Pike Atlases


Was born in the state of Pennsylvania in the year 1811. At the age of eight years he moved with his parents to Juniatta county, where they remained until they died. His father died in the year 1820, and his mother in 1843. In the year 1832 William was married to Miss Mary Foltz, who departed this life in the year 1835, leaving Mr. Guss with two children. He purchased a small farm and commenced farming, doing the best he could until the year 1841, when he married for his second wife Miss Eliza Wike, the daughter of George and Polly Wike, and the sister of D. J. and George Wike and Mrs. Wm. Myers, who are mentioned in our historical sketches. Mr. Guss remained in Pennsylvania until the year 1848, when he sold out and emigrated to the state of Illinois and settled on section 4 in Barry township, Pike county, where he has since remained, engaged in farming and raising stock with success. In the year 1867 he built a magnificent residence on a farm adjoining the one upon which he first settled, and where he has as fine improvements in the way of buildings as any farmer in the county. A lithographic view of his residence is shown in this work. In his younger days he followed boating on the Pennsylvania canals, but since his second marriage he has been engaged (unreadable) farming and raising stock, and there are few, if any, who excel him in either. He commenced life a poor man, but through a continued course of industry and economy, he has become one of the independent farmers of Pike county. He is known throughout his community for the many acts of benevolence and charity extended to the poor of his neighborhood, and many a heart has been made glad by the timely assistance of himself and his kind-hearted and benevolent wife. He has always lived a quite life, and is considered one of good citizens of Pike county. Mr. Guss attributes much of his success in life to his wife. He has raised a fine family of children, of whom he justly feels proud. He has had born to him nine children two by his first marriage and seven by his second. Three of his children have deceased, three are married, and three at home single. He is the grandfather of six children. His father, Samuel Guss, was born in Chester county, Pennsylvania, in the year 1790. In 1812 he offered his services to his country in the war with England, but owing to his feeble health he was rejected. But he contributed to the American army all in his power. He was warmly attached to his country, and died a devoted Christian and true patriot. William's mother, whose maiden name was Barbara Knarr, was born in the state of Pennsylvania, in Chester county, in the year 1787. She was the mother of ten children, and after living a long and useful life she followed her honored husband to the grave, a devoted Christian, with a full hope of meeting beloved ones in a better world.