In The Garden  

In The Garden
"A good name is better than fine perfume, and the day of death better than the day of birth... Ecclesiastes 7:1'
'In The Garden' is a collection of family graves that I have visited and taken pictures of, or pictures of the graves that I have found online. I will eventually link up the picture with the person's family history where possible.

Adams, Akers, Alexander, Allison, Alston, Anderson, Andrews, Atkinson, Bailey, Baker, Bales, Ballinger, Bannister, Barlow, Barnes, Barrett, Bassett, Baugh, Bealer, Beard, Beers, Berrong, Berry, Betts, Bishop, Black, Blakely, Bobo, Boehler, Bonds, Bonner, Booth, Bourne, Bowers, Brackett, Bray, Bridgmon, Brock, Brown, Browning, Bruce, Burbidge, Burch, Burel, Burgin, Burns, Burnyeat, Burrell, Burroughs, Burton, Butler, Cagle, Cain, Calhoun, Carlton, Carmichael, Carpenter, Carroll, Carter, Carver, Cates, Cathey, Chaffin, Chamberlain, Cheek, Clark, Clippard, Cloer, Closson, Cook, Cordell, Cothren, Cox, Cradler, Craft, Crain, Crawford, Crumley, Crumly, Cunningham, Curtis, Daniell, Darby, Davidson, Davie, Davis, Daws, Day, Dean, Decker, Denson, Denton, Dickson, Diggs, Dills, Dobson, Dodgen, Doker, Dorsey, Dotson, Doucha, Downs, Dows, Driver, Dryden, Duckett, Dugan, Duncan, Durham, Durrence, Durrett, Eddleman, Elder, Eleazer, Elinburg, Elliott, Farber, Farmer, Farrow, Fessenden, Fisher, Fleming, Floyd, Ford, Foster, Freeman, Futrell, Gaddis, Gaffney, Gambrell, Gann, Garner, Garrett, Garrick, Gibson, Glenn, Gooding, Goodloe, Goodson, Gordon, Greenwood, Gregson, Gribble, Griffith, Grizzle, Groves, Grubbs, Gurley, Hailey, Hall, Halpain, Hamby, Harkins, Harris, Hatcher, Heaton, Hedden, Hedges, Hendrix, Henson, Herndon, Hewell, Hodge, Hogan, Holcomb, Holliday, Hooper, Hope, House, Housekeeper, Huckabee, Hughes, Humes, Hunsinger, Ingram, Inskeep, Jackson, Johnson, Jones, Jordan, Keeran, Kenimer, Kesner, Ketron, Kilgore, Kimbro, Kimsey, King, Kirby, Kissinger, Kitchens, Lamb, Land, Lanier, Lankford, Laster, Lawler, Laws, Lawson, Ledbetter, Ledford, Lee, Lindsey, Loveland, Loy, Luker, Lyles, Lyons, Mabry, Maney, Marion, Martin, Mason, Massey, Matheson, Mathis, Mauldin, May, Mayfield, McAfee, McCall, McClure, McCormack, McCurley, McCurry, McGinnis, McKinney, McMullan, McNabb, Millar, Miller, Minter, Mitchell, Moon, Moore, Moorhead, Morrett, Morris, Mouchet, Mounce, Musselman, Myatt, Myracle, Nesbitt, Newton, Nichols, Nicholson, Norton, Norwood, Nye, Oden, Olsen, Orr, Osborn, Osborne, Osburn, Owen, Parker, Parks, Parler, Parsons, Partain, Payton, Penland, Percy, Perry, Phelps, Philbrick, Phillips, Poling, Pope, Porter, Pounds, Powell, Purcell, Raden, Ratcliff, Ray, Raynolds, Reddell, Reed, Richardson, Roberts, Rogers, Ross, Roth, Russell, Sampson, Sams, Sanders, Sanderson, Sanford, Savage, Saylors, Schalip, Scrogges, Scroggs, Self, Senkbeil, Shiflet, Shipman, Shook, Simmons, Sims, Siniard, Sisney, Slade, Smith, Snelling, Spain, Spires, Spiva, Steed, Stevenson, Stone, Stovall, Stripling, Stroud, Swanson, Taylor, Teague, Temples, Terry, Then, Thomas, Thompson, Thrasher, Tobey, Troutman, Tucker, Tyson, Underwood, Ussery, Varner, Varney, Vickery, Vincent, Wallace, Wallin, Warlick, Wassmuth, White, Wike, Wilder, Wiley, Wilkerson, Willey, Williams, Willoughby, Wills, Wimbs, Wood, Woodring, Woodward, Wotring, Wright, Yantis, Zuspan

Updated February 20, 2020
Currently over 1700 pictures.
"And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away...Revelation 21:4"

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Thanks to Find A Grave for many of the headstone photos posted here
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