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KinNextions (Public Version)

Samuel HUCKINS [Parents] was born 12 Jul 1771 in Nottingham, New Hampshire. He died 11 Dec 1799. Samuel married Patience SPENCER on 18 Nov 1792.


Patience SPENCER married Samuel HUCKINS on 18 Nov 1792.

George SEWARD [Parents] was born Apr 1771 in Portsmouth, NH. He died 3 Jun 1854 in Milton, MA. George married Sarah HUCKINS.


Sarah HUCKINS [Parents] was born 9 Oct 1773 in Gilmanton, Belknap, New Hampshire. She died 21 Nov 1847 in Milton, MA. Sarah married George SEWARD.


Peter HUCKINS [Parents] was born 5 Jul 1792 in Gilmanton, NH. He died 11 Nov 1832 in Dover, NH. Peter married Lydia DALTON on 7 Mar 1816.


Lydia DALTON [Parents] was born 18 Jul 1796 in Parsonsfield, ME. She died 1832. Lydia married Peter HUCKINS on 7 Mar 1816.

William BOYNTON was born 13 Mar 1786 in Gilmanton, NH. He died 1865 in Chicago, IL. William married Mary HUCKINS on 8 Dec 1812.


Mary HUCKINS [Parents] was born 27 Jul 1794 in Parsonsfield, ME. She died Aug 1872. Mary married William BOYNTON on 8 Dec 1812.


Ivory Lord HUCKINS [Parents] was born 1 Jan 1800 in Parsonfield, ME. He died 3 Jul 1851 in Somersworth NH and was buried in Forest Glade, Cem., Somersworth NH. Ivory married Nancy HILL on 1 Oct 1821.


Nancy HILL [Parents] was born 17 Jan 1800. She died 6 Mar 1847. Nancy married Ivory Lord HUCKINS on 1 Oct 1821.

Nicholas E. HUCKINS [Parents] was born 19 May 1804 in Parsonfield, ME. He died 23 Sep 1864 in Concord, NH. Nicholas married Nancy SHUTE on 26 Jun 1824.


Nancy SHUTE  [Parents] was born 1 Sep 1805 in Buxton, ME. She died 2 Nov 1904 in Freedom NH. Nancy married Nicholas E. HUCKINS on 26 Jun 1824.

Ira HUCKINS [Parents] was born 29 Jan 1806 in Parsonfield, ME. He died 30 Jun 1884 in Ashland, NH. Ira married Grace BEEDE on 16 Oct 1844 in Tamworth, NH.

Other marriages:


Grace BEEDE [Parents] was born 24 Feb 1804 in Sandwich, NH. She died 30 Dec 1880 in Ashland, NH. Grace married Ira HUCKINS on 16 Oct 1844 in Tamworth, NH.

Joseph HUCKINS [Parents] was born 25 Jun 1828 in Effingham, NH. He married Hannah BATCHELDER on 10 Nov 1852.

Hannah BATCHELDER  [Parents] was born 12 Sep 1827 in Sanbornton, NH. She died 4 Dec 1884. Hannah married Joseph HUCKINS on 10 Nov 1852.

They had the following children:

  M i George M. CROSS was born 4 Jul 1863 and died after 1910.

Daniel GILMAN.

He had the following children:

  M i Andrew GILMAN was born 7 Apr 1780 and died 5 Jun 1816.

Joseph GILMAN [Parents] was born 12 Mar 1807 in Effingham, NH. He died 1 Apr 1896. Joseph married Jane R. BEEDE on 2 Nov 1832.


Jane R. BEEDE [Parents] was born 16 Mar 1809 in Sandwich, NH. She died 17 Apr 1851. Jane married Joseph GILMAN on 2 Nov 1832.

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