Needle In A Haystack Genealogy

I have found that doing genealogy research is a lot like looking for a needle in a haystack.

This site is designed by Geri Goble Milbourn
in hopes that, by sharing, it will help
bring the family together.

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If only I'd listened             If only I'd questioned            I'd asked about her
At Granny's Knee                 "Great-grandpa lived where?"      And how it had been,
When she told me those stories   But instead her tales vanished    To grow up and marry
How things used to be.           Into thin air.                    In the world as it was then.

If only I'd listened,            If only I'd treasured             I'd ask how HER grandpa
But instead I was bored.         Her wisdom and knowledge          Came to this place.
The names and the places         Gained from the world             I'd ask how HER grandma
And the dates I ignored.         Instead of some college.          Stood pioneer's pace.

If only I'd asked,               If only my Granny                 But, you know, that perhaps
"Granny, how was it then?"       Were here again now,              She'd reply then to me,
Or said to her,                  I'd hold her and hug her          "If only I'd listened
"Granny, tell me again."         And remember this vow.            At Granny's knee!"

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