Pleasant Hill


The first settlers in Pleasant Hill Township were brothers named Belus and Egbert Jones, in March, 1822. The first death was of Paul Jones, about 1825. The first School House was erected in the year 1832, south of breaks of the south of the Dry Fork of the Six Mile Creek. The first teacher was William Howell, in 1828. As there was no School House at that time, his school was taught around among the cabins of the settlers. The first sermon was preached by Rev. Stephen Ruddle, of the Christian denomination, in the year 1826. The Baptists erected the first church in 1855, in the village of Pleasant Hill. The first Justice of the Peace was Felix Collard. The first Supervisor was Thomas Barton. Pleasant Hill Township has but little prairie land in it. The clearings are very productive, the soil being rich, and is well adapted to grain and stock raising. It is well watered with numerous springs, and streams of pure lime-stone water.






When came to Co.
Briscoe, T. I. Sec. 19 Teacher Illinois 1845
Buchanan, H. P. Sec. 5 Farmer Kentucky 1855
Cannon, J. W. Pleasant Hill Miller Pike Co., IL 1847
Cannon, S. R. Pleasant Hill Miller Pike Co., IL 1842
Dodge, Clinton Sec. 15 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1831
Dunaven, F. J. Sec. 8 Farmer East VA 1846
Emert, Jacob Pleasant Hill Carpenter Illinois 1827
Galloway, J. B. Sec. 10 Farmer Pike Co., MO 1831
Galloway, S. H. Sec. 3 Farmer Missouri 1831
Griffin, Edward Sec. 19 Farmer Ohio 1864
Guiley, E. C. Pleasant Hill Shoemaker Missouri 1861
Hand, Charles Pleasant Hill Railroad Man New Jersey 1857
Hemphill, A. F. Sec. 27 Farmer Missouri 1835
Huber, Jacob Pleasant Hill Trader Pike Co., IL 1838
Jacobs, B. F. ........... Farmer East VA 1864
Kendall, Lafayette Pleasant Hill Grocer Ohio 1853
Logan, D. E. Sec. 17 Farmer PA 1857
Lovell, A. J. Pleasant Hill Merchant Missouri 1856
Mason, J. P. Sec. 16 Farmer Missouri 1864
Mitchell, Thos. J Pleasant Hill Miller Pike Co., IL 1835
Moore, George W Pleasant Hill School Teacher Missouri 1861
Moore, William Pleasant Hill Blacksmith Kentucky 1861
Moore, Wm. R Pleasant Hill Wagon Maker Missouri 1861
Ralston, B. Sec. 18 Farmer Kentucky 1864
Richardson, S. B. Pleasant Hill Grocery Missouri 1869
Rickets, W. T. Sec. 17 Farmer Kentucky 1853
Sapp, John Pleasant Hill Grocery Pike Co., IL 1834
Shelby, Isaac Sec. 11 Farmer Tennessee 1848
Sitton, A. F. Sec. 11 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1846
Sitton, James A. Sec. 11 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1837
Sitton, John G. Sec. 1 Farmer Tennessee 1836
South, J. H. Pleasant Hill Physician Pike Co., MO 1865
Stark, Jno. P Sec. 24 Farmer Shelby, KY 1837
Stone, Nathan Sec. 14 Farmer East VA 1853
Thomas, J. A. Pleasant Hill Physician East VA 1849
Thomas, S. S. Pleasant Hill Merchant East VA 1851
Turner, Lawson Sec. 16 Farmer East VA 1839
Venable, E. B. Pleasant Hill Justice of the Peace Pike Co., MO 1841
Venable, James Sec. 22 Farmer Missouri 1841
Weaver, Harmon Sec. 1 Farmer Ohio 1839
Webster, Z. T. Sec. 19 Farmer Kentucky 1842
Wells, Perry Sec. 7, 18 Farmer Kentucky 1837
Windmiller, Jacob Sec. 10 Farmer Germany 1834
Yokem, A. D. Sec. 24 Farmer Pike Co., MO 1834
Yokem, Henry Sec. 7 Farmer Missouri 1834
Zerenberg, Francis L. Sec. 14 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1837
Zerenberg, Wm. Sec. 14 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1843