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is as far back as we've been able to trace "our" line. If you have ANY information that would extend our searches, we would appreciate the help.

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Chris Bain
Ronda Chaya
Candy-Lea Chickite
Nancy Collins
Diana Dewaele
George Fahnline
Belinda Eaves-Flanagan
Ann Gilmore
Cindy Haase
Everett Hartford
Jan Hart
David Hartford
Gary Hartford
John Hartford
Leonard Hartford
R S Hartford
Twila Hartford
Cindy Henning
Ann Kramlich
Betty Lieber
Connie Ludwig
M McConnell
Marjorie Martin
Ann Maxson
Linda Nixon
Cindy Peterson
Janet Rammage
Nancy Robinson
Pat Shepard
Anita Smith
Bonnie Sproul
Mycolynda Updegraff
Jennifer Urick
Steve Van Sickle
Jennifer Varney

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There are many of us scattered through-out the world, we are the HARTFORD genealogy researchers. If you are one of us, please leave me your name & E-mail address so I can add it to the listing of the family.
All information is as correct as possible, any errors are mine and mine alone.
Thanks, Gary

First and the person that is (in my opinion) one of the most dedicated is Ann Gilmore . Ann is one of our California cousins. Please check out her web site at Ann and Terrys Web site.
The following names are in no particular order, they were added as I learned of them.
Jennifer Varney lives in Maine, and is working on many of the Hartford.
Next, Cindy Haase is working in the fertile field of Nebraska..
Then there is is Pat Shepard in California.
The following researchers names are courtesy of Ann Gilmore.
Chris Bains, Chris is researching James Hartford 1727-1823.
R.S. Hartford is researching James Hartford who was born in Belfast and came to the US in 1755.
Mycolynda Updegraff is a descendent of Nancy Ann Hartford 1778-1854, and Archibald Titus (1774-1834) through their son William Titus and Ann Hofius - Samuel Titus and Rhoda Budd.

Phyllis Kern is a descendent of John Hartford (ca) 1792-1848, (No E-mail address).
Laurene Carrier descends from John Hartford also, (No E-mail address)
Ronda Chaya descends from Pamelia Hartford 1775-1849.
Maxine McConnell is researching the Blackstone family through Pamela Hartford 1776-1835 & Samuel Blackston 1775-1849.(No E-mail address)
Jan Hart descends from Nancy Ann Hartford 1776-1854 & Archibald Titus 1774-1834.
Anita Smith is working on a history of the Gonder family, Ann says "I've sent information that might match Mary Hartford".
Ann Kramlich descends from Sarah Hartford 1780-1824 & Isaiah Jones 1774-1853. She also has a web site for the HARTFORD, JONES, JAMES, and THOMAS families. Check out Ann's web site or Ann's second web site (both listed on right).
Gary Hartford descends from John Hartford (ca) 1792-1850) & Sarah Jones 1788-1848).
Shelly Roberts descends from John & Sarah also, the 1996 Hartford family reunion was hosted by Shelly and family. (No E-mail address)
Connie Ludwig's husband Paul descends from John & Sarah through Elias Hartford & Rachel Lamb.
Pete Hartford, Lyle Hartford & Laverne L. Hawkins (siblings), descend from John Hartford & Sarah Jones.(No E-mail address)
Diana Dewaele descends from John & Sarah as (it looks like), most of we reserchers have.
Ann Maxson is researching the Anderson family, in which Jerusha Florence the 2nd wife of Thomas Hartford was really an Anderson.
Nancy Collins & Cindy Boland have Hartford ancestors from Wayne County, PA, we haven't connected yet, but.........
Bonnie Sproul's husband descends from John & Sarah through Harrison Hartford & Elizabeth Hamilton.
Cindy Peterson's husband Ron Hartford Stobaugh also descends from John & Sarah through Harrison & Elizebeth.
Jennifer Urick is researching Nancy Melvina Hartford 03/05/1831-09/30/1900, Nancy had a brother named Matthew, if anyone has any information on this let Jennifer know.
John Hartford is a descendant of William Marvin Hartford 1842-, he could use some help with this family
Betty Lieber is also a decendent of John & Sarah, through Peter & Carolyn Simon (Simmons), she is researching her lines.
Twila Hartford is a newly found member of the family (she found us), her husband Noel is decended from John Morgan Hartford. Twila is looking for help on any of Noel's branch of the family
George Fahnline is also descended from Nancy Ann & Archibald Titus, through their son John & Mary Hazleton.
Linda Nixon's husband descends from Isaiah Jones (1774-1853) & Sarah Hartford (1780- 1824) through their son John T. & Elizabeth Smith.
Belinda L. Eaves Flanagan is studying her connection with Isaiah Jones and Sarah Hartford through their son John T. & Elizabeth Smith.
Candy-Lea Chickite doing volunteer research for Richard "Dick" Hartford who is a descendent of John Hartford & Sarah Jones(1788-ca 1846), through their son Thomas & Barbara Ann Lamb.
Janet Rammage's husband descends from John Hartford (ca 1792-aft 1856) & Sarah Jones (1788-ca 1846) through their son Thomas & Barbara Ann Lamb.
Nancy Robinson is interested in Thomas J. Hartford (1861), son of Thomas Hartford & Barbara Lamb.
Everett L. Hartford is a descendent of John Hartford (ca 1792-aft 1856) & Sarah Jones (1788-ca 1846)through their son Harrison & Elizabeth Hamilton.
Leonard R. Hartford descends from John Hartford as Everett (above).
Steve Van Sickle Has been working on tracing the family mostly from the Van Sickle, Beach, Leyplodt angle. However the Hartford, Cash side of the family is also part of that.
David HartfordSays: "I am a descendant of Benjamin Hartford b. Apr 15, 1716 in Dover, NH or Kittery, ME and Temperance Bryant b. Abt. 1716 Of Scarboro, ME. Any information on this line contact me, maybe we can help each other".
Marjorie Martin is not part of the Hartford family, but is researching her Jones family which is "close to ours". Others researching the Jones family are Jeanne, Michael Anne, Loy Jones

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