Pike Atlases


Was born in the state of Maryland in the year 1826. At the age of five years he moved with his father to Belmont county, Ohio. James remained with his father until the death of his stepmother, which occurred when he was about ten years of age. Having so many small children, his father found it necessary to put them out to suitable persons who would take better care of them than he could. James supported himself by working on a farm until he was eighteen years of age. He then apprenticed himself to a carriage maker to learn the trade, and served three years. He then commenced the business for himself, and carried it on for five years, when he met with a heavy loss by a railroad company which failed to pay him for a large number of wagons, wheelbarrows, &c., that he had furnished. His loss was so great that he was obliged to close up his business in this branch at a heavy sacrifice. In 1855 he commenced the chair and cabinet business, and by close application to business and strict economy he soon paid off every dollar of his indebtedness, and stood once more square with the world. In 1858 he came to Pike county, and settled in the town of Barry, where he has since been engaged in the undertaking business in all its branches. On the 2d day of March, 1848, Mr. Smith was married to Miss S. C. Bulger. She was born in Virginia in 1826. The fruits of their marriage have been nine children, seven of whom are yet living. Mr. Smith is permanently located in Barry, and by a course of fair dealing he has established one of the largest businesses of the kind in Pike county. He keeps constantly on hand all kinds of coffins, made of the best material and finished in the most modern style. He also keeps a first-class hearse and a good team, ready at all times to fill orders on the shortest notice. To parties who are so unfortunate as to require the services of an undertaker, we would say call on Mr. Smith you will find his prices reasonable.