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Glossop Newspaper cuttings





17th Jan 1789

Debating class at Dog and Partridge, Mottram debated whether "Has agriculture or commerce been more beneficial to mankind in general?"

26th Jan 1789

Hattersley cotton mill sold by auction

21st Jan 1800

John Dearnally succeeded George Roberts as schoolmaster of Hague's Endowed School, Whitfield

20th Jan 1818

Samuel Shepley leased land at Brookfield and built mill

19th Jan 1822

Aaron Rangeley's mill at Hayfield burnt down

17th Jan 1831

Six men committed to Chester Assizes for outrage at Millbrook cotton mill. A detachment of the 10th Hussars escorted them from Ashton-under-Lyne

22nd Jan 1831

9 men arrested for a mill outrage in Hayfield

22nd Jan 1831

Francis White died, Park Hall

24th Jan 1831

Trial of men for turnout outrages committed to the Assizes

25th Jan 1831

Detachment of the 10th Hussars escorted them from Glossop

18th Jan 1834

Edward Moss, cotton spinner, Hodge Mill, died

15th Jan 1837

The Tabernacle Chapel, Hall Street, opened by Rev. Samuel Warren LLD and Robert Eckitt Esq. of London. Cost £612, besides voluntary help. (Now used as a Sunday School - 1909)

19th Jan 1837

John Bowden leased a meadow, occupied by Joseph Oates and built the Star Inn

19th Jan 1837

Thomas Raworth leased land and built Nos. 73-81 Hall Street

19th Jan 1837

John Booth, druggist, leased land and built Nos 9-11 High Street East

22nd Jan 1838

John Kershaw, cotton manufacturer and farmer, Hurst, died aged 70.

22nd Jan 1838

First marriage at All Saints' Marple; Mr James Jackson to Miss Jane Marsh of Marple

18th Jan 1839

Grand Ball at the Norfolk Arms; all the elite of the district present

16th Jan 1840

Josiah Ingledow, aged 52, Whitfield, killed by a fall of earth on the railway. he was the first man killed in the Glossop Union on the railway. His widow died 29th November 1873 aged 96

16th Jan 1840

A boy, John Hall, aged 6, burnt to death at Glossop

21st Jan 1840

John Mason Martin, aged 20, Rose Green, killed by falling from his horse

23rd Jan 1841

James Brindley, aged 76, killed by a bale falling on him at Turn Lee

25th Jan 1841

newly born infant found drowned at Glossop

15th Jan 1842

James Howe, schoolmaster, Milltown, died aged 58

26th Jan 1844

William Lowe, aged 24, killed by falling from Dinting Vale Viaduct

16th Jan 1851

Mary Kinder, aged 78, murdered at Rhodes' Fold, Werneth Low. £150 reward offered.

20th Jan 1851

Lamb Inn Benefit Society established

21st Jan 1853

Rev. William Henry Jones inducted to the Vicarage of Mottram

21st Jan 1854

A child, Charles Hyde, scalded to death at Dinting Terrace

20th Jan 1857

Joseph Beard, aged 49, wheelwright, Charlesworth, killed by falling against a sharp underseat

20th Jan 1857

William Wood, aged 42, quarryman, killed by a fall of stones at Low Quarry

24th Jan 1857

A child, William Hall, burnt to death at Lower Barn

23rd Jan 1858

Robert Swann, aged 42, killed at New York, Charlesworth, by a cart falling on him

23rd Jan 1859

David Turner aged 55, of Ashton-under-Lyne, starved to death on the Glossop Moors

25th Jan 1859

Reform meeting in the Town Hall. It was proposed by E. Potter Esq. and seconded by F.G. Bennett Esq., "That in the opinion of this meeting the Township of Glossop, both on account of its numbers and the amount of its indirect taxation, is fairly entitled to a representation."

26th Jan 1859

A deputation of the inhabitants met the Commissioner of the Glossop and Marple Bridge Turnpike Road to get him to demolish the Milltown Toll Bar

28th Jan 1859

James Costello, aged 13, found starved to death in Glossop

25th Jan 1860

Harvey Simpson leased land and built Nos. 57-63 Charlestown Road

15th Jan 1861

£400 worth of cotton destroyed by a fire at Glossop Station

21st Jan 1861

James Potts, aged 38, Ludworth, killed by falling down a coal pit

17th Jan 1863

Week ending this day, 4720 persons had been relieved by the Guardians at a cost of £460 3s. 11d.

21st Jan 1863

Meeting of 1100 persons in Shrewsbury Street Schools protesting against the ratio of relief paid

22nd Jan 1863

Joseph Howard, cotton manufacturer,Bridgefield Mill, died at Openshaw aged 79

21st Jan 1865

Rev. Canon Tasker came to Glossop

15th Jan 1867

Mary Noon, aged 65, starved to death at Woolley Bridge

15th Jan 1867

Alfred Williams, aged 11, drowned at Glossop

20th Jan 1867

Mary Hallows, aged 62, starved to death at Glossop

15th Jan 1868

Isaiah Wood's residence Old Glossop, robbed

22nd Jan 1869

Alexander Adams, ("Old Scotty"), found dead on the road to Woodhead

23rd Jan 1869

Longdendale Church Institute inaugurated at Hollingworth

20th Jan 1871

Matilda Rowbottom, aged 8, died through an overdose of cough mixture

16th Jan 1872

Daniel Woodhead, newspaper proprietor, Norfolk Square, died aged 41

16th Jan 1872

Messrs. Cassel, Petter and Galpin opened Turn Lee Paper Works for work

28th Jan 1876

Burglary at Jonathan Woodroofe's Glossop

26th Jan 1877

Hannah Shaw, housekeeper, 67, killed at Compstall

21st Jan 1878

Mary Rusby, widow of John Rusby, surgeon, died at the Hurst, aged 81

18th Jan 1881

George Hampson, machinist, Mechanics Arms, Glossop, died.

21st Jan 1883

Lecture at the Town Hall by Mr Edwin Richmond, of Sheffield, on a new system of building society, "Richmond Building Society"

19th Jan 1886

Sudden death of John Howard, farmer, Ashes

24th Jan 1886

A labouring man cut his throat in Thorncliffe Wood

15th Jan 1887

Public tea to celebrate the Jubilee of the Tabernacle Chapel, Hall Street, Glossop

15th Jan 1887

Burglary at No 61 Charlestown road, Glossop. The culprit got 5 tears penal servitude

15th Jan 1887

Mass meeting of the ratepayers of Hayfield in the National School, over the refusal to accept Mr Sumner's offer of a plot of land for the site of the Board School

19th Jan 1887

Installation of electric light completed at Hadfield Mills, Padfield

26th Jan 1887

Joshua Walker, aged 16, had his right arm torn off at the Wadding Mill, Chapel

16th Jan 1888

Fire at Messrs. Ellison and Co.'s office, Norfolk Square; flooring burnt

17th Jan 1888

William Taylor, aged 10, of the Ashes, awarded the Bronze Medal of the Royal Humane Society for his brave attempt to save his brother from drowning. December 26th, 1887

19th Jan 1888

Edward Broadbent, aged 46, of Chapel-en-le-Frith, killed by falling into a sewer in Manchester

19th Jan 1888

John Robinson, 29 Charlestown, Glossop, formerly Gnat Hole, died aged 75

20th Jan 1888

Marple Public Institute closed; an address presented to William Walmsley, for 13 years the secretary

21st Jan 1888

Railway accident at Hadfield; a goods engine came on to the platform, greatly to the alarm of passengers waiting for a train

22nd Jan 1888

All Saints Roman Catholic Church re-opened after being closed for alterations, at the expense of Lord Howard of Glossop. Sermon by Rev. P. Reader, M.A. O.P.

21st Jan 1889

Presentation of a silver tea kettle to Rev.C. Ward and Mrs. Ward by the parishioners of St James' in commemoration of their silver wedding

28th Jan 1888

At a special meeting of the Glossop Board of Guardians and the sub-committee of the Town Council, it was decided to erect an infectious diseases hospital at Gamesley

24th Jan 1897

An epidemic of measles, all Sunday Schools closed

23rd Jan 1897

Presentation of Volunteer Long Service medals in the Norfolk Square to Quarter-Master-Sergt. W Booth, Sergeants R. Hamnett, M. Cooper, Corpl. N. Willis and Private Fletcher.

22nd Jan 1898

Presentation of a photo group of the Holy Trinity Church Choir to Coun. Samuel Warhurst for 25 years service.



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