Spring Creek


The first white settlement made in Spring Creek Township was in the year 1832, by Silas Wilson, who built a log cabin and made improvements on Sec. 8, and remained there for many years. Benjamin Allison, David Scranton, Barnard Collins and J. P. Stark were among the early settlers, but they have all gone, some have died, others have emigrated. Joseph Collins' was the first death, which took place in 1833. Rachel Collins was the first white child, which was in 1833. Joel Meechem and Sarah Adkins were the first parties married, the ceremony was performed by the Rev. Levi Hinman; who also preached the first sermon, in the year 1833, he was of the Baptist denomination. F. A. Collard was the first Justice of the Peace, and John P Stark the first Supervisor. This township is principally timbered, with small necks of prairie. There are a large number of good farming lands, and the Township is well settled with a class of good farmers, who are making rapid advancement in improvements.






When came to Co.
Allison, Nathan Sec. 30 Farmer Pike Co., OH 1833
Applegate, Hezekiah Sec. 2 Farmer Ray Co., TN 1845
Blackketer, John H Sec. 4 Farmer Mecklenburg Co., VA 1852
Bogart, Geo. P Sec. 21 Blacksmith Tennessee 1856
Bowman, George Sec. 13 Farmer Switzerland 1847
Bowman, J. V. Nebo Blacksmith Tennessee 1837
Brock, A. J. Sec. 12 Physician New York 1858
Brown, J. F. Sec 14 Farmer Kentucky 1869
Buchanan, V. A. Sec. 27 Farmer Highland Co., KY 1846
Cannon, David ............ .............. ............. ......
Coatney, Jonathan Sec. 16 Farmer Hawkins Co., TN 1865
Corey, V. B. Nebo Physician New York 1867
Earls, William Sec. 5 Farmer Lawrence Co., OH 1856
Fielder, James Sec. 28 Farmer Tennessee 1867
Glyn, A. Sec. 30 Teacher Maryland 1847
Hanks, W. L. Sec. 32 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1831
Holford, T. J. Sec. 28 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1837
Hollis, David Sec. 20 Notary & J.P. Tennessee 1846
Hollis, Lewis J.Y Sec. 20 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1853
Johnson, Thomas P Sec. 30 Saw Mill Pike Co., IL 1847
Johnston, D. H. Sec. 4 Farmer Ohio 1850
McKay, John A Sec. 14 Farmer Ohio 1862
Parsons, J. W. Sec. 30 Saw Mill Breathitt, KY 1868
Pollock, R. R. Nebo Physician Ohio 1866
Scranton, David Sec. 20 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1847
Scranton, Geo. W. Sec. 56 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1838
Smith, William B. Sec. 13 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1845
Smith, Wm. E Nebo Farmer New York 1836
Sutton, John J. C Sec. 24 Farmer Kentucky 1845
Turnbough, John Nebo Railroad Man Missouri 1870
Waggoner, Samuel Sec. 30 Saw Mill Lawrence Co., KY 1857
Wilson, W. R. Nebo Merchant Pike Co., IL 1843
Windmiller, Peter Nebo Hotel Germany 1834
Windmiller, Samuel Sec. 18 Farmer Pike Co., IL 1843
York, Henry P Nebo Blacksmith Pike Co., IL 1828