Montezuma Township is about equally divided between prairie and timber, it is well beded with gray limestone, and is well adapted for farming and stock raising. Ebenezer Franklin was the first white settler, he came in the year 1819, and made improvements on Sec. 11. Charles Adams, James Daniels, David Daniels, David Hoover and Joel Meacham were among the first settlers. There are none of the old settlers now in Montezuma but Mr. F. Franklin (the oldest son of Ebenezer Franklin) and Mr. Hoover both worthy citizens and good farmers. Calvin Greathouse was the first child born in the Township. The first death was Mr. Green. The Rev. E. Garrison, of the Christian denomination, preached the first sermon. Joel Meacham was the first Justice of the peace. The first school house was built on Sec. 8, in 1831, and Abraham Janes was the first teacher. This house was used for both church and school purposes until 1844, at which time the first church was built. Montezuma Township is one of the finest tracts of farming land in the State. Rich, productive, well improved and settled by the best of people, who live in comfort, prosper and enjoy life.






When came to Co.
Allen, J. H. Milton Druggist Brown Co., KY 1852
Bolin, C. E. Milton Farmer De Witt Co. 1869
Bolin, J. O. Sec. 8 Farmer Pickaway Co. 1837
Brooking, G. W. Sec. 31 Farmer Highland Co., OH 1869
Brown, James A. Sec. 16 Farmer Green Co., IL 1850
Butler, W. E. Milton Merchant White Co., IL 1837
Calvert, W. M. Milton Physician Belmont Co., OH 1871
Chandler, J. C. Bedford Engineer Pike Co., IL 1841
Clemmons, E. C. Milton Farmer Roan Co., NC 1823
Colvin, Daniel Sec. 7 Farmer Highland Co., OH 1856
Colvin, N. J. Sec. 16 Farmer Highland Co., OH 1852
Cox, Mary Sec. 30 Farmer Hamilton 1852
Cox, William Sec. 30 Farmer Brown 1852
Crooft, David S. Sec. 2 Farmer England 1856
Cumbey, William Montezuma Farmer Halifax, VA 1851
Daniels, D. D. Bedford Saloon New York 1840
Daniels, S. W. Bedford Merchant Pike Co., IL 1829
Eaves, John Milton Boots & Shoes England 1869
Fluty, John Sec. 35 Farmer Gallatin, KY 1835
Foreman, David Sec. 31 Harness Maker Highland Co., OH 1850
Foster, William Sec. 6 Farmer Maine, OH 1840
Frank, L. J. Bedford Merchant Hamburg, Germany 1829
French, E. N. Sec. 8 Farmer Hardwick, VT 1851
French, H. C. Sec. 30 Farmer Vermont 1856
French, J. P. Milton Furniture Harrison Co., IN 1834
Garrison, Geo. B. Sec. 28 Teacher Dearborn Co., IN 1844
Grimes, F. M. Milton Teacher ............ ........
Grimes, James L. Milton Merchant White Co., IL 1835
Grimes, Milton Milton Saddler White Co., IL 1841
Hall, J. W. Milton Carpenter Roan Co., NC 1829
Hall, Thomas N. Milton Merchant Pike Co., IL 1836
Hatfield, A. C. Bedford Physician Warren Co., IL 1870
Hawks, Firlden Milton Farmer Montgomery Co., KY 1829
Hess, William Sec. 19 Farmer Green Co. 1836
Hoover, Daniel G Sec. 9 Farmer White Co., IL 1827
Hoover, David J Sec. 8 Farmer White Co., IL 1830
Hoover, Eli Sec. 10 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1836
Hoover, Elijah Sec. 7 Farmer Illinois 1831
Hoover, G. W. Sec. 8 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1844
Hoover, George Sec. 10 Farmer Posey Co., IN 1826
Hoover, Josiah Sec. 9 Farmer White Co., IL 1827
Hudson, Spencer Milton Justice of the Peace Greene Co., IL 1852
Hutton, William Sec. 3 Farmer England 1855
Johnson, J. G. Milton Farmer Posey Co., IN 1856
Jones, George Milton Blacksmith Athens, OH 1870
Keyes, Andrew Sec. 29 Farmer Ireland 1847
Knowles, P. W. Bedford Miller Delaware 1868
Knox, Andrew Sec. 20 Farmer Ireland 1858
Landess, J. A. Sec. 15 Farmer Highland Co., OH 1865
Lee, W. T. Sec. 25 Farmer Adams Co. 1870
Long, James H. Milton Stoves & Tinware Pike Co., IL 1841
Long, John F. Sec. 32 Farmer Murray Co., TN 1829
Long, Joseph H. Sec. 29 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1842
Long, Robert N. Sec. 17 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1835
Long, W. F. Sec. 33 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1837
Lytle, Thomas C. Sec. 23 Carpenter Washington, D.C. 1856
Maher, Michael Sec. 34 Farmer Ireland ........
McEvers, T. L. Sec. 12 Farmer Athens, OH 1824
Mettler, Isaac Bedford Farmer Dearborn Co. 1865
Miltoner, A .......... Physician & Farmer Yates Co., NY 1844
Morris, Berry Sec. 6 Farmer Adair Co., KY 1826
Nevins, William Milton Harness Maker Macoupin Co. 1860
Plante, Louis O. Milton Merchant Canada East 1850
Rader, Patterson Sec. 29 Farmer Adams Co., OH 1845
Roberts, David Sec. 33 Farmer Delaware Co., OH 1839
Roberts, William Sec. 27 Farmer England 1857
Roley, Henry D. Sec. 10 Farmer Belmont Co., OH 1866
Ruble, Perry Sec. 31 Farmer Ohio 1862
Sargent, George R. Sec. 24 Farmer MA 1839
Scott, William Milton Farmer Highland Co., OH 1856
Sowers, Henry Sec. 35 Farmer Hamilton Co., OH 1856
Sowers, T. A. Sec. 35 Farmer Hamilton Co., IL 1856
Sweringen, C. T. Sec. 23 Farmer PA 1843
Thomas, U. S. Milton Miller Ohio 1832
Watts, Travis Milton Hotel England 1843
Webster, Geo. W. Sec. 15 Farmer Highland Co., OH 1856
Welty, Geo. W. Sec. 16 Farmer Highland Co., OH 1855
Wheeler, J. C. Sec. 10 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1848
York, James J. Milton Boots & Shoes Nelson Co., KY 1851
York, T. C. Milton Boots & Shoes Perry Co., IN 1851