Flint Twp.


From the best information we can get, Flint Township was the first settlement in this county; in 1817, a Canadian Frenchman, named Tebo, settling on Section 33. His residence on the banks of the Illinois River was the favorite resort of hunters and Trappers. He was subsequently killed at Milton, in 1844. Mr. Van Dusen commenced ferrying on Illinois River in 1818, at what is now known as Phillips Ferry. He sold his claim to Nimrod Phillips; many of whose descendants are still living in Pike County. In 1846, the Citizens met by appointment on Section 19, near Flint Creek there being no houses in the vicinity their deliberations were on a log and organized the Township for School purposes. This meeting was attended by Josias Wade, Richard Sweeting, Wm. Thackwray, Jas. Crawford, Jas. G. and David Pyle, Jas. L. Thompson, E. A. F. Allen, Francis Wade, J. Husband, and Wm. Turnbull with Peter Kuryis, Esq. as chairman. The first School was commenced in 1845 in an old log house, bought and paid for by a few of the citizens. The School was taught by Wm. Turnbull, Jas. G. and David Pyle and Jas. L. Thompson gratuitously. The first Church was built at Griggsville Landing in 1871; it is called Union Church. The Township was named from a stream that runs through it called Flint Creek.






When came to Co.
Anderson, R. A. Sec. 5 Farmer England 1850
Crawford, James Sec. 19 Farmer England 1831
Glenn, William Sec. 29 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1843
Hamilton, David Sec. 4 Merchant Ireland 1851
Husband, William Sec. 29 Farmer Illinois 1840
Nettleton, Jas. B. Sec. 31 Farmer England 1849
Roberts, E. M. Sec. 28 Farmer England 1849
Shinn, James Sec. 29 Farmer Illinois 1841
Sleight, John G. Sec. 6 Farmer England 1857
Thackwray, James Sec. 31 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1839
Thompson, J. L. Sec. 18 Farmer MA 1837
Turnbull, William Sec. 30 Farmer England 1839
Wade, Coleman Sec. 19 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1837
Wade, John Sec. 30 Farmer England 1838
Wade, Richard Sec. 6 Farmer Kentucky 1831
Wade, Wesley Sec. 20 Store Kentucky 1836