New Salem


The first improvement and settlement was made on Section 14, by Joab Shinn, in 1830. The following year Isaac Conkright settled with his two sons, in the southern portion of the Township, on Section 24, in the year 1831 or 1832. The other early settlers were Nathan Swigget and Samuel Griffeth, on Section 14. Wm. School came in 1831. Wm. Crump, on Section 23, in the year 1833. Henry Brown, on Section 33, 22 and 27, in 1835. The first death which occurred in the Township, was a child of widow Carrington, about the year 1834. The first sermon preached, was by the Rev. Samuel Oglesby, of the Methodist denomination, which was the funeral sermon of Sarah Tedrow. The first steam mill was built in the winter of 1856 and 1857, by Cooper Temple, in the suburbs of New Salem. The first school house was built on Section 15, in the year 1834, the building was also used for church purposes for several years. The first church built, was in the village of New Salem, in the year 1844, by the Methodist denomination. The first physician was Dr. Davis, who located in the Township in 1845, though Mr. Henry Brown frequently practiced, which he gratuitously did.






When came to Co.
Allen, James R. Sec. 5 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1850
Andrew, John New Salem Merchant England 1855
Barber, George Sec. 23 Farmer Illinois 1844
Bartlett, N. Sec. 36 Farmer Kentucky 1849
Beacom, Wm. H. Sec. 21 Millwright Ohio 1858
Biddle, J. S. Sec. 9 Nurseryman PA 1838
Bradbury, N. B. Sec. 21 Farmer Ohio 1833
Brown, R. Sec. 22 Farmer Illinois 1839
Cadwell, A Sec. 21 Farmer Kentucky 1836
Callahan, A. W. Sec. 5 Farmer & Minister Adams Co., IL 1850
Carns, E. N. Sec. 11 Farmer Ohio 1843
Chamberlin, Jefferson Sec. 29 Farmer PA 1866
Chaney, Jos. E. Sec. 20 Farmer Washington, D.C. 1836
Cochran, A. W. Sec. 4 ........... Ohio 1866
Cochran, James Sec. 6 Farmer & Nurseryman Ohio 1848
Conley, James Sec. 10 Saw Mill New Jersey 1836
Cover, Daniel New Salem Justice of the Peace Maryland 1853
Croninger, Geo. R. Pineville Merchant Ohio 1871
Deighton, Richard Pineville Blacksmiith England 1870
Doane, E. New Salem Miller mA 1837
Donley & Jeffers Pineville Merchants Pike Co., 1846 1848
Dumford, J. S. Sec. 29 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1836
Edom, Edward New Salem Hotel England 1855
Ferguson, Jno. P Sec. 25 Farmer PA 1854
Fisk, C. B. Sec. 9 Farmer NH 1840
Gibson, John N New Salem Physician Virginia 1868
Gray, E. E. New Salem Physician Ohio 1847
Gray, Thomas Sec. 34 Co. Treasurer Ohio 1845
Griffith, Justus Sec. 25 Farmer Ohio 1836
Griffith, S. J. Sec. 29 Farmer Ohio 1838
Hall, J. H. Sec. 2 Farmer Ohio 1863
Hooper, J. Sec. 27 Farmer Ohio 1837
Horner, Peter Sec. 16 Farmer PA 1859
Hubbard, Augustus New Salem Plasterer NH 1851
Ingalsbe, X. M New Salem Carpenter New York 1860
Jeffers, Elijah Sec. 8 Farmer Ohio 1837
Johnson, Ezra Sec. 30 Farmer Ohio 1840
Laird, S. & W. H. Sec. 24 Farmer PA 1847
Mawk, William Sec. 10 Farmer Ohio 1870
McAllister, W. A. Sec. 2 Farmer Ireland 1849
McCarter, Joseph Sec. 20 Farmer PA 1838
McKinney, G. B New Salem Merchant Ohio 1856
McKinney, G. C. Sec. 17 Farmer Ohio 1838
McKinney, J. C. Sec. 2 Farmer Ireland 1840
Miller, Samuel M Sec. 12 Farmer PA 1848
Mink, George Sec. 32 Farmer Virginia 1850
Mink, P. L. New Salem Carpenter Virginia 1869
Morgan, E. C. New Salem Mason England 1853
Newman, W. J. Sec. 18 Minister Ohio 1866
Pine, J. W. Sec. 6 Farmer Ohio 1840
Pine, Jr., William Sec. 7 Farmer New Jersey 1838
Pine, Samuel Sec. 17 Farmer Ohio 1838
Plummer, J. L. Sec. 31 Farmer MA 1847
Potter, Francis Sec. 18 Farmer Pennsylvania 1835
Potter, Thomas Sec. 17 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1839
Preble, Daniel Sec. 27 Farmer Ohio 1843
Preble, John Sec. 22 Farmer Ohio 1842
Shrigley, A. J. Sec. 26 Farmer Virginia 1858
Sigsworth, John New Salem Farmer England 1836
Starkey, James Sec. 7 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1839
Starkey, Jonathan Sec. 4 Farmer Virginia 1836
Temple, Thomas New Salem Farmer Ohio 1857
VanSlyke, Daniel New Salem Trader Pike Co., IL 1844
White, John Sec. 31 Farmer Ireland 1838
White, Jr., J Sec. 30 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1846
Wood, D New Salem Farmer Tennessee 1840