Pike Atlases


Was born in Berlin, Rensellaer county, New York, in the year 1810, and remained there until the year 1838, when he emigrated to the state of Illinois, and permanently located in the town of Barry, Pike county, where he has followed the business of carpenter and joiner up to the present time. In the year 1834 he was married to Miss A. M. Streeter, who was born in the state of New York in the year 1815 in the same town and county where Mr. Gray was born. The fruits of their marriage have been ten children.

Schuyler's father, Daniel Gray, served his country through the revolutionary war, under General Washington, and was honorably discharged at the close of the war; after which he retired to what he supposed would be a quite life, but in this he was disappointed, as he was very frequently chosen to fill many of the most important public positions in his county. He had the honor, at three different times, of representing his county in the legislature of his native state. He always cherished the most ardent affection for his country and its institutions, and lived an honorable and useful life until the year 1830, when he died.

Schuyler Gray has always lived a good and useful life, having done much to forward the growth and improvement of his town and county.