The first settlement and improvement was made on Sec. 14, by Henry Bateman, in 1826, and the same year came Nimrod Philips, on Sec. 19. Other early settlers were Geo. W. Hinman, Able Shelly, Abraham Golman, Dr. Philips, John B. Mathews and others. The first child born was a son of Henry Bateman. The first marriage was William Wilson to Miss ________ in winter of 1829, they were united by Rev. Mr. Sutton. The first death was the wife of Henry Bateman. The first school taught was by John Cavender (in a small log cabin), on the farm on which Judge Harrington now resides, in the fall of 31. The first school house was built on Sec.14, about the year 1833. First sermon preached by Rev. Mr. West. Griggsville Township is one of the finest tracts of land in the West, being very rich and productive, well watered and timbered, with unusually good improvements and inhabited by a people noted for their morality, industry and wealth.






When came to Co.
Adams, W. A Sec. 9 Farmer Kentucky 1868
Ball, Thomas Sec. 15 Farmer England 1842
Bashford, John R. Griggsville J. P. & Insurance Agent England 1849
Baxter, M. E. Griggsville Trader NH 1856
Bentley, A. A. Sec. 26 Farmer New York 1853
Bickerdike, James Sec. 26 Farmer England 1843
Bradbury, Chas. G Sec. 8 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1842
Bradbury, J. B. Sec. 34 Farmer Ohio 1827
Brakefield, James Griggsville Merchant New York 1844
Brakefield & Dix Griggsville Merchants ............. .........
Brown, H. R. Sec. 19 Farmer Ohio 1834
Bryant, Josiah Griggsville Grain & Stock Pike Co., IL 1839
Burch N. Geiggsville Retired Farmer Kentucky 1846
Butler, E. W. Griggsville Farmer Connecticut 1866
Cadwell, F. Griggsville Merchant Kentucky 1836
Cadwell, Gideon Sec. 14 Farmer Tennessee 1835
Clark, John Griggsville Retired Farmer PA 1857
Clark, W. H. Griggsville Merchant Illinois 1857
Conner, Wm. H Griggsville Carpenter NH 1867
Cotton, Henry Griggsville Miller Vermont 1842
Cotton, Porter Griggsville Miller Vermont 1842
Craven, Jr., John Sec. 20 Farmer Illinois 1850
Crawford, J. G. Griggsville Carpenter Tennessee 1833
Cree, James M. Griggsville Trader Illinois 1842
Cree, Walker Griggsville Retired Farmer PA 1839
Cunningham, Thomas Sec. 6 Farmer Ireland 1857
Davison, Wm. H. Sec. 19 Saloon Wales 1869
Dean, H. L. Sec. 36 Blacksmith Connecticut 1836
Dean, Henry E Sec. 34 Farmer Connecticut 1836
Dickinson, Justin Sec. 18 Farmer Connecticut 1836
Dimmitt, J. P. Sec. 25 Farmer Ohio 1837
Dimmitt, T. H. Sec. 36 Farmer Ohio 1838
Doan, John W. Sec. 15 Farmer Ohio 1850
Donovan, John Griggsville Merchant Ohio 1840
Eastman, L Griggsville Retired Farmer New Hampshire 1834
Elledge, T. P. Sec. 6 Farmer Indiana 1836
Elledge, U Sec. 13 Farmer Kentucky 1831
Elliott, Moses Sec. 35 Farmer Virginia 1847
Emery, J. L. Sec. 27 Farmer Ohio 1851
Farrand, E. G. Griggsville Lumber Dealer Vermont 1853
Ferguson, J. A. Sec. 16 Farmer PA 1849
Fiester, G. W. Sec. 15 Farmer PA 1851
Gordon, G. W. Sec. 16 Farmer NH 1836
Gordon, Harris Griggsville Farmer NH 1836
Green, J. Griggsville Bookkeeper MA 1856
Harrington, A. F. Sec. 2 Millwright New York 1835
Harrington, D. W. Sec. 2 Farmer New York 1835
Harrington, S. M Sec. 11 Farmer New York 1835
Harrington, Sr., Chas. Sec. 1 Farmer MA 1835
Harshman, Perry Sec. 10 Farmer Ohio 1852
Hass, Wm. J. Griggsville Farmer Indiana 1863
Hatch, Isaac A Griggsville Banker NH 1834
Hatch, Mason Sec. 9 Farmer Illinois 1845
Hendricks, Jacob Sec. 19 Farmer Ohio 1852
Hitch, Ed Sec. 33 Farmer Illinois 1842
Hopkins, Benj. B Sec. 29 Farmer England 1852
Hovey, William Sec. 13 Farmer MA 1837
Hull, John Sec. 10 Farmer Ohio 1850
Hurts, H. L. Griggsville Miller Virginia 1856
Hutchinson, Samuel Griggsville Manufacturer MA 1834
Irland, T. C. Griggsville Hotel PA 1870
Kenny, C. T. Griggsville General Dealer Pike Co., IL 1842
Kenny, Charles Griggsville Merchant PA 1839
Kenny, W. W. Griggsville Merchant PA 1840
Kenny & Clark Griggsville Merchants .......... .......
Lasbury, John Sec. 28 Farmer England 1852
Lawton, W. W. H. Griggsville Civil Engineer Vermont 1856
Libbey, E. P. Griggsville Contractor Maine 1865
Love, Robert M. Sec. 17 Farmer New Jersey 1839
Lynde, Henry Griggsville Insurance Agent MA 1837
Lytle, George Sec. 34 Farmer Ohio 1836
Lytle, Jesse Sec. 31 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1842
McBratney Griggsville Blacksmith Ireland 1856
McDonald, Jos. Griggsville Miller PA 1849
McIntosh, J. W. Griggsville Lawyer MA 1850
McMahan, L. W. Sec. 21 Farmer Indiana 1856
McWilliams, James Griggsville Speculator Ohio 1834
Moore, J. K. Sec. 22 Farmer NH 1848
Moore, Samuel Sec. 18 Farmer Ohio 1842
Newman, A. Sec. 10 Farmer Ohio 1849
Newman, Benj. Sec. 21 Farmer Ohio 1848
Oliver, Joel Sec. 22 Brick Yard England 1855
Patten, David Griggsville Farmer, Meat Merchant Ohio 1843
Penstone, Giles Griggsville Retired England 1849
Petrie, Geo. Griggsville Postmaster Vermont 1836
Philbrick, J. D. Griggsville Retired NH 1839
Philips, J. M Sec. 35 Farmer Scott Co., IL 1837
Phillips, N. T. Griggsville Builder Illinois ........
Rider, J. A. Griggsville Merchant Tailor MA 1852
Rohrig, Adam Griggsville Barber Germany 1861
Sanford, Geo. H Griggsville Grain DC 1848
Sharpe, A. P. Sec. 20 Farmer Connecticut 1834
Shaw, William Sec. 13 Farmer England 1830
Shaw, William Sec. 24 Farmer England 1841
Shibley, W. N. Griggsville Mfg. Co. Virginia 1867
Shinn, John B. Sec. 24 Farmer Ohio 1831
Shinn, Parvin Sec. 28 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1838
Shinn, Samuel L Sec. 24 Farmer New Jersey 1831
Shinn, William Sec. 25 Farmer Ohio 1831
Simmons, C. M. Griggsville Stock Dealer Pike Co., IL 1845
Simmons, Cephes Sec. 10 Farmer Kentucky 1822
Simpkin, Thomas Sec. 28 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1846
Sleight, Jr., John G Sec. 2 Farmer England 1857
Sparks, P. B. Griggsville Physician Schuyler Co., IL 1867
Stoner, E. R. Griggsville Physician & Surgeon Ohio 1846
Strother, F. K. Griggsville Editor NC 1866
Taylor, Alex Sec. 29 Farmer PA 1837
Wade, Austin Sec. 12 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1832
Wade, Josias Griggsville Retired Kentucky 1830
Ward, James Griggsville Lawyer Ohio 1843
Warrick, G. W. Sec. 18 Farmer PA 1835
Warton, John Sec. 27 Farmer England 1833
Watkins, John F. Sec. 29 Farmer NH 1864
West, John Sec. 32 Farmer Ohio 1851
White, John G. Sec. 14 Nurseryman England 1856
Williams, Robert Sec. 32 Farmer Wales 1859
Wilson, Geo Sec. 12 Farmer Illinois 1840
Winn, James Sec. 28 Farmer Illinois 1842
Yates, W. H. Sec. 6 Farmer Illinois 1832