Pittsfield Twp


The first white settler in this township was Joel Moore, who settled and built the first house which was a small log cabin on the north-east quarter of Sec. 12. This was the first improvement of any kind made in the Township. Ephraim Cannon and Moses Riggs were the next white men that settled here. They made improvements on Sec. 20 and 23. The Township is principally prairie interspersed with small skirts of timber. The soil is black loam, well underlaid with gray limestone, and very productive. The land is considerably rolling with some breaks, well watered, making it suitable for farming and raising stock. It is also well adapted for fruit of all kinds. It is now under a high state of cultivation and has as good and enterprising farmers as in any part of the county. Several of the farms are very large, especially that of William R. Willis, Esq., which is one of the most valuable in the county. William Watson, R. R. Green, Austin Barber, and Mrs. Ephraim Cannon are about all of the first settlers that now remain. Robert Ratton, son of Meral Ratton, is suppose to be the first white child born in Township of Pittsfield. Mrs. N. M. Heath taught the first school, (it was on the subscription system) in 1834. The first school house was built in 1839. The first church was built in 1848, by the Presbyterian denomination, Meral Ratton was the first Justice of the Peace. The first marriage was that of Franklin Bartell and Miss Lydia Kergis. The ceremony was performed by Andrew Phillips, Justice of the Peace, in the year 1832.






When came to Co.
Adams, G. W. Pittsfield Merchant New York 1844
Adams, Isaiah Sec. 26 Farmer New York 1842
Adams, Nathan L. Pittsfield Grocery New York 1840
Archer, Wm. R Pittsfield Lawyer N. Y. City 1838
Atkinson, B. H Pittsfield Banker New Jersey 1846
Atkinson, H. B. Pittsfield Hardware & Furniture Missouri 1846
Atkinson, Richard M. Pittsfield County Judge Kentucky 1846
Bagby, Geo. S. Sec. 2 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1846
Bailey, Geo. W. K Sec. 36 Farmer Missouri 1844
Bailey, W. J. Sec. 36 Farmer Missouri 1849
Baker, A Pittsfield Farmer Ohio 1833
Barber, Levi Pittsfield Cigar Mfg. Pike Co., IL 1839
Bates, D Pittsfield Carriage Mfg. MA 1838
Bates & Son, D Pittsfield Carriage Mfg. MA 1838
Beard, James W Pittsfield Carpenter VA 1864
Benn, Samuel Pittsfield Farmer Pike Co., IL 1840
Bennett, L Pittsfield Asst. Postmaster New York 1836
Benson, E. B. Pittsfield Lumber Dealer MD 1839
Bollig, John A Pittsfield Carriage Mfg. Prussia 1869
Boyd, John Pittsfield Livery PA 1845
Brenner, J. A. Pittsfield Carriage Mfg. Germany 1871
Broan, John Sec. 29 Farmer ............ ............
Burger, John C. Pittsfield Cigar Mfg. Germany 1868
Bush, J. M. Pittsfield Editor Democrat MA 1846
Carey, Geo. W Sec. 17 Farmer New York 1839
Carsier, & Son, G.W. Pittsfield Blacksmith Virginia 1856
Casal, F. M. Pittsfield Physician Maryland 1858
Clare, I. A. Pittsfield Tobacconist Pike Co., IL 1835
Clarkson, Thomas Sec. 29 Farmer England 1852
Clayton, W. H. Pittsfield Hardware & Stoves Delaware 1856
Cline, Daniel Sec. 7 Farmer Scott Co., IL 1846
Connett, John S. Pittsfield Farmer New Jersey 1840
Coulter, J. H. Pittsfield Lumber Dealer PA 1852
Crane, J. H. Pittsfield Druggist Illinois 1844
Criswell, James Pittsfield Old Flag Ireland 1861
Criswell, R. H. Pittsfield Editor PA 1860
Curless, Geo. M. Sec. 4 Farmer Ohio 1852
Dewell, John H. Pittsfield Co. Sup't of Schools Pike Co., IL 1844
Dickson, Thomas Pittsfield Merchant Scotland 1838
Dillingham, F. P. Pittsfield Clerk Indiana 1840
Dober, & Bro., N Pittsfield Grocery & Bakery Germany 1871
Doolittle, E. A. Pittsfield Teacher Georgia 1870
Ducy, Michael Sec. 28 Farmer Ireland 1851
Dunning, Geo. S. Sec. 31 Farmer Ohio 1858
Duran, John Pittsfield Retired Maine 1832
Dutton, Lewis Pittsfield Merchant Pike Co., IL 1839
Dutton, Silas Pittsfield Grocery Illinois 1823
Edwards, G. S Pittsfield Livery Pike Co., IL 1846
Edwards, G. T. Pittsfield Hotel Tennessee 1836
Ewan, Robert B. Pittsfield Tobacconist Virginia 1869
Field, John L. Pittsfield Jewelry Store Missouri 1866
Fishel, Adolph Pittsfield Grocery Bohemia 1866
Fishell, Albert Pittsfield Bank Cashier Bohemia 1867
Foster, Mason Pittsfield Stoves & Tinware NH 1859
Frank, Geo. M Pittsfield Brewery Germany 1858
Frazier, R. F. Pittsfield Agent Frederick Co., VA 1858
Gano, Jos. J. Pittsfield Merchant New York 1865
Gellesson, Bingham Sec. 27 Farmer Maine 1844
Goond, George Sec. 6 Farmer England 1856
Graham, D. C. Pittsfield Billiards Illinois 1863
Graves, A. D. Pittsfield Merchant Tennessee 1847
Gray, Stephen R. Pittsfield Farmer New York 1837
Greathouse, J. F. Pittsfield Laborer Pike Co., IL 1839
Grimes, W. B. Pittsfield County Clerk Illinois 1835
Grimshaw, Thos. C Sec. 23 Farmer Ireland 1834
Grimshaw, Wm. A Pittsfield Lawyer Ireland 1833
Halpin, P Pittsfield Marble Dealer Ireland 1856
Ham, Joel C. Sec. 35 Farmer Missouri 1865
Hanna, Harry E. Pittsfield Printer Illinois 1862
Hard, J. C. Pittsfield Planing Mill Vermont 1861
Harder, C. H. Pittsfield Druggist MA 1851
Harder, Henry Pittsfield Carriage Mfg. New York 1851
Heavner, A. J. Pittsfield Carpenter Pike Co., IL 1840
Heck, Joseph Pittsfield Bakery & Grocery Germany 1855
Heisheimer, Samuel Pittsfield Dry Goods & Clothing Bavaria 1856
Helms, William Sec. 19 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1847
Hicks, D. D. Pittsfield Cashier 1st Nat'l Bank Vermont 1838
Higbee, C. L. Pittsfield Lawyer Ohio 1844
Higgins, Patrick Sec. 17 Farmer Ireland 1850
Hill, A. L. Pittsfield Farmer Vermont 1835
Hunter, Joseph Pittsfield Boot & Shor Store Scotland 1852
Hyde, D. W. Pittsfield Druggist Vermont 1857
Irwin, J. S. Pittsfield Lawyer Kentucky 1861
Johnson, Joseph Pittsfield Miller & Grain Dealer England 1865
Jones, A Pittsfield Carpenter Maine 1851
Jones, George W Pittsfeild Deputy Co. Clerk MA 1832
Jordan, Walter Pittsfield Street Commissioner Ireland 1854
Kellogg, Nathaniel Sec. 21 Farmer MA 1855
Kinkle, Wm. Pittsfield Ag't Singer Sewing Mach. Illinois 1871
Klemme, Ludwig Pittsfield Cabinet Maker Germany 1856
Laing, Israel H Sec. 27 Farmer VA 1867
Lame, C. R. Pittsfield Undertaker PA 1842
Landram, James B. Pittsfield Tobacco Mfg Illinois 1833
Ledlie, J. H. Pittsfield Physician Ireland 1857
Lovett, Wm. Sec. 22 Farmer Vermont 1833
Luske, H. A. Pittsfield Butcher Ohio 1849
Maithews, A. C. Pittsfield Lawyer Pike Co., IL 1833
Martin, J. F. Sec. 26 Farmer England 1853
Mather, Wm. K Sec. 31 Farmer Virginia 1854
Mays, Marcellus Sec. 32 Farmer Ohio 1864
McCune, John H. Sec. 11 Farmer Ohio 1842
McElwee, Andrew Pittsfield Physician New York 1868
McFarland, Jos. Pittsfield Sheriff Ireland 1850
McKenno, B. Sec. 25 Farmer Ireland 1865
McSpann, Jordan Pittsfield Cooper Kentucky 1839
Mead, L. R. Sec. 28 Farmer New York 1856
Meyer, Wm. H. Sec. 29 Farmer Ohio 1862
Mills, Charles M. Pittsfield Confectionery Ohio 1854
Mills, H. R. Pittsfield Books & Stationery Ohio 1854
Mirrielees, A. F. Pittsfield Groceries & Queensware Scotland 1845
Mirrielees, James Pittsfield Boots & Shoe Store Scotland 1866
Mitchell, W. D. Pittsfield Milling Illinois 1864
Northrup, H. M. Pittsfield Railroad Conductor New York 1871
Noyes, H. J. Pittsfield Tobacco Mfg. Missouri 1840
Obst, C. L. Pittsfield Photographer Saxony, Germany 1856
Orr, James B. Sec. 17 Farmer Ohio 1837
Pennington, G. S. Pittsfield Railroad Agent Illinois 1850
Pennington, Joel Pittsfield Marion House New York 1850
Pennington, W. H. Pittsfield Hardware Pittsfield 1848
Pettingill, J. G. Pittsfield Lawyer Maine 1857
Pike, J. Pittsfield Sup't of Schools Ohio 1851
Pringle, Charles Sec. 15 Farmer England 1857
Purkitt, Mrs. P. B. Pittsfield ............... New York 1831
Putney, L. D. Pittsfield Carpenter New York 1856
Quinby, A. R. Pittsfield Trader Maine 1831
Quinlin, Henry Sec. 35 Farmer Ireland 1857
Raftery, Wm. H Sec. 21 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1844
Rauh, Sam Pittsfield Merchant Germany 1853
Ray, John Pittsfield Retired Virginia 1850
Reel, M. A. L. Sec. 26 Farmer & Fruit grower MD 1832
Rhea, J. A. Pittsfield Tobacco Factory Missouri 1865
Rivers, C. W. Pittsfield Dentist Virginia 1857
Roberts, J. S. Pittsfield Justice of the Peace PA 1849
Rogers, James P. Sec. 31 Farmer Kentucky 1831
Ross, Marcellus Pittsfield Woolen Factory Pike Co., IL 1824
Scanland, F. M Pittsfield Carpenter Kentucky 1848
Scanland, R. C. Pittsfield Insurance Agent Kentucky 1849
Scott, J. F. Pittsfield Dairy Illinois 1868
Shadel, C Pittsfield Butcher Germany 1871
Shastid, F. W. Pittsfield Physician Illinois 1836
Shinn, Wm. Sec. 32 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1827
Shriver, Frank L Pittsfield Merchant Ohio 1870
Smith, W. H. Pittsfield Merchant Illinois 1851
Smith & Sanvige Pittsfield Barber New York 1871
Smitherman, L. J. Pittsfield Co. Treasurer Tennessee 1846
Spencer, O. G. Pittsfield Foundry, Machine Shop NH 1841
St. John, Albert Pittsfield Constable New York 1835
Stanton, D. A. Pittsfield Farmer MA 1845
Stevens, George Sec. 32 Farmer Connecticut 1855
Stobie, James F. Pittsfield Teaming Illinois 1847
Stone, L. H. Sec. 36 Farmer Virginia 1846
Strouss, Jacob Pittsfield Merchant Bavaria 1863
Strubinger, F. Pittsfield Saloon Keeper PA 1863
Summers, Jacob Pittsfield Tobacconist PA ............
Thomas, H. H. Pittsfield Hardware, Agr. Impl'ts ............... ............
Topliff, Jos. J. Pittsfield Circuit Clerk Vermont 1856
Tracy, K. Pittsfield Saddle & Harness PA 1865
Unland, W. G. Pittsfield Physician Illinois 1871
Vertrees, C. D. Pittsfield Butcher Pike Co., IL 1842
Wassell, James Sec. 31 Farmer Ohio 1836
Watson, Wm. Pittsfield Retired PA 1833
Webster, Edgar L. Sec. 35 Farmer Connecticut 1863
Wells, jr., Wm. R. Sec. 20 Farmer ........... .........
Wells, Nathan A. Pittsfield Milling New York 1847
Wike, Scott Pittsfield Lawyer PA 1844
Wille, Charles Pittsfield Barber Germany 1868
Williams, L. A Sec. 24 Farmer Vermont 1838
Williamson, T. H. Pittsfield Druggist Ohio 1857
Wills, Hamilton Pittsfield Saddles & Harness Ireland 1843
Wills, W. R. Sec. 20 Farmer ............ ........
Willsey, C. C. Sec. 34 Farmer New York 1840
Willsey, J. G. Sec. 34 Farmer New York 1840
Willsey, John J. Sec. 34 Farmer Ohio 1837
Willsey, William W Sec. 7 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1848
Worthington, J. K. Sec. 13 Stock Farmer Pike Co., IL 1842
Worthington, R. M. Pittsfield Painter Illinois 1852