The first white settler in Kinderhook Township was ___ McCraney, who made improvements close to a small stream that runs through the center of the Township, which has been known since as McCraney creek, this improvement was made in 1825, on Sec. 11. James Null and his family, Chas. Smith, Chas. and James Stratton, C. Devall and Thomas Orr were among the early settlers; but they have all left, except Smith Hull, Thomas Orr and Henry H. Oney. Mr. Oney was one of the first settlers, and taught the first school, in the year 1833. The first white person born was a child of Timothy and Mahaley Gard, in 1830. The first marriage was that of James Stratton to Miss Malinda Hull, in the year 1830, at the house of James Hull, the ceremony was performed by the Rev. Hunter, of the Methodist denomination, he also preached the first sermon, at the house of Charles Stratton, in 1830. The first school house was built on Sec. 10, in 1833, and was used for both school and church purposes for many years. Michael Blain was the first Justice of the Peace and Thomas Hull was the first Supervisor. This Township is bounded on the west by the Mississippi river, and is equally divided with timber and prairie land. Kinderhook has perhaps as good farming soil as any in the County. The uplands are well adapted for small grain and fruit. The Township is well watered, making it suitable for raising grain and stock. It is well settled with a good class of farmers, who will make it second to none, when they get their proposed levee finished.






When came to Co.
Allen, Edmund L Sec. 7 J. P. & Farmer Kentucky 1855
Aron, John Sec. 24 Farmer Delaware 1859
Baker, John Sec. 27 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1840
Benson, W. R. Kinderhook Carpenter New York 1867
Blair, Orville T Kinderhook Painter Pike Co., IL 1849
Bond, James Kinderhook Merchant Illinois 1839
Bradshaw, Gardner Sec. 35 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1849
Brewer, Mrs. Jenette Sec. 6 Farmer Ohio 1848
Brown, Lewis Sec. 34 Farmer Illinois 1854
Calvin, C. C. Kinderhook Railroad Agent Connecticut 1855
Chase, D. H. Sec. 25 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1848
Churchill, Henry Kinderhook Farmer Pike Co., IL 1844
Clark, Frank Kinderhook Tinner Sweden 1870
Clark, S Sec. 3 Farmer Virginia 1829
Clase, Alonzo Sec. 35 Farmer Ohio 1849
Clutch, John Kinderhook Farmer Ohio 1847
Coleman, John Kinderhook Farmer Pike Co., IL 1850
Colvin, Joseph C Kinderhook Grocer Connecticut 1854
Cook, John Sec. 24 Farmer NC 1830
DeMaranville, John Kinderhook Cooper MA 1870
Devol, D. Kinderhook Hardware, H'se F'rshn'g Ohio 1854
Dilley, Joseph S. Kinderhook Farmer Ohio 1869
Emerson, E. S. Kinderhook Painter Illinois 1847
Fields, Philip Kinderhook Cooper Ohio 1866
Fitzpatrick, Thomas Kinderhook Hotel Ohio 1836
Gaines, Samuel B Kinderhook Merchant Connecticut ........
Gaines, Selah B Kinderhook Merchant New York 1851
Gose, A. A. Sec. 14 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1836
Gose, Chas. B. Sec. 14 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1837
Gose, Geo. C. Sec. 14 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1839
Greenleaf, Calvin Kinderhook Minister MA 1835
Halstead, Silas Sec. 26 Farmer PA 1848
Hamilton, Burl Sec. 9 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1840
Harris, A. E. Sec. 2 Farmer Virginia 1854
Haskins, N. H. Sec. 4 Farmer New York 1857
Higgins, R. B. Kinderhook Boot & Shoe Maker Canada 1857
Hill, A. S. Kinderhook Blacksmith Germany 1858
Hinds, Barna Sec. 25 Farmer Ohio 1844
Hull, David Sec. 21 Farmer Ohio 1842
Hull, James N. Sec. 10 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1836
Hull, Mrs. Louisa Sec. 15 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1846
Hull, Smith Kinderhook Grocer Virginia 1829
Hull, Thomas W. Sec. 15 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1837
Jones, C. E. Kinderhook Track Foreman Q & St. L. Onondaga Co., NY 1868
Jones, H. F. Kinderhook Farmer Virginia 1856
Journey, P. A. Sec. 5 Farmer Illinois 1853
Liggett, Douglas Kinderhook Druggist Pike Co., IL 1853
Liggett, G. W. .......... Farmer Illinois 1839
McAnanery, John Kinderhook Boiler Maker Ireland 1870
McMullen, Charles Kinderhook Railroad Man Ireland 1848
McMurray, Rufus Sec. 14 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1837
McNutt, Michael Kinderhook Constable & farmer Ohio 1842
Millhizer, John Sec. 31 Framer Ohio 1826
Monroe, James W Sec. 3 Farmer Ohio 1852
Morris, S. E. Kinderhook Blacksmith, Auctioneer Ohio 1851
Murray, James Kinderhook Marble Agent Pike Co., IL 1841
Nowell, James Sec. 5 Farmer MA 1841
Oliver, W. Kinderhook Railroad New York 1868
Oney, H. H. Sec. 3 Farmer Virginia 1831
Orr, Henry Kinderhook Farmer Virginia 1831
Orr, Thomas Sec. 9 Farmer PA 1831
Poore, J. W. Sec. 7 Constable Delaware 1861
Pratt, William Sec. 16 Farmer Ohio 1857
Reed, John Sec. 7 Farmer Missouri 1853
Reiffle, Frederic Kinderhook Cooper Missouri 1862
Robb, Randolph Sec. 36 Farmer Ohio 1853
Rouse, N. S. Sec. 22 Farmer Virginia 1847
Schneider, Anson Kinderhook Boots & Shoes Germany 1863
Sheets, Fletcher Sec. 24 Farmer Ohio 1859
Simmons, Mrs. Nella Sec. 4 Farmer Ohio 1835
Smith, D. E. Kinderhook Boot & Shoe Maker Indiana 1865
Smith, George Sec. 15 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1848
Sprague, C. C. Kinderhook Physician Ohio 1860
Steers, William Kinderhook Miller Missouri 1858
Talbert, W. J. Sec. 36 Farmer Virginia 1831
Thompson, David Sec. 26 Farmer Ohio 1860
Toner, William G Sec. 14 Farmer Missouri 1846
Wheelock, John G Sec. 5 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1829
Wilson, F. J. Sec. 11 Farmer Adams Co., IL 1868
Wilson, J. A. Kinderhook Constable Ohio 1852
Wilson, Wiliam Kinderhook Justice of the Peace Maryland 1860
Woollemes, D. M Kinderhook Butcher Illinois 1829
Woollemes, J. M. Kinderhook Farmer Pike Co., IL 1849