his brother David Hobbs was also a preacher. The Mormon missionaries were also preaching and gaining numbers of converts. First school was taught by Henry Benson, about the year 1840, in a small log school house, on Sec. 16. The first child born was a son of David Bissel. First marriage was in 1835, A. M. Duff and Jane Burden. The first Justice of the Peace was James Wilson. Fairmount is a good farming Township, well watered and timbered, with many very fine farms. The improvements are good, some of them unusually so, and its inhabitants are energetic and prosperous.






When came to Co.
Allen, A. B. Sec. 29 Farmer Kentucky 1844
Baldwin, Lewis H. Sec. 25 Farmer Litchfield, CT 1835
Bowman, David H Sec. 20 Farmer Illinois 1834
Brower, Philip S ........... Farmer ...... .......
Cory, William Sec. 10 ......... New York 1837
Coss, T. M. Sec. 31 Farmer Ross Co., OH 1854
Doane, Dana Sec. 15 Farmer Brown Co., IL 1842
Henthorn, John Sec. 17 Farmer England 1852
Hilliard, Geo. D Sec. 24 Farmer Virginia 1835
Hull, Thomas Sec. 29 Justice of the Peace Ross Co., OH 1845
Johnson, Horace Sec. 24 Farmer Ohio 1844
Kurfman, David Sec. 7 Farmer PA 1850
Lake, Harvey Sec. 10 Farmer New York 1834
Love, Wm. H Sec. 15 Farmer New York 1834
Mason, A. G. Sec. 15 Farmer Rutland Co., VT 1861
Mather, Charles Sec. 30 Farmer England 1840
McDonald, A Sec. 32 Farmer Sumner Co., TN 1840
McLaughlin, R. B. Sec. 22 Farmer Green Co., OH 1837
McLaughlin, Wm. S Sec. 27 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1842
Morrison, Wm Sec. 2 Farmer NH 1838
Parke, Lemuel Sec. 23 Blacksmith Clairmount Co., OH 1842
Parker, Lydia Sec. 26 Farmer New York 1838
Phillips, J Sec. 17 Farmer Berkshire Co., MA 1830
Phillips, Lucy Sec. 17 Farmer Kentucky 1830
Powell, Eli Sec. 13 Farmer Smith Co., TN 1837
Razey, Richard Sec. 22 Farmer Essex Co., NY 1852
Round, Lemuel Sec. 15 Farmer Brown Co., OH 1842
Rush, Jerome W Sec. 36 Farmer Ohio 1837
Seaborn, Geo. Sec. 2 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1848
Seybold, Geo. W Sec. 19 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1848
Stauffer, John Sec. 18 Farmer PA 1836
Stevenson, J. W Sec. 2 Farmer Kentucky 1844
Taylor, Gaylon Sec. 20 Farmer Illinois 1840
Vail, John Sec. 23 Farmer Ohio 1842
Vanzandt, G. W Sec. 17 Dry Goods, Groceries Mifflin, PA 1857
Vanzandt, J. P. Sec. 14 Carpenter PA 1858
Walker, J. R. Sec. 27 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1850
Wheeler, Samuel Sec. 35 Farmer Kentucky 1858
Williams, Eli Sec. 26 Farmer Baltimore Co., MD 1857
Wilson, Ira J Sec. 2 Farmer NH 1836