Pike Atlases


Was born in West Virginia in the year 1822, and remained there until 1841, when he moved with his father to Indiana, and remained there seven years. In 1843 he was married to Miss Adaline Gay, who was born in North Carolina in 1819. In 1848 Mr. Miller moved to Illinois and settled in Adams county, near the town of Clayton, where he remained until 1867. Then, to better his condition in life, he sold his property in Adams county and bought a better and more extensive farm in Pike county, on section 23, in Atlas township, where he now resides, engaged in farming and raising stock.

Mr. Miller is the father of nine children, four of whom one son and three daughters are still living. Mr. Miller has frequently been called upon to fill some of the most important offices in his township, and has always discharged the duties to the satisfaction of his constituents.

Mr. and Mrs. Miller are expecting to have Mrs. Miller's brothers and sisters ten in all meet at their house in a few days, when they expect to have a pleasant time. This will probably be the last time they will all meet together in this world, but they will part with a hope of meeting beyond the grave, where parting is unknown.