Perry Township is finely situated, in the northern part of Pike County, is almost equally diversified with timber and prairie land, much of the surface is rolling and traversed by small creeks, and besides being in high state of cultivation it contains several fine Mineral springs. The first settlement and improvement was made by Mathew Dale, on Section 32, in the year 1831. The same year another settlement and improvement was made by John Wilkinson, on same Section. Among the early settlers were David Johnson, James H. Chenoworth, B. L. Mathews, Joseph King, Charles Dorsey, in the year 1831. First white child born in Perry Township was N. T. Phillips, Esq. First marriage was that of Capt. B. S. Mathews and Minerva Carrington, by Esq. Van Dusen. The first sermon was preached by Rev. Delap about the same time. The first church was built in 1835 or 1836, by the Methodist denomination. First school was taught by Miss Hannah French, and first school house was built in 1833, in the west part of the village of Perry.






When came to Co.
Akin, Augustus Sec. 1 Farmer Tennessee 1829
Akin, James Sec. 11 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1831
Arnett, T. C. Sec. 12 Farmer Green Co., IL 1837
Ayres, Dr. Dana Perry Druggist MA 1836
Baldwin, Alex Sec. 21 Painter NY City 1836
Baldwin, D. P. Perry Grist Mill NY City 1868
Bond, Williamson Sec. 36 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1837
Bradbury, J. M. Perry Cooper Ohio 1854
Brown, J. W. Sec. 21 Farmer Ohio 1849
Browning, C. T. Sec. 21 Farmer Kentucky 1833
Browning, J. M. Sec. 16 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1834
Calhoun, William Sec. 12 Farmer Tennessee 1835
Campbell, John Perry Carpenter Pike Co., IL 1847
Cleveland, J. K. Perry Merchant Connecticut 1836
Coupland, James Sec. 16 Farmer Scotland 1836
Curfman, Simeon Sec. 32 Farmer PA 1856
Dorsey, Alex. Sec. 21 Farmer Tennessee 1828
Dorsey, B. F. Sec. 22 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1832
Dorsey, John S. Perry Farmer Pike Co., IL 1830
Dunn, Harvey Perry Physician Ohio 1839
Durbin, B. Sec. 23 Carpenter Maryland 1862
Fagin, S. T. Perry Hotel Ohio 1855
Franklin, E. Sec. 6 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1827
Gardner, John P. Sec. 7 Farmer England 1852
Gentry, Caleb Sec. 11 Farmer SC 1840
Gerard, L. Sec. 23 Farmer Ohio 1856
Gorbet, Wm. H Sec. 19 Wagonmaker New York 1855
Grimes, Jno., L Sec. 5 Farmer Virginia 1846
Grote, F. C. Perry Shoemaker Germany 1856
Ham, Clayborn Sec. 36 Farmer Tennessee 1830
Harrington, Martin Perry Retired Farmer MA 1836
Harris, R. F. Perry Physician & Surgeon PA 1869
Hinman, A Perry Farmer Kentucky 1829
Hobbs, Hinson Sec. 35 Farmer Kentucky 1832
Hobbs, Wm. T Sec. 34 Farmer Kentucky 1832
Hume, N. D. C. Perry Hardware Kentucky 1859
Johns, James Sec. 1 Farmer PA 1837
Johns, L. S. Sec. 1 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1845
Johnson, John Perry Foundry, Machine Shop Kentucky 1861
Johnston, D. Perry Merchant Virginia 1828
Kallenback, Louis Sec. 9 Farmer Cass Co., IL 1852
Kellogg, T Perry Hotel New York 1833
Kimball, Charles Sec. 6 Farmer Vermont 1843
King, H. M. Perry Groceries Pike Co., IL 1839
Kirgan, Thomas Sec. 32 Farmer Ireland 1836
Lidgard, William Sec. 1 Farmer England 1838
Lipkaman, Frederick Sec. 9 Farmer Germany 1843
Manton, William Sec. 26 Farmer England 1854
Matthews, B. L. Sec. 28 Farmer NC 1825
Mayo, J. H. Perry Builder Illinois native
Meisen, John Perry Blacksmith, W'gon M'kr Prussia 1857
Metz, D. T. Sec. 1 Farmer Kentucky 1839
Metz, G. S. Sec. 13 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1841
Mull, Benj. Sec. 19 Farmer & Merchant PA 1848
Norvell, W. B. Sec. 14 Farmer Schuyler Co., IL 1836
Oak, Jesse Perry Grain & Lumber New Jersey 1858
Philpot, John Perry Vineyard England 1841
Pierce, Jimeson Sec. 7 Farmer Schuyler Co., IL 1852
Reed, W. A. Perry Blacksmith Ohio 18--
Reeves, E. R. Sec. 19 Farmer Ohio 1852
Reynolds, D. B. Sec. 34 Farmer Ohio .......
Reynolds, Thomas Sec. 26 Farmer New York 1843
Rickard, D. S. Perry Merchant Ohio 1839
Rush, E. J. Sec. 30 Farmer Indiana 1837
Schaffuit, Martin Sec. 4 Farmer Germany 1847
Shastid, Jon Perry Merchant Tennessee 1836
Shoemaker, B. T. Sec. 14 ............ ......... ........
Six, James Sec. 6 Farmer Kentucky 1843
Smith, M Perry Merchant Ohio 1853
Stewart, James Sec. 2 Farmer Kentucky 1841
Sutton, Henry C. Sec. 18 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1847
Taylor, Simon H. Sec. 18 Farmer Virginia 1833
Thiele, William Sec. 34 Farmer Germany 1851
Thornberry, Harvey Sec. 10 Farmer PA 1851
Triplet, Milton Sec. 19 Farmer Kentucky 1830
Vail & Bros. Sec. 19 Farmer Ohio 1843
Watson, B. A. Perry Springs Hotel Tennessee 1865
Whitaker, James Sec. 2 Farmer New York 1836
Wilson, Henry Sec. 28 Farmer England 1855
Wilson, W. H. Sec. 32 Farmer London, England 1855
Witham, G. W. Perry Merchant Ohio 1855
Zimmerman, Geo Sec. 4 Farmer Germany 1837