Joshua Woosley was the first white man to settle in this township, he settled on Sec. 19 in the year 1830, and cut the logs and built the first house that was built by any white man. There was a colored man by the name of Frand McWerter, from Kentucky, that settled and made considerable improvement in this township in 1829, on Sec. 22. Reuben Shipman, Anson Gray, Isaac Moore, James Dutton, Wm. Wilkinson, Joseph Shelley, and William Farmer were the next to settle, and made good improvements; They were all from Kentucky and Tennessee, and were good farmers. Jane Woosley, daughter of Joshua Woosley, was the first white child born in Hadley, in 1834, she is now the wife of Milton Deran. Mrs. Jane Gray, wife of Anson Gray, was the first death. A. M. Robinson and Miss Mary Gray was the first marriage, the ceremony was performed by Joshua Woosley at the house of Anson Gray, in the year 1844. The first school was built on Sec. 19, in 1836, and James Frier was the first teacher. John Woolins was the first Justice of the Peace, and Joshua Woosley was the second, the latter held the office for 12 years. John McTucker was the first Supervisor. This Township is principally prairie, with skirts of good timber. The soil is very rich and fertile, with plenty of good living springs, making it well adapted for both farming and stock raising, it also raises plenty of fruit. This Township is at this time under a good state of cultivation, and has as good farmers and citizens as any in Pike County. The Naples and Hannibal R. R. runs through the Township, and has a station named after it (Hadley station), making it very convenient for farmers and shippers. Mr. Woosley, B. A. Petterson and David Ford are all the first settlers that now remain, the rest are dead or have moved away.






When came to Co.

Bailey, Garret T Sec. 26 ............ Kalamazoo, MI 1870
Barnes, Wm. Sec. 13 Retired Farmer Pennsylvania 1855
Blackman, A. C. Sec. 29 Farmer New York 1850
Boulden, W. H. Sec. 27 Farmer New Castle, DE 1851
Conrad, George Sec. 14 Farmer Wayne Co., MO 1851
Cunningham, George Sec. 8 Farmer Fayette Co., PA 1866
Dabney, L Sec. 16 Farmer Kentucky 1856
Davidson, Hugh Sec. 12 Farmer Ohio 1856
Davis, Jasper Sec. 18 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1843
Davis, John Sec. 20 Farmer Fayette, PA 1853
Digby, James Sec. 19 Farmer England 1833
Dutcher, S. M. Sec. 28 Farmer Dutcher Co., NY 1844
Dutcher, Squier Sec. 30 Farmer Columbus Co., NY 1839
Elder, Homer Sec. 28 Farmer Indiana 1851
Fusselman, Geo Sec. 22 Farmer Pennsylvania 1848
Gelvin, Jerry Sec. 21 Farmer Virginia 1852
Gibson, W. K. Sec. 32 Farmer England 1863
Gordon, Mrs. S. R. Sec. 20 Farmer Ohio 1837
Grammer, A. S. Sec. 3 Farmer MA 1840
Grammer, John A. Sec. 1 Farmer Boston, MA 1865
Grammer, Wm Sec. 2 Farmer MA 1840
Hadsell, Capt. H. L. Sec. 15 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1842
Hadsell, P. G. Sec. 26 Farmer MA 1843
Hamilton, J. D. Sec. 34 Farmer Scotland 1857
Hays, Richard Sec. 16 Farmer Jefferson Co., OH 1846
Hays, Theodore Sec. 16 Farmer Ohio 1846
Hazen, J. B. Sec. 5 Farmer Mercer Co., PA 1849
Hensell, David D. Sec. 14 Farmer Jefferson Co., OH 1854
Huntley, Harlon Sec. 10 Justice of the Peace Oneida, NY 1843
Huntley, Loren J. Sec. 17 Farmer Ashtabula, OH 1843
James, George Sec. 25 Farmer England 1852
Kirtright, Daniel Sec. 25 Farmer Ohio 1837
Kirtright, John Sec. 24 Farmer Clermont, OH 1838
Likes, R. F. Sec. 31 Farmer Kentucky 1843
McCartney, Francis Sec. 19 Farmer Ohio 1850
McCleery, John Sec. 4 Farmer Virginia 1835
McTucker, James Sec. 30 Farmer Hadley, IL 1852
McWorter, Mrs. Sarah Sec. 22 Farmer Pulaski Co., KY 1840
McWorter, Solomon Sec. 22 Farmer Pulaski Co., KY 1835
Patten, D. H. Sec. 14 Farmer Belmont Co., OH 1841
Pence, John Sec. 31 Farmer Rockingham Co., VA 1854
Pierce, Francis Sec. 5 Farmer Norfolk, MA 1838
Pine, Eves Sec. 12 Farmer Ohio 1840
Powell, Jacob Sec. 3 Farmer Tennessee 1830
Raffety, C. H. Sec. 12 Farmer Illinois 1845
Richards, Mrs. E. Sec. 27 Farmer Dutcher Co., NY 1852
Sherer, Martin V. Sec. 18 Farmer Ohio 1857
Shipman, J. H. Sec. 16 Farmer Connecticut 1832
Smith,W. Perry Sec. 28 Farmer Ohio 1856
Walker, John Sec. 22 Farmer Louisa Co., VA 1861
Wallace, Daniel Sec. 6 Farmer Maryland 1837
Watson, S. R. Sec. 18 Farmer Herkimer Co., NY 1830
Whittleton, E. Sec. 30 Farmer England 1863
Wike, Joseph Sec. 28 Farmer Cumberland, PA 1837
Woosley, John Sec. 19 Farmer Wilson Co., TN 1830