William Wheeler Biography (Page 1)


Was born in Ohio, in 1823. In 1831 his parents moved to Indiana, and remained there for three years. They then left there, and went to Green county, Illinois, where they remained four years, when, in 1839, William's father, Benjamin Wheeler, died. William then moved to McCoupin county, and lived there four years. In 1843 he married Miss Matilda Battershell. He then purchased land in section 32, Pearl township, Pike county, upon which he settled. In 1849 Mr. Wheeler placed his family in as good circumstances as he could, and went overland to California. He remained there two years, when, having succeeded in accumulating money, he returned to his family in 1851, and has since remained upon his farm, engaged in farming and stock raising. Mr. Wheeler has had born to him three sons and eight daughters, — eleven children, — seven of whom are yet living, three married and four single. He has succeeded well in all his pursuits in life, and has always been held in high estimation by his neighbors. He has frequently been elected to office in his township.