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KinNextions (Public Version)

James Azariah ENNEIS was born 8 Aug 1802 in NC. He died 12 Mar 1880. James married Dicy ARNETT on 1827 in SCREVEN CO GA.

Dicy ARNETT [Parents] was born 1790. She died 14 Dec 1871. Dicy married James Azariah ENNEIS on 1827 in SCREVEN CO GA.

They had the following children:

  F i Martha A ENNEIS was born 1832.
  F ii Eliza Ann ENNEIS was born 1836.
  M iii Johnson Azarriah ENNEIS was born 1835 and died 1900.
  M iv Alexander H ENNEIS was born 1842.
  M v Joseph H "Jimpsy" ENNEIS was born about 1828 and died 1869.
  F vi Elizabeth ENNEIS was born about 1830.
  M vii Cuthbert ENNEIS was born about 1845.

John ARNETT was born 1760 in Va. He was buried in Screven Co GA. John married Sletyan (ARNETT).

Sletyan (ARNETT) died Y. She married John ARNETT.

They had the following children:

  M i Robert ARNETT.
  M ii Peter ARNETT was born 1789 and died 1861.
  M iii Timothy ARNETT was born 1792 and died 1875.
  F iv Dicy ARNETT was born 1790 and died 14 Dec 1871.
  M v William ARNETT was born about 1793.

Lewis T SHARP married Martha A ENNEIS.

Martha A ENNEIS [Parents] was born 1832. She married Lewis T SHARP.

Authur T ROBBINS was born 1780. He married Eliza Ann ENNEIS.

Eliza Ann ENNEIS [Parents] was born 1836. She married Authur T ROBBINS.

Johnson Azarriah ENNEIS [Parents] was born 1835. He died 1900 and was buried in Sylvania Cem. Screven Co (W/ Cofederate Marker). Johnson married EMILY SHARPE.

EMILY SHARPE married Johnson Azarriah ENNEIS.

Alexander H ENNEIS [Parents] was born 1842. He married Caroline M THOMPSON.

Caroline M THOMPSON married Alexander H ENNEIS.

Charles HUCKINS [Parents] was born 30 Jun 1838 in Tamworth NH. He died 11 Mar 1914 in Laconia NH. Charles married Georgie Elizabeth MEADER.

Georgie Elizabeth MEADER was born estimated 1842. She married Charles HUCKINS.

Ira HUCKINS [Parents] was born 29 Jan 1806 in Parsonfield, ME. He died 30 Jun 1884 in Ashland, NH. Ira married Olive ABBOTT on 30 Jul 1826.

Other marriages:
BEEDE, Grace


Olive ABBOTT was born 9 May 1808 in Effingham, Carrol Co NH. She died 1 Nov 1839. Olive married Ira HUCKINS on 30 Jul 1826.

They had the following children:

  M i
Arthur HUCKINS was born 30 Aug 1827 in Effingham, NH. He died 29 Mar 1887.
  M ii John Almon HUCKINS was born 23 Jul 1829 and died 6 Mar 1891.
  M iii
Albert HUCKINS was born 20 Apr 1831 in Tamworth, NH. He died Sep 1895 in West Salamanca, NY.[Notes]
  F iv Olive Ann HUCKINS was born 17 Oct 1833 and died 12 May 1902.
  M v Ira C. HUCKINS was born 16 Jun 1836.
  M vi Charles HUCKINS was born 30 Jun 1838 and died 11 Mar 1914.
  M vii
William HUCKINS was born 16 Oct 1839 in Effingham, Carrol Co NH. He died 18 Oct 1839 in Effingham, Carrol Co NH.

Robert ARNETT [Parents] was born 16 Apr 1851 in Georgia. He died 30 Nov 1931 in Union, Wayne, Georgia and was buried in Union Baptist Church, Wayne Co., GA. Robert married Ann WRIGHT.

Ann WRIGHT [Parents] was born 23 May 1853. She died 13 Jul 1910 in Union, Wayne, Georgia. Ann married Robert ARNETT.

Alexander ARNETT [Parents] was born 19 Nov 1856. He died 17 Jan 1936 and was buried in Union Baptist Church, Wayne Co., GA. Alexander married Mary Jane (ARNETTE).

Mary Jane (ARNETTE) was born 8 Sep 1867. She died 11 Aug 1963. Mary married Alexander ARNETT.

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