June Bug: 1921 Leavenworth HS Yearbook
The 1921 June Bug
Published by the
Fiftieth  Graduating Class
Leavenworth High School
Board of Education
Dr S. B. Langworthy - President
Fred Bolman, W.W. Hooper, Wm. Albright, Thomas Lee Todd, Sam Nirdlinger
At the spring election Dr Stewart KcKee was elected to take Mr. Todd's place.
Z           Ira J. Bright, B. S., A. M.                                                      
Superintendent of Schools
E. R. Stevens, B.S. 
George Barrett,  A.B. 
Dept. of History,  Athletics Coach
Herman Weigand A.B. 
Head of Science Dept.
Alicia B. McNaughton, A.B. 
Head of Dept. of English
Belle Wittrock 
Dept. of Science
Josephine Collier 
Dept. of English
Rita Burt, A.B. 
Dept. of Science
Mary Gertrude Wolfe, A.B. 
Dept. of English
Mary E. Mickey,  A.B. 
Head of Dept. of History
Nora Geisen, A.B. 
Dept. of English
Hazel Hill, B.S. 
Dept. of History
Mabel G. McNaughton, A.B. 
Dept. of English
May Landis, A.B. 
Dept. of Mathematics
Elva McKee, B.S. 
Head of Dept. of Domestic Arts
Clara Sunderwirth, B.S., A.B. 
Dept. of Mathematics
Margaret Suydam 
Dept. of Mathematics
Anna Cowling 
Dept. of Domestic Arts
Eva Watson 
Dept. of Domestic Arts
Amy E. Langworthy, A.B. 
Head of Dept. of Languages
Helen Yoakum 
Dept. of Normal Training
Minnie Taylor 
Dept. of Music
O. R. Young,  B.S. 
Head of Dept. of Manual Training
Mary Cowling 
Dept. of Art
Claire Nelson, A.B. 
Dept. of Languages
Walter Edwards 
Dept. of Manual Training
Head of Commerial Dept.
Major Lanning Parsons, U. S. Army 
Prof. of Military Science & Tactics
Sergeant Thomas Carroll , U.S.Army 
Dept. of Military Science &Tactics
C. W. Pratt 
Head of Commercial Dept.
O. E. Ruther 
Dept. of Physical Training
Anna Desmond 
Commercial Dept.
Zelma Tarry 
Commercial Dept.
Nettie Hartnett   -  Clerk Virginia Madison  -  Pianist
 Senior Class
Class Colors: blue and gold
Senior Class Officers: Reginald LaBunker - President Dorothy Marks - Secretary John G. Baum - Treasurer
Harold Bedwell - Cabinet Member Gertrude Flor - Cabinet Member Ruth Frasier - Cabinet Member Phil E. Reyburn - Cabinet Member
Agnes Schalker - Chalk 
She drives her Cole with  
reckless speed. 
John Mc Farland - Rosy 
He says she's O.K.  


Maude Eleanor Albright - Maudie 
A good girl, a sweet girl,  
a bright girl is she.
Harold Barton Bedwell - Stump 
Don't worry, you'll soon be dead
Elizabeth Pipher - Liz 
All her friends call her Liz,  
in basketball she is a wiz. 
Rhena Eichhorn - Ikey 
The proper way to study mankind  
is to study man.
Carrol Faye Alexander - Noise 
Very quiet (?) and  very neat
Albert A. Hoefener - Al 
He's quiet, but his hair gives him away.  
Hazel Taschetta - Brownie 
A shark with figures and books.
Theresa Guenther - Tess 
Much study doth make me weary.
Gladys Baum - Hap 
Always merry, bright and gay.
Hilda Marie Bessmeyer  - Hil 
Never fusses or is fussed.
Matt Malone - Matthew 
Still waters run deep.  
Portia Winnig - Pokey 
Sweet and small and loved by all
Viola Slack - Vi 
She would rather dance than eat.  
Gertrude Flor -  Gert 
Here's to the girl as good as gold, but may be sometimes a trifle bold..
Henry Ruegg - Slick 
His ambition is to be an Architect.
Ruth Bader - Babe 
She has never broken the golden rule. 
Lansing High School 1918-1920
Arthur W. Kimball Jr. - Art 
How's the weather up there?
Ethel Sacks - Slim 
I always have a good time.
Helen Francis Sharp - Nellie 
A model pupil and companion.
Adell Miller - Dell 
She appears quiet, but --oh my!
John E. Snell - Pug 
Better with his mits than with his head
Anderson High School 1918-1919
Mary Louise Peters - Choco 
Good natured and fond of eats.
Lorraine H. Mickelson - Lot 
Always merry and gay.
Mary Francis Fellman - Mary 
We are seven.
Balbina Farrell - Bab 
Always the same.
Donald Prentice Booth - Don 
A dignified senior, that is all. 
Maine Avenue High School, 
San Antonio 1917, Milne High School, Albany NY 1918-1919 
Patchogue High School 1920
Madeline Mac Gill - Madge 
Just a dear, sweet girl.
Pauline Schwarz Princess Pauline 
Why did I bob my hair.
Lois Irene Benham -Lois 
She plays the violin with wonderous skill. 
Horton High School 1918-1919
Henry A. Klemp - Heinie 
Maybe late but gets there
Syrena McKee  - Siren 
He's not guilty I swear it.!
Howard Gordon Jr. - buster 
Daisies won't tell.
Mary Belle Mc Farland - Belle 
Mary had a little lamb (?)
Mary Bonneley - Monie 
Hard to describe. 
Easton High School 1918-1919
D Bruce Williams - Gob 
Quite a blower that's why he's in the band.
Julia Potter Reeder - Jutes 
She has a charming smile. 
Marbury Alabama  High School 1918-1919
 John G. Baum - Jack 
There's discipline in my family.
Frances Lauretta Norris - Fran 
She is liked by all.
Dorothy Marks - Dottie 
My, but she can shoot baskets.
Ruth Frasier - Ford 
Always busy.
Glennwood G. Hines - Glenn 
ROTC is his main line,  
in acting major he is fine.
Mildred Edwards - Mil 
She delights in teaching.
Elizabeth Thayer - Bess 
Blind to the faults of her friends.
Catherine Fitzpatrick - Kitty 
I like to come to school.
Muriel Inez Hank - Shorty 
Very short and very sweet,  
very clever, hard to beat.
James Barr - Jazz 
He likes to ride in Mary's car. 
Angie Marie Taschetta - Dimples 
Two heads are better than one.
Merle Jarrett  - Muggs 
She's our valedictorian
Dorothy Lamber - Lamb 
She thinks he is  just the finest kind of person.
Charles F. Kramer - Shots 
Always quiet when you don't know him.
Juanita Icell Edwards - Neeta 
Studying is her specialty (?) 
William E. Drechsel - Bill 
His favorite pastime is arguing. 
Katherine Morton - Wiz 
A quiet maiden that gets things done. 
Rose A. Schwartz - Rosy Posy 
She's like a rose,  
as everyone knows.
Clara Husser - Clare 
I am always very quiet. 
Holton High School 1917-1918
W. Reginald LaBunker - Bunk 
We can't all be slickers. 
Dorris Storla - Dora 
Such a good pupil is rarely seen 
Ruth Schrey - Rufus 
A model student
Elizabeth Louise Patterson - Pat 
I simply can't be good.
Otto Reid Klemp - Reid Otto 
He's proud of his name. 
Dorothy Harrison - Harry 
We wonder who he is
Phil Reyburn - Hayseed 
Slow as tar in February. 
Dorothy Mickelson - Dot 
Dorothy likes us boys. 
Mary Crancer - Contrary Mary 
She comes to school when in the mood
Bessie Naomi Wells - tiny 
Quiet and seemingly reserved. 
Chester E. Kuhn - Chet 
The things I want to do are great, but as yet I know not what they are.
Eloise Gerber - El 
Thoughts work in silence. 
Pearl Catherine Colby - Peanuts 
She certainly is a holy terror.
Aloysius Meyers Jr. - Boney 
Nobody loves a fat man. 
Minnie G. Polk - Min 
I go to school all day and dance all night.
Marvin Trueblood - Ichabod 
The only  noise he makes is with a hammer.
Marguerite C. Colby - Marg 
She's pretty and also good. 
Ernest C. Weise - Turnips 
A looking glass he had but to what avail?
Kike Schwartz - David J. 
He rivals Daniel Webster
The following students were persons of color. Vivian Taylor - Via 
She sings! How she sings! 
Helen Dudley - Dud 
Quiet as a mouse; she knows what she's about.
Grace Hawthorne - Mischief 
She studies hard and is awarded accordingly.


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Junior  Class Officers:    Class Colors Orange and Black
Theodore Sexton President Fred Frey 
Norman Miller 
Alden Butt