Pike Atlases


Was born in Rose county, Ohio, October 14, 1826. He is the eldest son of Nelson and Maria Brown. Mr. Brown, Sr., was a native of Delaware, and his wife of Maryland. They both went to Ohio when quite young, and there became acquainted, and were afterwards married. Mr. Brown was extensively engaged in the manufacture of woolen goods, in Ohio, until the year 1836, after which time he engaged quite largely in stock dealing, frequently sending large droves of cattle to the New York and Philadelphia markets. He was also carrying on farming. The subject of this sketch received a good common school education in the schools of his native state. When not in school, he was employed in various pursuits by his father, frequently making trips on foot, driving droves of cattle to Philadelphia and other eastern cities. On arriving at the age of twenty-three, he came to Illinois, locating, November, 1849, on Hinman Prairie, Pike county, where he engaged in agricultural pursuits. In July, 1853, he married Miss Ellen A., daughter of J. K. Cleveland, Esq, who was a native of Connecticut. Mrs. Brown was born in Pennsylvania, March, 1836. They have had a family of six children.

Mr. Brown was engaged in mercantile pursuits in Perry, for a period of three years. He then turned his attention to buying grain, which business he continued for a short period of time. At present, he is residing at his beautiful residence, in Perry township, surrounded by an interesting family. A view of his residence will appear elsewhere in this work, and it is, undoubtedly, one of the best mansions in the northern part of the county. Politically, he has always belonged to the republican party. During the war he was ever ready to support the cause of the Union. Being a generous, open-hearted gentleman, he elicits the respect and esteem of his fellow citizens.