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KinNextions (Public Version)

Jesse C. ALTMAN [Parents] was born 1815 in Wayne, GA. He died 17 Jan 1900 in Pierce County, Georgia. Jesse married Nancy Elizabeth CASON.


Nancy Elizabeth CASON was born 1819 in Ware Co., GA. She died 1852 in Pierce. Nancy married Jesse C. ALTMAN.

Richard C. STOKES was born 19 Jun 1819 in NC. He died about 1849 in Ware Co., GA. Richard married Nancy ALTMAN on 1841 in GA.

Nancy ALTMAN [Parents] was born 7 Apr 1819. She died 19 Oct 1891 in Hoboken, Brantley, GA. Nancy married Richard C. STOKES on 1841 in GA.

Wiley ROBINSON was born estimated 1820. He married Mary ALTMAN.

Mary ALTMAN [Parents] was born 1822 in Wayne, GA. She married Wiley ROBINSON.

Thomas James ALTMAN III [Parents] was born Nov 1831 in GA. He died 29 Jun 1919 in Pierce, GA and was buried in Winn Cemetery, Pierce, GA. Thomas married Olive WINN on 1855 in GA.

Olive WINN was born 20 Nov 1832 in Liberty County, Georgia. She died 11 Sep 1903 in Cross Swamp, Georgia and was buried in Winn Cemetery, Pierce County, Georgia. Olive married Thomas James ALTMAN III on 1855 in GA.

Raleigh HARPER [Parents] was born 1886. He died 1967 and was buried in West Elfers Cemetary, Elfers, Pasco County, Florida. Raleigh married Mamie GREEN.

Mamie GREEN was born 1891 in Madison County, Florida. She died 1969 and was buried in West Elfers Cemetary, Elfers, Pasco County, Florida. Mamie married Raleigh HARPER.

John WARREN was born estimated 1735.


He had the following children:

  M i Major James WARREN was born 14 Oct 1771 and died 23 May 1854.

Joseph HUCKINS [Parents] was born 27 Oct 1767 in Nottingham, NH. He died 24 Sep 1847. Joseph married Sarah WARREN on 1 Apr 1827.

Other marriages:


Sarah WARREN was born 1777. She died 22 Jul 1844. Sarah married Joseph HUCKINS on 1 Apr 1827.

They had the following children:

  M i Joseph HUCKINS was born 25 Jun 1828.

Joseph HUCKINS [Parents] was born 30 Jun 1736 in Durham, NH. He died 3 Apr 1819 in Barnstead, NH and was buried in Merrill Burying-Ground, Barnstead, NH. Joseph married Mary KELLY about 1758.

Other marriages:


Mary KELLY [Parents] was born 17 Apr 1733 in Stratham, NH. She died 7 Mar 1791 in Gilmanton, NH. Mary married Joseph HUCKINS about 1758.

They had the following children:

  F i Margery HUCKINS was born 5 Mar 1759 and died 6 Mar 1838.
  M ii
Stephen HUCKINS was born 4 Apr 1760 in Lee, New Hampshire. He died 28 Aug 1780 in West Point, NH.
  M iii John HUCKINS was born 24 Mar 1762 and died 17 Mar 1810.
  F iv Mary HUCKINS was born 1 Feb 1766 and died 1834.
  M v Joseph HUCKINS was born 27 Oct 1767 and died 24 Sep 1847.
  F vi Eunice HUCKINS was born 15 Jul 1769 and died 3 Jul 1825.
  M vii Samuel HUCKINS was born 12 Jul 1771 and died 11 Dec 1799.
  F viii Sarah HUCKINS was born 9 Oct 1773 and died 21 Nov 1847.

Samuel JENNESS was born about 1735.


He had the following children:

  F i Mary JENNESS was born 3 Nov 1766 and died 20 Aug 1823.

Andrew GILMAN [Parents] was born 7 Apr 1780 in Newmarket, NH. He died 5 Jun 1816 in Burlington, VT. Andrew married Hannah HUCKINS on 28 Sep 1803 in Parsonfield, ME.

Hannah HUCKINS [Parents] was born 3 Sep 1787 in Gilmantown neffington Twp, Carroll Co, NH. She died 17 Oct 1851 in Parsonfield ME. Hannah married Andrew GILMAN on 28 Sep 1803 in Parsonfield, ME.

Other marriages:

They had the following children:

  M i
Jefferson GILMAN was born 12 Jan 1806 in Parsonfield, ME. He died 15 Sep 1825.
  M ii Joseph GILMAN was born 12 Mar 1807 and died 1 Apr 1896.

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