Pike Atlases


Was born in the state of New York in the year 1825. His father, Chas. E. Mason (usually called Deacon), was born in the state of New Hampshire in the year 1800. In January, 1824, he was married to Miss Martha Carrolton. She was born in the state of New Hampshire in the year 1803; she died in 1833, leaving two children. In 1835 Mr. Mason married for his second wife Miss Louisa Fornum. She was born in the state of New Hampshire in the year 1810. In 1838 Mr. Mason emigrated to Pike county and located in the town of Barry, where he remained one year. He then purchased a farm in Barry township, upon which he settled, and engaged in farming and stock raising during the remainder of his life. The Deacon was well educated and a man of good judgment, and was ever ready to render what assistance he could to any enterprise calculated to advance the interests of his town and county. He lived a moral and pious life, and died, in 1849, a devoted Christian. Mrs. Mason is still living in this county, enjoying good health and surrounded by all the necessary comforts of life. She is the mother of eight children, one son and seven daughters, four of whom are yet living.
Charles came to Illinois with his father in 1838, and remained at home until the spring of 1849, when he went overland to California. He remained there one year, during which time he was quite successful, but, on account of his failing health and the death of his father, he returned in 1851, and commenced farming on the old farm, which he afterwards became the owner of. In 1855 he was married to Mrs. Nancy J. Hammon. She was born in Johnson county, in the state of Indiana in 1828. She came to Illinois with her parents in 1843. Mr. Mason still remains upon the old farm, largely and successfully engaged in farming and stock raising. He is a man of enterprise and public spirit, and is ever ready to lend a helping hand to measures of public interest. He is a large land owner and property holder, and is one of the few men who pay taxes on all of his property. He has had born to him five children, four sons and one daughter, viz: Charles, born April 18, 1856; Henry, born May 6, 1858; Willard, born October 6, 1860; Anna, born August 15, 1864, and Edson, born November 5, 1866.