Pike Atlases


Is the son of Robert Lyster, who was born in the county of Kaven, North Ireland, in 1762, and emigrated to the United States in 1790. In 1796 he married Miss Mary Linster, who was born in North Carolina in 1769. They remained in North Carolina until their respective deaths the former in 1822, and the latter in 1842 leaving a family of seven children.

John Lyster, the subject of this sketch, was the second son and the fourth child. He was born in North Carolina, in 1801, and remained with his parents until 1829, when he emigrated to Illinois and settled in Pike county, where he has remained ever since. For many years he was engaged in teaching school and farming. In 1842 he married Mrs. Margaret Meredeth, who was born in North Carolina in 1804, and removed with her parents to Kentucky in 1811, where she remained until 1821, when she married Wm. Meredeth. In 1825 Mr. Meredeth moved with his family to Illinois, and settled on section 21, in Detroit township, Pike county, where they remained until 1839, when Mr. Meredeth died, leaving Mrs. Meredeth with a family of nine children. She remained on the homestead with her family until 1842, when she married Mr. Lyster. Immediately after their marriage they settled on a farm in section 20, where Mr. Lyster has been engaged in farming and raising stock ever since.

Mr. Lyster has always been very popular in the circles of his acquaintance, and has held many of the local offices of his township such as supervisor, justice of the peace, &c., and has been chosen to administer on many estates of deceased persons, which he has always done to the satisfaction of all concerned. He has always been a sober, moral man, and a good citizen, and we know of no man who has more warm friends than Mr. Lyster. He is the father of two children, and Mrs. Lyster is the mother of eleven children. They are both in declining health, but their intellect is good, and they both continue to do much good in their community.