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KinNextions (Public Version) - aqwg176

KinNextions (Public Version)

Rabun WESTBERRY [Parents] was born about 1819 in Georgia. He died after 1870 in Berrien Co, Georgia. Rabun married Celisia STRICKLAND.


Celisia STRICKLAND [Parents] was born 1821 in Georgia. She married Rabun WESTBERRY.

Sylvester BALDWIN was born estimated 1560 in England. He married Jane WELLES.

Jane WELLES was born estimated 1570 in England. She married Sylvester BALDWIN.

They had the following children:

  M i Sylvester BALDWIN was born 1590/1595 and died 21 Jun 1638.

George HARRIS Sr. was born 1821 in Appling Co, Georgia. He died 1894 in Brooks Co, Georgia. George married Julia Ann WESTBERRY in Georgia.


Julia Ann WESTBERRY [Parents] was born 1822 in Liberty Co, Georgia. She died 1906 in Echols Co, Georgia. Julia married George HARRIS Sr. in Georgia.

Joseph Furman WESTBERRY [Parents] was born about 1825 in Liberty Co, Georgia. He died 5 Feb 1896 in Gardi, Wayne Co, Georgia. Joseph married Lucy HARRIS on Jan 1844.


Lucy HARRIS was born Oct 1826 in Laurens Co, Georgia. She died after 1908 in Wayne Co., Georgia. Lucy married Joseph Furman WESTBERRY on Jan 1844.


They had the following children:

  F i
Nancy WESTBERRY was born 26 Feb 1842 in GA. She died 11 Sep 1880 in Wayne Co, Georgia.
  F ii Minerva WESTBERRY was born Jan 1845 and died about 1900.
  M iii
Jared W. WESTBERRY was born 1845/1849 in Appling Co, Georgia. He died 26 Sep 1926 in Wayne Co, Georgia.
  M iv
Joseph Stewart WESTBERRY was born 22 Feb 1846 in Wayne Co, Georgia. He died 11 Jan 1944 in Wayne Co, Georgia.
  F v
Lavinia WESTBERRY was born 18 Jan 1847 in Wayne Co, Georgia. She died 12 Jul 1916 in Wayne Co, Georgia.
  M vi William M. WESTBERRY was born Sep 1851 and died 24 Jul 1937.
  M vii
John Ursery WESTBERRY was born 24 Jan 1856 in Georgia. He died 24 Mar 1945 in St. Petersburg, Pinellas Co, Florida.
  F viii
Jane WESTBERRY was born about 1859.
  M ix
Richard Furman WESTBERRY was born 13 Feb 1863 in Georgia. He died 11 Nov 1924 in Ware Co, Georgia.
  M x Noah Herman WESTBERRY was born 30 May 1867 and died 19 May 1950.

John Barnwell ARNETT [Parents] was born 1 Apr 1889 in Glynn County, Ga. He died 17 Jun 1911. John married Winnie Juanita DUBBERLY on 1 Jun 1911 in Glynn County, Ga.

Winnie Juanita DUBBERLY was born 14 Mar 1892. She married John Barnwell ARNETT on 1 Jun 1911 in Glynn County, Ga.

Peter ARNETT [Parents] was born 1825. He died 1911. Peter married Lavinia WESTBERRY on 1846.

Lavinia WESTBERRY [Parents] was born 1831 in Wayne Co, Georgia. She died about 1875. Lavinia married Peter ARNETT on 1846.

They had the following children:

  F i Julia Ann ARNETT was born 27 Feb 1848.
  F ii
Zenia ARNETT was born 1849.
  M iii
Timothy ARNETT was born 1852.
  M iv George Washington ARNETT was born 1 Mar 1853.
  F v
Alice ARNETT was born 1855.
  F vi
Lavinia Elizabeth ARNETT was born 1857.
  M vii William P. ARNETT was born 21 Jan 1861 and died 9 Sep 1940.
  F viii
Mary ARNETT was born 1862.
  F ix
Isabelle ARNETT was born 1864.
  M x
Robert ARNETT was born 1867.
  M xi
Henry ARNETT was born 1870.
  M xii
Tyson ARNETT was born 1874.

Thomas D. HOWE [Parents] was born 30 Sep 1822 in GA. He married Cynthia B. HARRISON.


Cynthia B. HARRISON [Parents] "Catherine" was born 1822 in GA. She died 5 Aug 1893. Catherine married Thomas D. HOWE.


They had the following children:

  F i
Melinda HOWE was born 1842 in Wayne Co., GA.
  M ii
Robert HOWE was born 1845 in Wayne Co., GA.
  F iii
Elizabeth HOWE was born 1847 in Wayne Co., GA.
  M iv
Joseph W. HOWE was born 1849 in Wayne Co., GA.
  M v
James Madison HOWE was born 1851 in Wayne Co., GA.
  F vi
Louisa HOWE was born 1853 in Wayne Co., GA.
  F vii Nancy HOWE was born 1 Apr 1858.

John HUNTER (RWS) [Parents] was born before 1742.


He had the following children:

  M i William Miles HUNTER (RWS) was born about 1762 and died 1797.

Timothy ARNETT [Parents] was born 1792 in Screven County, GA. He died 1875 in Appling Co., GA and was buried in Flint Branch Cemetery in Wayne County. Timothy married Zenia EMANUEL on 1812.

Other marriages:
WILSON, Margaret

Zenia EMANUEL [Parents] was born about 1792. She died 1830/1840. Zenia married Timothy ARNETT on 1812.

They had the following children:

  M i William J ARNETT was born Dec 1812 and died Aug 1891.
  F ii Lucy ARNETT was born 1820.
  F iii
Dicy ARNETT was born 1822.
  M iv Peter ARNETT was born 1825 and died 1911.
  M v
John ARNETT was born 1829.

Joseph H "Jimpsy" ENNEIS [Parents] was born about 1828. He died 1869 in LAURENS CO, GA. Joseph married Sarah Ann SCOTT about 1850.

Sarah Ann SCOTT was born 10 Apr 1828. She died 25 Aug 1917 and was buried in WESTSIDE CEMETERY, STATESBORO GA. Sarah married Joseph H "Jimpsy" ENNEIS about 1850.

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