This Township is well skirted with good timber, and the soil is thoroughly beded with gray limestone, and well watered with live running streams, making it well calculated for either farming or raising stock. Benjamin Barney and Jessel Evett were the first white settlers in Hardin, in the year 1827, and made improvements on Sec. 2, Mr. Barney remained on his premises until 1849 when he went to California, and remained there two years, and died on his return home in 1851. Mr. Evett remained on his farm until his death, which was about 1858. Solomon Main, Aaron Thornton, Ebenezer Bagbee and N. D. Bagbee were among the first to settle and make improvements in Hardin, Nathaniel Thornton and Miss Lucinda Bagbee were the first married, the ceremony was performed by the Rev. Lewis Allen of the Baptist denomination. Eli Mainard was the first Justice of the Peace, and Geo. Gibson was the first Supervisor. The first sermon was preached by the Rev. Mr. Hunter, of the Methodist faith, at the house of E. Bagbee, in 1828. We have not been able to get the information as to who was the first person born, or the first death in this Township.




Business Nativity When came to Co.
Allen, M. Independence Merchant Erie Co., PA 1858
Anson, Robert F. Sec. 30 Farmer Pike Co., MO 1844
Bagby, Owen Sec. 4 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1833
Barney, Benjamin Sec. 26 Machinist Pike Co., IL 1825
Barney, Francis M. Time Harness Maker Pike Co., IL 1837
Bemiss, A. W. Time Claim Agent MA 1835
Benn, Henry Sec. 7 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1833
Burbridge, Thos. B. Sec. 29 Farmer Booth Co., KY 1840
Clark, Joseph M Sec. 29 Farmer Augusta, GA 1851
Colvin, Isaac Sec. 21 Farmer Highland Co., OH 1848
Colvin, J. G. Time Farmer Highland Co., OH 1845
Conboy, J. H. Time Boots & Shoes Ireland 1836
Culver, B. C. Sec. 20 Farmer Vermont 1858
Culvery, J. C. Independence Merchant Erie Co., PA 1858
Dinsmore, J. S. Sec. 23 Farmer Fleming Co., KY 1818
Dinsmore, John C. Sec. 26 Farmer Fleming Co., KY 1825
Dyer, I. J. Time Lawyer Rutledge, TN 1855
Foreman, J. O. Sec. 18 Farmer Warren Co., IN 1849
Frye, Frank Time Miller Pike Co. 1843
Griffin, R. H. Time Teacher Brown Co., OH 1852
Harris, H. J. Time County Surveyor Highland Co., OH 1861
Haskins, Otis A Sec. 3 Farmer Bristol, MA 1845
Henny, G. A. Sec. 2 Farmer Warren Co., KY 1831
Hicks, Samuel Sec. 15 Farmer Highland Co., OH 1858
Hicks, W Sec. 15 Physician Highland Co., OH 1856
Horton, J. C. Time Merchant Bedford, PA 1859
Johnson, C. V. Sec. 21 Farmer St. Lawrence, NY 1837
Johnson, Harrison Sec. 8 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1844
Kenedy, A. Sec. 13 Farmer St. Clair Co., IL 1851
Kent, Henry Sec. 4 Farmer Schuyler Co., IL 1861
Kent, Senr., Henry Sec. 9 Farmer Fayette, KY 1833
Lacy, David Sec. 12 Farmer NC 1842
Leeper, F. A. Sec. 10 Farmer Harrison Co., OH 1855
Lindsey, B. C. Sec. 8 Farmer Scott, KY 1856
Maddox, John Sec. 21 Farmer Bourbon Co., KY 1857
Main, Alvin Sec. 5 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1844
Main, George Time Blacksmith Beaver Co., PA 1854
Main, J. H. Sec. 33 Blacksmith & Farmer Beaver Co., PA 1850
Main, Philip Sec. 6 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1846
McBride, Geo Sec. 4 Farmer Alabama 1829
McCann, James .......... .......... Kentucky 1868
McFadden, Moses Sec. 11 Farmer Brown Co., OH 1851
McFaddin, Wm. Sec. 14 Farmer Rockbridge Co., VA 1856
Miller, J. B. Sec. 16 Farmer Fayette, PA 1853
Mitchell, Geo Sec. 11 Farmer Brown Co., OH 1844
Neese, Henry M Sec. 27 Farmer Putnam Co., IN 1870
O'Neil, John Sec. 18 Blacksmith PA 1868
Petty, Alvin Sec. 6 Farmer Pike Co., MO 1828
Price, J. A. Time Hotel Clairborne Co., TN 1864
Ranson, Franklin Sec. 32 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1842
Scott, E. Time Physician Somerset Co., PA 1865
Sitton, S. G. Sec. 22 Farmer Smith Co., TN 1836
Smith, David Sec. 21 Farmer Highland Co., OH 1868
Smith, John A. Time Miller Kentucky 1853
Sonner, Anthony Sec. 11 Farmer Highland Co., OH 1860
Thompson, Edward Sec. 12 Farmer England 1850
Walker, James C. Sec. 25 Farmer Clermont Co., OH 1867
Watson, J. G. Sec. 18 Farmer Pike Co., MO 1828
Weaver, Harvey Sec. 32 Farmer Franklin Co., OH 1840
Webster, Nathan W Sec. 27 Farmer Highland Co., OH 1856
Williams, Milton C Sec. 16 Farmer Brown Co., OH 1851
Williard, Lydia E. Sec. 22 Farmer Brown Co., OH 1852
Yaeger, Andrew M.J. Sec. 14 Farmer Germany 1853