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KinNextions (Public Version)

William P. COLLINS [Parents] was born 3 Jun 1875. He died 4 Sep 1924. William married Della HICKS.

Other marriages:
(COLLINS), Phyllis

Della HICKS married William P. COLLINS.

Marshall ALLEN married Louisa J. COLLINS.

Louisa J. COLLINS [Parents] was born 27 Feb 1878. She died 1975. Louisa married Marshall ALLEN.

William A. LAY married Margaret C. COLLINS.

Margaret C. COLLINS [Parents] was born 11 Jun 1880. She died 15 Nov 1973. Margaret married William A. LAY.

Green BAIRD married Mary A. COLLINS.

Mary A. COLLINS [Parents] was born 30 Mar 1883. She died 1962. Mary married Green BAIRD.

Jesse S. COLLINS [Parents] was born 10 Sep 1885. He married Millie BLEVINS.

Other marriages:

Millie BLEVINS married Jesse S. COLLINS.

Jesse S. COLLINS [Parents] was born 10 Sep 1885. He married Lassie CRABTREE.

Other marriages:

Lassie CRABTREE married Jesse S. COLLINS.

Bill SURBER married Etta S. COLLINS.

Etta S. COLLINS [Parents] was born 12 Nov 1888. She married Bill SURBER.

Thomas BRITTON [Parents] 1 was born about 1805 in Greene Co., Tennessee. He died 1878 in Clay Co., Missouri and was buried in Means Cemetery, Clay Co. Missouri (Stockdale). Thomas married Malinda HANKINS on 16 Jan 1828.

Other marriages:


Malinda HANKINS was born 1805/1807 in Greene Co., TN. She died 1840/1844 in Greene Co., TN and was buried in 'Britton Corner' Babbs Cemetery, Greene Co., TN. Malinda married Thomas BRITTON on 16 Jan 1828.

They had the following children:

  M i Daniel B. BRITTON was born 1832.
  M ii William Harvey BRITTON was born 1834 and died 1913.
  M iii Francis M. BRITTON was born 1836 and died 1871.

William BRITTON [Parents] was born 1765/1770 in Guilford Co., NC. He died 1840/1841 in Greene Co., TN. William married Mary HANNAH on 10 Dec 1791 in Greene Co., TN.

Mary HANNAH was born 1765/1770 in NC. She died 1835/1840 in Greene Co., TN and was buried in Babbs Cemetery, Greene Co., TN (probably). Mary married William BRITTON on 10 Dec 1791 in Greene Co., TN.

They had the following children:

  M i James W. BRITTON was born 1792/1800.
  M ii
Benjamin BRITTON was born 1792/1800 in Greene Co., TN. He was buried in Babbs Cemetery.[Notes]
  M iii William BRITTON was born 1792/1800.
  F iv Nelly BRITTON was born 1803 and died 1850/1853.
  M v Thomas BRITTON was born about 1805 and died 1878.
  F vi Jane BRITTON was born 1806/1809.
  M vii Wallis A. BRITTON was born 1810 and died 1891/1900.
  F viii Nancy BRITTON was born 1812 and died 1866.

Thomas Hargis WHITAKER [Parents] 1 was born 26 Jan 1788 in Virginia. He died 3 Jan 1869 in Greene Co. Tennessee and was buried in Cem. near Fall Branch, TN. Thomas married Jemima EDGEMON on 25 Apr 1813 in Washintgon Co. Tennessee.


Jemima EDGEMON [Parents] 1 was born 27 Sep 1790 in Washington Co. Tennessee. She died 30 Mar 1882 in Greene Co. Tennessee. Jemima married Thomas Hargis WHITAKER on 25 Apr 1813 in Washintgon Co. Tennessee.

Jemima was counted in a census 1880 in Greene Co. Tennessee living with son Richard age 83.


They had the following children:

  M i Winton WHITAKER was born 1817.
  M ii William Preston WHITAKER was born 1818 and died 1885.
  M iii Amasa M. WHITAKER Mosa or Moses was born 1821 and died after 1880.
  F iv Nancy A. WHITAKER was born Oct 1822 and died 1915.
  F v Mary Ann WHITAKER was born 1824 and died after 1880.
  F vi Rachel WHITAKER was born Dec 1827 and died 1900/1910.
  M vii Jesse R. WHITAKER was born Jan 1828 and died 1909.
  M viii Richard Madison WHITAKER was born 5 Sep 1830 and died 3 Jun 1903.
  F ix Elizabeth Jane WHITAKER was born about 1832 and died 1880/1900.
  M x Joseph W. WHITAKER was born 1833 and died 21 Jul 1885.
  M xi Stephen Anderson WHITAKER "Jasper" was born 15 Jun 1837 and died 23 Jun 1919.

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