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KinNextions (Public Version)

John LOWDEN was born about 1788 in , , SC (or Ireland). He died in Jacksonville, Josephine, OR and was buried in Missouri Flats C, Josephine, OR. John married Margaret SMITHE on 20 May 1830 in , CLARK, IN.

Margaret SMITHE was born about 1800 in , , KY. She died in , , OR and was buried in Missouri Flats C, Josephine, OR. Margaret married John LOWDEN on 20 May 1830 in , CLARK, IN.

They had the following children:

  M i Abraham Coldwell LOUDEN was born 1831 and died 19 Mar 1891.
  M ii James LOUDEN was born Jan 1833.
  M iii
John LOUDEN was born about 1839 in , CLARK, IN. He died in , , OR.
  M iv Thomas H. LOUDON was born 11 Jun 1840 and died 17 Jul 1899.

Virgil Wayne LOUDON [Parents] was born 10 Dec 1892 in Amity, OR. He died 31 May 1978 in Portland, OR. Virgil married Jessie Edith ROOD on 1911.

Other marriages:
(LOUDON), Pearl


Jessie Edith ROOD was born 10 Jan 1892 in Kearney, Nebraska. She died in Oregon City, OR. Jessie married Virgil Wayne LOUDON on 1911.

They had the following children:

  M i
Marion V LOUDON was born 19 Sep 1921 in OR. He died 16 Apr 1978 in Garibaldi, Tillamook, Oregon (or Seattle, WA).
  M ii
Ronald J. LOUDON was born 7 Feb 1923 in OR. He died 21 Sep 1988 in Birmingham, Jefferson, Alabama.

Lewis B. CRAMER [Parents] was born 20 Feb 1834 in WAYNE CO., PA. He died 25 May 1899 in DALEVILLE, PA. Lewis married Hannah Amanda OSBORN on 4 Jul 1853.


Hannah Amanda OSBORN [Parents] "Mandy" was born 9 Jul 1833 in PA. She died 19 Jan 1896 in DALEVILLE, LACKAWANNA CO., PA.. Mandy married Lewis B. CRAMER on 4 Jul 1853.


They had the following children:

  F i
Julia A. CRAMER was born 31 Jul 1853.
  M ii George Persing CRAMER was born 7 Dec 1854 and died 19 Jan 1929.
  M iii
Arthur (Aaron) CRAMER was born 6 Aug 1856.
  M iv
Florance CRAMER was born 8 Apr 1858.
  F v Orpha Matilda CRAMER was born 6 Mar 1860 and died 1 Jan 1929.
  M vi
Elmer CRAMER was born 1 Oct 1861 in PA.
  M vii
William CRAMER was born 1 Jan 1864.
  F viii
Emma CRAMER was born 24 May 1866.
  M ix
Everett CRAMER was born 5 Jul 1868.
  F x
Ellen Gertrude CRAMER was born 14 Feb 1880.

Joseph ADAMS was born 12 Jan 1783 in SC York. He died 25 Apr 1860 in SC York BETHEL. Joseph married Margaret HOPE.

Margaret HOPE [Parents] was born 1784. She died 9 Nov 1844 in SC York BETHEL. Margaret married Joseph ADAMS.

John CAROTHERS was born 19 Mar 1777 in NC Cabarrus. He died 31 May 1854 in SC York BULLOCKS CREEK. John married Mary HOPE on 22 Nov 1803.

Mary HOPE [Parents] was born 12 Mar 1782. She died 19 Sep 1826 in SC York BULLOCKS CREEK. Mary married John CAROTHERS on 22 Nov 1803.

Thomas BLACK died about 1836. He married Nancy (Agnes) HOPE.

Nancy (Agnes) HOPE [Parents] was born 25 Jul 1778. She died 16 Sep 1826 in SC Union. Nancy married Thomas BLACK.

John KILPATRICK was born 14 Feb 1770 in SC York. He died 23 Apr 1845 in IA Jefferson GLASGOW GILMER CEM. John married Jane HOPE about 1790 in SC York.

Jane HOPE [Parents] was born 20 Jun 1774 in SC York. She died 1 Jun 1858 in IL Warren BERWICK. Jane married John KILPATRICK about 1790 in SC York.

James HOPE was born about 1700. He died after 1776 in New Acquisition District (now York County), SC. James married Annie (HOPE) about 1728 in PA.

Other marriages:
CLENDENIN, Catherine


Annie (HOPE) was born about 1700 in PA. She died Y. Annie married James HOPE about 1728 in PA.

They had the following children:

  M i
Adam HOPE was born about 1730.
  M ii James HOPE was born 28 Dec 1732 and died 1804.

John CHAMPION died 1787.

He had the following children:

  M i Richard CHAMPION was born about 1750 and died 1796.

Byron Jacob SNYDER was born 6 Sep 1860 in Pennsylvania. He died 5 Sep 1929 in Scranton, PA. Byron married Orpha Matilda CRAMER.

Orpha Matilda CRAMER [Parents] was born 6 Mar 1860 in Salen, PA. She died 1 Jan 1929 in Scranton, PA. Orpha married Byron Jacob SNYDER.

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