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KinNextions (Public Version)

Wiley Stephen BAXTER [Parents] was born 16 Mar 1852 in Liberty, GA. He died 3 Oct 1924. Wiley married Hester DENMARK on 16 Apr 1981.

Hester DENMARK died 1922. She married Wiley Stephen BAXTER on 16 Apr 1981.

Daniel BRATCHER married Josephine BAXTER on 10 Jan 1903.

Josephine BAXTER [Parents] was born 1856 in Liberty, GA. She died 30 Oct 1910. Josephine married Daniel BRATCHER on 10 Jan 1903.

William B. WEATHERS was born 1863. He died 1936. William married Florida Caroline BAXTER.

Florida Caroline BAXTER [Parents] was born 20 Sep 1858 in Liberty, GA. She died 19 Mar 1931. Florida married William B. WEATHERS.

James Madison BAXTER [Parents] was born 9 Oct 1863 in Liberty, GA. He died 19 Apr 1951. James married Mary Caroline STRICKLAND on 7 Jan 1892.

Mary Caroline STRICKLAND [Parents] was born 18 Feb 1876 in Plant City, hillsborough, FL. She died 14 Oct 1950. Mary married James Madison BAXTER on 7 Jan 1892.

Charles M. STRICKLAND [Parents] was born 4 Oct 1878. He died 6 Jan 1909. Charles married Kate DASHER.

Kate DASHER married Charles M. STRICKLAND.


He had the following children:

  F i Mary Caroline STRICKLAND was born 18 Feb 1876 and died 14 Oct 1950.

Daniel Clifford MCDONALD was born 1866. He died 1924. Daniel married Sarah BAXTER on 14 May 1884.

Sarah BAXTER [Parents] was born 1866. She died 23 May 1959. Sarah married Daniel Clifford MCDONALD on 14 May 1884.

Charles W. BLAND was born 1894. He died 1980. Charles married Mamie Edell BAXTER on 19 Aug 1915.

Mamie Edell BAXTER [Parents] was born 3 Jan 1902 in Liberty Co., Georgia. She died 4 Jun 1970. Mamie married Charles W. BLAND on 19 Aug 1915.

John C. HOWARD "Key" was born 1892. He died 1974. Key married Annie Flossie BAXTER.

Annie Flossie BAXTER [Parents] was born 15 Apr 1904 in Liberty Co., Georgia. She died 15 Sep 1991. Annie married John C. HOWARD.

Wilton Custis STEWART was born 1874. He died 1962. Wilton married Eugenia Louisa GARRASON.

Eugenia Louisa GARRASON was born 1870. She died 1955. Eugenia married Wilton Custis STEWART.

They had the following children:

  F i Mazie Ann STEWART was born 29 Jan 1898 and died 20 Oct 1967.

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