Pike Atlases


Is the son of Lucius Howland, who was born in the state of Massachusetts in the year 1785, and emigrated to the state of Ohio in 1812. He remained there until 1839, when he moved to Illinois, and settled in Newburg township, Pike county, where he remained until his death, which occurred in the year 1842. Shepherd's mother's maiden name was Mary Childs. She was born in the state of Massachusetts in 1788, and died in Illinois in 1842.

Shepherd was born in Ohio in 1822, and remained with his parents until they died, after which he engaged as a laborer, and worked at clearing land, making rails, and whatever he could get to do, until 1844, when he married Miss Amy Parker, daughter of Samuel Parker, who died in Pike county in 1866. After his marriage he rented a farm in Hardin township and commenced farming, which he continued for five years. He then purchased fifty acres of good land in section 23, Newburg township, on to which he moved. In 1850 his wife died, leaving him with three children. He remained on the farm with his children until 1852, when, after making ample provisions for their comfort, he went overland to California. There he remained, engaged in mining, for five years, when he returned to his home and family, and again engaged in farming. In 1857 he married Miss Sarah E. Hickerson, daughter of E. W. Hickerson.

In 1864, at the age of sixteen, his son L. B. enlisted in the 137th regiment of Illinois infantry. He served his full time and was honorably discharged at Springfield, Illinois. He then returned home, and in sixteen days thereafter died, from disease contracted in the army.
Mr. Howland is one of Pike county's enterprising farmers and a good citizen. He is the father of six children, three sons and three daughters, only one of whom is now living.