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KinNextions (Public Version)

Stewart Hopkin PADGETT married Idella STEPHENSON on 19 Nov 1891.


Idella STEPHENSON [Parents] was born 25 Jan 1873. She died 27 Jul 1915. Idella married Stewart Hopkin PADGETT on 19 Nov 1891.

William Archie BAGGS was born 1844. He married Mary Eliza MARTIN.

Mary Eliza MARTIN was born 1847. She married William Archie BAGGS.

They had the following children:

  F i Martha Burden BAGGS.

David S. BAGGS Jr. was born 1826. He died 1879. David married Euphrasia WHEELER.


Euphrasia WHEELER was born 1836. She died after 1900. Euphrasia married David S. BAGGS Jr..

They had the following children:

  F i Clifford BAGGS was born 1872 and died 1938.
  F ii Alice Rebecca BAGGS was born 20 May 1878 and died 1 Oct 1928.

James A LOCKHART was born estimated 1790. He married Nancy MILLER.

Nancy MILLER was born estimated 1800. She married James A LOCKHART.

They had the following children:

  F i Mary Nancy LOCKHART was born 27 Aug 1823 and died 15 Feb 1864.

James Billy STEPHENSON [Parents] was born 14 Mar 1848 in York, SC. He died 18 Jun 1909. James married Mary (STEPHENSON).

Mary (STEPHENSON) died 1917. She married James Billy STEPHENSON.

William McFadden STEPHENSON [Parents] was born 9 Mar 1859 in York, SC. He died 10 Oct 1924. William married Carrie Susan BOND on 7 Oct 1876.

Carrie Susan BOND died 1932. She married William McFadden STEPHENSON on 7 Oct 1876.

John Samuel STEPHENSON [Parents] was born 5 Apr 1854 in Turkey Creek, York, SC. He died 25 Mar 1902 in York, SC and was buried in Bullocks Creek Presbyterian, York, SC. John married Violet Jane CRANFORD on 27 Nov 1879.

Violet Jane CRANFORD [Parents] was born 29 Mar 1859 in Bullocks Creek, York, SC. She died 26 Mar 1902 in York, SC and was buried in Bullocks Creek Presbyterian, York, SC. Violet married John Samuel STEPHENSON on 27 Nov 1879.

They had the following children:

  M i
Samuel McFadden STEPHENSON was born 7 Sep 1880 in york, SC. He died 10 Jul 1881.
  M ii John Wilks STEPHENSON was born 21 Dec 1881 and died 2 Oct 1956.
  M iii William Claude STEPHENSON was born 6 Mar 1883 and died 18 Jan 1958.
  F iv Molle Belle STEPHENSON was born 7 Jan 1885 and died 15 Jan 1950.
  M v Brennett Josiah STEPHENSON was born 12 Feb 1886 and died 20 Aug 1964.
  M vi Walter Holmes STEPHENSON was born 8 Dec 1888 and died 15 Nov 1961.
  M vii Reuben Herbert STEPHENSON was born 26 Sep 1890 and died 17 Jul 1965.

Hugh Miller STEPHENSON [Parents] was born 16 Feb 1856 in York, SC. He died 4 Aug 1914. Hugh married Amanda Sue LOVE on 9 Jan 1883.

Amanda Sue LOVE [Parents] was born 17 Nov 1861 in near Sharon, York, SC. She died 6 May 1926 in Shelby, NC and was buried in Sharon ARP, York, SC. Amanda married Hugh Miller STEPHENSON on 9 Jan 1883.

They had the following children:

  F i Iva Love STEPHENSON was born 25 Jun 1885 and died 29 Nov 1958.
  M ii Monroe Hartness STEPHENSON was born 3 Feb 1888 and died 8 Jan 1953.
  M iii William Amaziah STEPHENSON was born 25 Feb 1890 and died 6 May 1958.
  M iv Henry Hugh STEPHENSON was born 25 Oct 1891 and died 9 Oct 1962.
  M v
James Glenn STEPHENSON was born 25 Jan 1894 in Sharon, York, SC. He died 2 Aug 1959.
  F vi Mary Emma STEPHENSON was born 6 Oct 1896 and died 6 Jun 1956.
  M vii
Alexander STEPHENSON was born 10 Jul 1897. He died 30 Jul 1899.

Amziah Walter STEPHENSON [Parents] was born 26 Mar 1858 in Turkey Creek, York, SC. He died 31 Jul 1926 in Warren, Bradley, Arkansas and was buried in Bond Cemetery, Monticello, Drew, Arkansas. Amziah married Anna Sally HARGIS on 13 Mar 1903.

Anna Sally HARGIS [Parents] was born 27 Feb 1885. She married Amziah Walter STEPHENSON on 13 Mar 1903.

They had the following children:

  M i
John Vernon STEPHENSON was born 5 Jan 1905 in Monticello, Drew, Arkansas. He died 6 Oct 1944.

Samuel Campbell DAVIDSON was born 1864. He died 1906. Samuel married Mary Elizabeth STEPHENSON.

Mary Elizabeth STEPHENSON [Parents] was born 29 Sep 1862 in York, SC. She died 17 Feb 1903. Mary married Samuel Campbell DAVIDSON.

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