Pike Atlases


Was born in Ohio, in 1818. She remained with her parents until 1838, when she married Simon K. Taylor. In 1839 they emigrated to Pike county, Ill., and settled on section 27, in Derry township, where Mrs. Taylor still resides. Mr. Taylor was a wagon maker by trade, and worked at that business for several years after he came to Illinois, but for the last ten or twelve years of his life, he gave his attention altogether to farming. In 1867 Mr. Taylor died, leaving Mrs. Taylor with a family of four children two sons and two daughters. Three of her children are now married and settled, and are doing well.

Mr. Taylor was a good, moral citizen, and was highly respected by all who knew him.
Mrs. Taylor carried on the farm for several years after Mr. Taylor's death, and was very successful; but the cares of the farm proving too much for her, she took the advice of her friends, and sold out her interests to Mr. Andrew Stout, her son-in-law, reserving her homestead, where she now resides, in very comfortable circumstances, surrounded by many kind friends.