Pearl Township (Page 1)


This is a timbered Township with a small strip of unequaled prairie running through its centre. It is a fractional Township, bound on the East by the Illinois River, and portions of it is very rough. The first settlers in this Township were A. Perkins, J. R. Ottwell, Wm. Pruett, and John Otwell, in the year 1825. The first improvements were made in Sections 15 and 27. Thomas Lumley and Wm. B. Camerer were among the early settlers of this Township, and did much to improve it. The first child born was John Orwell; and the first death was Thomas Murry. The first parties married in this Township were Wm. Otwell and Miss Rachell Collins. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. Mr. Osborn, who also preached the first sermon in the Township at the house of John Otwell, in 1829; he was of Baptist denomination. James McConnell was the first Justice of Peace. The first School House was built on Section 28, in 1831; and the first Church in 1867. Constantine Smith was the first Supervisor. The Louisiana branch of the St. Louis and Chicago R. R. has lately been completed through the Township.






When came to Co.
Black, Geo. C Pearl Farmer St. Charles Co., MO 1854
Booth, Thomas Sec. 19 Farmer Kent, DE 1859
Browning, Thomas Sec. 31 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1838
Calvin, John Sec. 20 Farmer Pittsburg, PA 1864
Calvin, John W Sec. 32 Farmer Pike Co., MO 1863
Clark, Isaiah Bee Creek Farmer N. C. 1851
Code, Henry Sec. 2 Farmer Green. Co., IL 1855
Crow, Joshua P. Sec. 15 Machinist Cass Co., IL 1869
Deemer, Martha Ann Sec. 20 Farmer Bucks Co., IN 1840
Draper, D. A. Sec. 32 Farmer Albany, NY 1852
Fisher, James M Sec. 8 Farmer Columbia Co., PA 1871
Fisher, Michael Bee Creek Merchant Columbus, OH 1861
Hanks, Nancy Sec. 32 Farmer Clermont Co., OH 1834
Hayden, Rolander Pearl Blacksmith Logan Co., KY 1835
Hess, Andrew N Sec. 20 Farmer Green Co., IL 1837
Hess, David Sec. 20 Farmer Clermont Co., OH 1842
Howland, O. F. Sec. 5 Farmer New York 1849
Humphrey, Silas Sec. 33 Farmer Oldham, KY 1847
Kessinger, Ransom Sec. 20 Farmer Scott Co., IL 1844
Lakin, P. H. Pearl Landing Merchant Clermont Co., OH 1855
Long, Jr., T. S Sec. 16 Mechanic Bucks Co., PA 1836
Long, Thomas S. Pearl Farmer Bucks Co., PA 1835
Miller, David Pearl Physician Clermont Co., OH 1837
Miller, John J. Sec. 21 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1841
Miller, Martin A Sec. 33 Teacher Pike Co., IL 1838
Misenback, Charles Bee Creek Blacksmith Prussia 1857
Mitchell, Brainerd Bee Creek Merchant Warren Co., IL 1867
Newcum, Louis Sec. 20 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1844
Petrie, James B. Pearl Landing Nursery Albany, NY 1859
Roberts, Geo. W Sec. 34 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1841
Smith, Constantine Sec. 33 Farmer Lewis Co., KY 1836
Smith, James Sec. 29 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1839
Stilwell, James Sec. 5 Farmer Steubenville, OH 1857
Stumbough, David Sec. 32 Farmer Highland Co., OH 1852
Thomas, Turner Pearl Merchant Pike Co., IL 1833
Vicroy, Josephus Sec. 15 Farmer Clermont Co., OH 1842
Wheeler, John C. Sec. 31 Farmer Bear Co., KY 1834
Wheeler, William Bee Creek Miller Clermont Co., OH 1834
Williams, W. T. Pearl Physician Adams Co., IL 1869
Wood, G. W. Sec. 2 Farmer Green Co., IL 1855