The first white man that settled in Newburg Township was Daniel Husang, who made improvements on Section 23, and built the first house, in 1832, which was a log cabin. Hiram Reed, Nicholas Criss and Hockins Judd made improvements on the same Section about the same time. A. R. Quimby, John Duran, Jacob Heavender, Meral Ratton, Benjamin Westlake and Peter V. Stringham were among the early settlers. E. W. Hickerman made improvements on Section 22, quite early. The first sermon was preached by the Rev. E. I. Allen, of the Baptist denomination, about the year 1830, in a log school house (that has long since been removed). The first school house was built on Section 15, in 1835. Daniel Foster taught the first school. The first church was built in 1835, and called the Bethel church, it was of the Methodist faith. Robert Kerr, Emery Scott and the two Misses Criss (sisters and daughters of Nicholas Criss), were the first parties married, the ceremony was performed by M. E. Ratton, Esq. Of Pittsfield. The first death is suppose to be that of Geo Westlake (the father of the Hon. Benjamin Westlake). L. E. Haden was the first Justice of the Peace. Capt. Weslake and E. W. Hicherman are all of the first settlers that now remain. Newburg is about equally divided with timber and prairie, and is well watered. It is a limestone soil, and is well adapted for both farming and stock raising, it is under a good state of cultivation and is inhabited by enterprising farmers, some of whom are the wealthiest in Pike County. The Township was named by Capt. Westlake, in honor of the town of his birth, Newburg, Orange Co., New York.






When came to Co.
Baker, James Sec. 17 Farmer Kentucky 1856
Barley, Samuel Se. 33 Farmer PA 1868
Barney, John Sec. 19 Farmer MA 1830
Barngover, D. N Sec. 26 Farmer Ohio 1856
Bissell, A Pittsfield Carpenter Connecticut 1832
Brown, C. H. Sec. 19 Retired New York 1838
Brown, Mrs. Mary A Sec. 33 Farmer Illinois 1842
Casteel, F. Sec. 14 Farmer East TN 1832
Casteel, Stephen Sec. 9 Farmer East TN 1832
Chapman, C. P Sec. 19 Miller Connecticut 1847
Chapman, M Sec. 7 Farmer SC 1835
Conkright, John Sec. 6 Farmer Kentucky 1830
Cooper, B. H. Sec. 1 Farmer Kentucky 1829
Crane, Lafayette Sec. 4 Farmer Ohio 1851
Davidson, I. R. Sec. 30 Farmer Ohio 1867
Dolbow, David Sec. 4 Farmer Illinois 1843
Duff, Mrs. A. Sec. 4 Farmer East TN 1833
Dunham, J. H. Sec. 14 Carpenter & Saw Mill New York 1838
Durr, G. W. Sec. 31 Farmer Germany 1844
Elliott, Mrs. Ann Sec. 10 Farmer PA 1848
Fenton, J. M. Sec. 21 Farmer Ohio 1856
Foot, G. D. Sec. 32 Farmer New York 1837
Foreman, David B Sec. 22 Farmer Ohio 1840
Foreman, G. A. Sec. 23 Farmer Ohio 1840
Foreman, H. C. Sec. 14 Farmer Ohio 1851
Foreman, Nicholas Sec. 25 Farmer Ohio 1840
Geisendorfer, Geo. L. Sec. 33 Farmer Germany 1841
Harris, W. A. Sec. 16 Farmer & Stone Cutter East TN 1854
Harris, Wm. Sec. 14 Farmer PA 1850
Hayden, L. E. Sec. 37 Farmer Kentucky 1834
Hickerson, E. W. Sec. 23 Farmer Kentucky 1833
Hickerson, O. M. Sec. 16 Farmer Pike Co., IL .......
Hillenbinder, Wm Sec. 7 Farmer Germany 1852
Hoos, Henry Sec. 16 Farmer Germany 1857
Hoos, Peter Sec. 17 Farmer Germany 1858
Howland, S. C. Sec. 23 Farmer Ohio 1839
Hudson, Fradrick Sec. 33 Brick Maker England 1856
Hull, John Pittsfield Farmer New York 1836
Johnson, W. H. ............ ......... ......... .......
Kellogg, D. T. Sec.18 Farmer MA 1852
Kelly, John Sec. 26 Farmer Ireland 1846
Kelly, Nathan Sec. 19 Farmer Ireland 1841
Kelly, Wm. Sec. 36 Farmer Ireland 1846
Keys, Francis Sec. 34 Farmer Ireland 1844
Kizser, Jacob L. Sec. 13 Farmer Virginia 1841
Liddle, George Sec. 35 Farmer New York 1847
Low, James Sec. 17 Farmer Maine 1831
Manker, J. J. Sec. 27 Farmer Ohio 1851
McKibben, A. R Sec. 7 Farmer Ohio 1841
Mullen, John S Sec. 31 Farmer Ireland 1857
Newport, A. Sec. 11 Farmer Ohio 1852
Norton, E. M. Sec. 13 Farmer Ohio 1840
Parker, J. I Sec. 23 Blacksmith Ohio 1871
Pettis, C. E. Sec. 14 Saw Mill Canada 1850
Porter, John Sec. 24 Farmer Missouri 1836
Pringle, Wm Sec. 28 Farmer England 1857
Pulliam, T. G. Sec. 31 Farmer Ohio 1864
Richards, Stephen F Sec. 35 Farmer Tennessee 1859
Rose, E. D. Sec. 20 Farmer New York 1839
Ross, Wm Sec. 19 Retired MA 1820
Ruble, Joseph Sec. 30 Farmer Ohio 1848
Sanderson, Geo. W Sec. 16 Farmer Ohio 1856
Scobey, Cicero Sec. 9 Farmer Indiana 1839
Shriver, Geo. A Sec. 14 Farmer Ohio 1854
Sloan, Eli Sec. 23 Farmer Ohio 1854
Sloan, J. H. Sec. 26 Farmer Ohio 1857
Turnbull, C Sec. 4 Farmer England 1851
Walker, Wm Sec. 30 Farmer Ohio 1849
Walling, James .......... Farmer Tennessee 1869
Walters, Charles Pittsfield Carpenter Pike Co., IL 1866
Webster, Edwin H Sec. 6 Farmer Illinois 1863
Webster, J. T. Sec. 22 Farmer Virginia 1855
Westlake, B. F. Sec. 29 Farmer New York 1836
Westlake, Geo. W Sec. 29 Farmer Pike Co., IL ........
Westlake, H. J. ......... Farmer Pike Co., IL 1846
Williams, John M Sec. 36 Farmer NC 1836
Williamson, James Sec. 26 Farmer Ohio 1857
Winter, Williard Sec. 23 Farmer Ohio 1865