Pike Atlases


The second, the father of George Stibbins, was born in the town of Wilbraham, in the state of Massachusetts, in the year 1816. In 1836 he was married to Miss Orisa Kingsley. In 1839 Geo. Stibbins and wife emigrated to Pike county, and made improvements in the woods, on section 18, in Martinsburg township. He built a log cabin to live in, and another for a blacksmith shop, when he went to work at blacksmithing, wagon and plow making, and after a few years, he became able to make more extensive and better improvements, and so built up quite a little village, which he called Stibbinsville. Here he continued to live and carry on his business very successfully, until 1864, when he bought a first-class farm in Atlas township, on section 13, and moved on the same in the fall of the same year. Here he has made extensive improvements. Since 1864, he has been largely engaged in farming and dealing in cattle and stock generally Mr. Stibbins is from quite a noted family, as we learn from a book published in Boston, in 1864, which gives the history of the town of Wilbraham and the Stibbins family generally. Mr. Stibbins, in his younger days, was quite a sportsman, and it is interesting to hear him tell of the many fine deer and fat turkeys that have answered to the report of his never-erring rifle.

Mr. and Mrs. Stibbins have had nine children five daughters and four sons. They have lost four children, and of the five living, three are married, and two dingle, at home. Mr. Stibbins has always been very active in his habits, and is yet, a thoroughgoing man and a No. 1 farmer, always prompt in his business transactions. He is perhaps one of the heaviest stock dealers in Pike county. He has done a great deal to revive and sustain the Pike County Agricultural Society, and bring it to its present flourishing condition. The citizens of old Atlas feel very proud of some of their substantial men there, and George Stubbins is one of them.