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1830 census: NY, Clinton, Chazy
Winters, Eattas (Erastus)  m: 100001  f: 00002  (Erastus is 30-39 and probably son of William)
male categories   <5 5-9 10-14 15-19 20-29 30-39 40-49
                  1  0    0     0    0     1     0
female categories <5 5-9 10-14 15-19 20-29 30-39 40-49
                  0  0    0     0    1     0     0
Also in Clinton county are:
Winters, James in city of Peru          m: 10001001   f: 1000101 (James is 50-59)
      , John  in city of Plattsburgh   m: 11001      f: 10011  (John is 20-29 is probably son of William or James)
      , William in city of Plattsburgh m: 0241000001 f: 1000001  (William is 70-79 amd wife is 40-50)

1840 census: NY, Clinton, Chazy
Winters, Erastus m: 1201001  f: 010001
male categories   <5 5-9 10-14 15-19 20-29 30-39 40-49
                  1  2    0     1    0     0     1
female categories <5 5-9 10-14 15-19 20-29 30-39 40-49
                  0  1    0     0    0     1     0

1850 census: NY, Jefferson, Lyme, 23-Jul-1850
Winters, Erastus 46 M
      , Rosetta 40 F
      , Phelipa  7 F
      , Nathan  15 M
      , Lorenzo 13 M
      , Theron  10 M
      , Mary     6 F
      , Almira   4 F
      , William  1 M

1860 census: Wisconsin, Manitiwoc, Gibson (postoffice Larrabee)
Winters, Erastus 54 New York, Farmer
      , Rosalie 50 Canada
      , Lorenzo 23 New York,
      , Theron  20 New York,
      , Mary    16 New York, teaching in school
      , Almiria 14 New York,

Winters, Nathan 25 New York,
      , Sarah  22 New York,

1870 Iowa census, Shelby, Clay:
Warren, B. F.  34 M Physician      Maine
Mary E.       33 F keeping house  New York  Has mother of foreign birth
Major          5 M                Nebraska
Wyman          3 M                Iowa
Mate           1 F                Iowa

Winters, Erastas  67 M farmer         New York
      , Rosilla  60 F keeping house  Canada East  has father and mother of foreign birth. Cannot read nor write.
Thomas, Albert   14 M farm laborer   New York
Winters, Lorenzo  32 M farmer         New York     has mother of foreign birth
      , Angeline 25 F teacher        New York

Winters, Thevin   30 M farmer         New York
      , Caroline 30 F keeping house  New York
      , William   4 M at home        Iowa

1880 census: Iowa, Shelby, District 208, 28-Jun-1880
Winters, Erastus  84  NY, Conn., Conn
      , Rosella  74 Canada, Canada, France
      , Thomas Harrison 25 Iowa, Canada, France


Possible father: Jacques Rouse in 1820 Champlin, Clinton, NY
Living nearby is a Greg Rausow, possibly her brother.

Given the proximity of Clinton, Rosella was probably born in Montreal, Canada.

The Sonoma, CA death certificate # 23-042129 for her daughter Mary Elizabeth states that her maiden name was Recau. This is most likely an  incorrect spelling of Rousseau. The 1820-1840 census records in Clinton, NY were searched for similar names with alternate spellings. Results were: Rouse

1880 census: Iowa, Shelby, Clay
Rosella Winters, Father from Canada, Mother from France

Thomas Albert Harrison WINTERS

1880 census: Iowa > Shelby > Clay > District 208
Winters, Erastus, 84 ,NY, CN, CN
      , Rosella, 74, Canada, Canada, France
      , Thomas Harrison, 25, son, Iowa, [NY], Canada

Aquilla SMITH

Arrived in Madison, Iowa in spring of 1848, two years after first settlers came.

1850 census: Iowa, Madison, 12-Oct-1850
Smith, Aquilla   55  VA
    , Elizabeth 53  VA
    , Mary      27  Kentucky
    , Maranda   21  Indianna
    , Permelia  13  Indianna
    , Calvin    21  Kentucky
    , Levi      20  Kentucky
    , Elijah    19  Indianna
    , Asa B.    14  Indianna
Collier, Philidelphia 27 F Kentucky

George and William, also in Madison, Iowa, may be brothers of Aquilla
These is an Aquilla Smith in 1830 Lewis, Kentucky. William also.
There is an an Aquilla Smith in Orangeburg, KY from about 1790 to early 1800s.

1860 census: Iowa, Madison, Center, 24-Aug-1860
Smith, Aquilla   72 VA
    , Elizabeth 66 VA
    , Mary      40 Kentucky
    , Stephen   30 Indiana
    , Asa       23 Indiana
    , Riney A.   4 Iowa

Burial: Primitive Baptist Cemetery, Winterset, IA

Aquillla moved to Kentucky as a young man. While clearing land in Kentucky, Aquilla was bitten by a copperhead snake. Later, in order to save his life, the doctors amputated his leg, just below the knee. A son, Johnson Smith was born 1809 in Kentucky to Aquilla and a first wife. Aquilla and Elizabeth Collier were married in 1815. Their first 6 children were born in Kentucky. The family migrated to Jackson Co., Indiana in 1829, where 5 more children were born.
In August 1834, Aquilla was appointed guardian of his brother Greenberry and Mary (Duncan) Smith's three children, Calvin, Levi and Serena. These children were raised as Aquilla's own. Three daughters, Hannah Smith, Amanda and husband Dr. Joseph K. Evans and Margaret and husband William Stepenson were living in Des Moines Co, Iowa for quite some time before Aquilla and family arrived in Iowa. An old letter, still in possession of the family, written by Joseph K. Evans and dated July 26, 1845, Des Moines Co, Iowa to Aquilla and Elizabeth in Indiana, tells about the "new country" and they could earn a good living.
The Joseph K. Evans family apparently had already settled in Madison County, Iowa some time before Aquilla and family came overland by team from Indiana, stopping a few days at Burlington, then moving on west to settle in this area (Winterset).

Aquilla's land grants were among the first filed in Madison County. He was one of the original trustees of the Middle River Predestinarian Baptist church. The first meetings were held at the home of the members, often at Aquilla's home. Aquilla and Elizabeth (Collier) Smith arrived in Madison Co., Iowa in 1848 and settled in the area which became the West addition to Winterset.
Written by: Marge Brokaw

On the 27th day of February in the year 1854, Levi Smith, son of Elijah & Margaret Preston Smith, filed an application for pension for Elijah Smith for serving in the Revolutionary War. Elijah served as a Soldier of the Maryland line in the Regiment commanded by Colonel John Grunby, enlisted for during the war and was honorably discharged during the month of November in the year 1783 after having performed a service of upwards of three years. This application was made after both Elijah & Margaret Smith had died. Possibly the reason this application was rejected. From Marge Brokaw family research.

1850 census for Madison Co, Iowa, Aquilla & Elizabeth Smith's household included their children Mary, Maranda, Permelia, Calvin, Levi, Elijah, Asa B., sister-in-law Philadelphia Collier and married daughter Hannah with husband Samuel Puffenberger. Next door was daughter Ann & her husband Ruben Hanner.
1851 Iowa state census, there were 12 people in Aquilla Smith's household.
1856 Iowa state census, Aquilla, 67 year old, says he has been in Madison County for 7 years. He is a land owner and eligible to vote.
1860 census for Center twp, Madison Co, Iowa, Aquilla, 72, farmer, has real estate valued at $3,000, personal property $400. Household consists of Elizabeth 66, Mary 40, Stephen 30, Asa 23, and 4 year old Riney A. (unable to identify her). It also notes that 2 attended school and 2 can not read or write.

History of Aquilla Smith as remembered by George Poffinbarger
Aquilla Smith's ancestors, the Smiths and Stogdales, settled in Jamestown, Virginia soon after the colony was founded. Aquilla was born there in the year of 1788 and moved to Kentucky when a small boy. His mother's maiden name was Preston and his step-mother's name was Buckner. She lived in Baltimore. [Note by Marge Brokaw: Aquilla could not have had a step-mother as his father, Elijah Smith, died first. Wonder if Buckner was a name of Aquilla's first wife, the mother of Johnson Smith? All the rest found to be true.]

Aquilla had five uncles who served in the Revolutionary war. One of these uncles, Colonel Smith, later served in the Indian War. He received a grant of 1000 acres of Kentuck land from the government.

Aquilla's brothers were Greenberry and Levi. His sisters were Ann who married Mr. Houck, Tabitha who married Mr. Fluerry, and one sister married Mr. Walker. He had cousins whose names were Smith Daniels, Dan Flinn and others named Barnes and Abott.

When the Smith family settled in Kentuck the Indians were bad. They came so near getting Aquilla when he was a small boy that they lost a mocassin near their cabin door. They killed a young man named Barns with a tomahawk. He was a cousin of Aquilla.

One son Johnson was born to Aquilla and his first wife in Kentucky. In 1815, Aquilla married Elizabeth Collier in Kentucky. She was born in Virginia in 1800 and moved with hef family to Kentuck when a small girl. Her father was Elder Stephen Collier, a Predestinarian Baaptist preacher. Her mother's maiden name was Elkins. Elizabeth's bothers were Champeon, Cager, and Gilson. Her sister, Adelpha, married Malichi Adkins and they lived at Carlile, Iowa. One sister married Wm. Clark, who lived in Indiana. She had relatives named Hargus and Hatfield. [Note: Origial hadwritten old history says one sister married Daniel Cummins, which is correct.]

While clearing land in Kentucky, Aquilla was bitten by a copperhead snake which caused him trouble for years, and finally to save his life, the doctors amputated the leg just below the knee. In 1829 the family moved from Rockcastle Co.., KY to Indiana where he entered and cleared another farm. In the spring of 1848 the family moved by team to Iowa and stopped a few days at Burlington, then moved on to Madison County Iowa. He filed and entered land in Section 36, Douglas Twp, the West 80 of which is now
west addition to Winterset. He also entered timber land of Middle River, south of Winterset, where they built a log cabin and lived for a while before they built a cabin on the prairie land he had entered.

Aquilla and Elizabeth were the parents of eleven children, all of whom have passed away. The parents and six of their children are buried in the Primitive Baptist Cemetery, one mile north of Winterset.

Aquilla's brother, Greenberry Smith and his wife died leaving three small children - Levi, Calvin, and Serena. Serena married James Guye. Aquilla and Elizabeth raised these children as their own. levi Smith and several of his children are buried in the Baptist Cemetery. Two of their children, Wesley smith and Mrs. Linnie Banks (Lee Bank's mother) are living in Winterset.

About the author George is the son of Hannah Smith Poffinbarger. George was born 1850 in Winterset, Madison County, Iowa in a log cabin that belonged to his grandfather, Aquilla Smith, at the corner of Summit South and Eight Ave. This cabin was a short distance in back of the house on the NW corner of Summit and South 8th Ave. The house is at 516 South 8th Ave in Winterset and is now owned by Joe and Mildred Waltz.

Elizabeth COLLIER

Alternate spelling: Colyer

Mary Polly SMITH

Never married.


There are many Casteels living in 1840 Ohio in the neighboring counties Coshocton, Licking, Muskingum with ages close to Jesse.
Probably related in some way. The most likely father of Jesse is Thomas Casteel b. 1753. Note that Jesse in 1850 Madison, Iowa, named three of his sons Mesach, John, and Jesse. The fact that Thomas is also known to have sons Jesse, John, and Masach indicates that Jesse in 1850 Madison county, is also the Jesse, son of Thomas.

Thomas is the brother of Zadock Casteel b. 1750-1760 located in 1840 Monroe County, Ohio.
Another possibile family relation is Amos Casteel b. 1760-1770 and living in Marion County.

1860 census: Iowa, Guthrie, Cass, 20-Jun-1860
Casteel, Jesse     69, Maryland
       , Sarah     49, Virginia
       , George W. 19, Ohio
Smith,   Elijah    26, Indiana, carpenter
     ,   Nancy     19, Ohio

1850 Iowa census, Madison County, 4-Oct-1850
Casteel, Jesse     61 Maryland
       , Sarah     ?  unknown
       , John      20 Ohio
       , Jesse Jr. 19 Ohio
       , Lucinda   18 Ohio
       , Isabel    15 Ohio
       , Powell    13 Ohio (or Daniel?)
       , George    11 Ohio
       , Nancy      8 Ohio
       , Mary A     5 Ohio

Another Cateel family in Madison County, Iowa in 1850 is:
Mesach  b. 1829 Ohio  (probably the son of Jesse)
+Sarah  b. 1829 Indiana

The following is supplied by Malinda German

There is a gap between this Jesse Casteel and Shadrach Casteel of Bedford County, PA, who is probably Jesse's grandfather. There is so little available to prove the birth dates of the Casteels of these generations, our Jesse could possibly be a son of any of Shadrach's sons or Shadrach's brother's sons. After studying what is available on the internet and reading several histories of the Casteels (which sometimes contradict each other) I believe this Jesse Casteel was a son of Thomas Casteel and Margaret Shelling of Maryland, although I have no proof. I also think this may have been a second marriage for Jesse. Some sources think he was born in 1783, later census records show his birth date as 1789 or 1791. That would make him anywhere from 37 to 45 years old when he married Sally, who was about 20 at the time of their marriage.

1830 census Richland twp, Holmes Co, OH, pg 277, indexed Jesse Costeel. Members of this household: 3 males under the age of 5 years, could be Thomas, Meshak and John. 1 male age 10 to 15 years old, unidentified. 1 male age 40 to 50 years old would be Jesse. 1 female 5 to 10 years old unidentified. 1 female 20 to 30 years old would be Sarah. The two unidentified children in this household could be Jesse's from a first marriage.

1840 census Jefferson twp, Knox Co, OH, pg 355, indexed Jesse Costtiel.

History of Knox County Ohio , Its Past and Present, compiled by N.N. Hill, Jr., published 1881.
Around 1808 settlers started to move in from Bedford, PA. JEFFERSON was organized in March 1829. It is the northeast corner township of Knox county, and is bounded on the north by Ashland and Holmes counties, on the south by Union township, on the east by Holmes county, and on the west by Brown township. First election was held in April 1829. At the election held in 1832 at the house of Frederick Rice the following officers were elected, Alexander Greer, Josiah Frost and John Hibbetts trustees; Alvin Critchfield and Jesse Casteel, constables; George Rice and Robert Greer, overseers of poor, and Robert McMillen, fenceviewer.

Jesse Casteel of Knox County, Ohio purchased the North East quarter of the North East quarter of Section Eleven in township eight of range ten of the unappropriated lands in the military district subject to sale at Zanesville, Ohio containing forty acres. Granted the tenth of August in the year one thousand eight hundred and thirty seven.

He moved his family to Madison County, Iowa before the 1850 census. There the family is found in District 18 on pg 142. Jesse's occupation is farmer, 61 years old, born in Maryland.

They moved again, to Guthrie County, Iowa, where they are found in the 1857 state census.

The 1860 census Cass twp, Guthrie Co, IA, pg 22. Household is Jesse, 69, wife Sarah, 49, son George W., daughter Nancy and son-in-law Elijah Smith.

Jesse probably died between 1860 and 1870. He does not appear in the 1870 census where his wife, Sarah Casteel, is living in Shelby Co, IA with her daughter-in-law Emeline Casteel, next door to Elijah and Nancy Smith.


1870 census: Iowa, Shelby County, Fairview township, 23-Aug-1870
Smith, Elijah   38, Indiana
     , Nancy    28, Ohio
     , Jesse     6, Iowa
     , Melvin    2, Iowa
Casteel, Sarah   62, Virginia (living with daughter Nancy)
       , Eveline 29 Ohio F (wife of George Casteel)
       , Mary J   6 Iowa
       , Nancy A  4 Iowa
       , Jessie   2 Iowa

She used her nickname Sally on her marriage record.
1870 census she is living with her daughter-in-law Evaline Casteel in Fairview, Shelby Co, IA.


Appears in the 1857 Iowa state census for Guthrie County. No more is known.


Tacoma News Tribune, Sun., July 13, 1986
Dora D. Schulz: Mrs. Shulz 79, passed away in Grants Pass, Oregon, on July 7, 1986. She was born IN Selma, Labama, was a long-time resident of Tacoma, currently residing in Auburn, WA. She was a member of Vida Chapter #35, Order of the Easter Star and served as its Worthy Matron in 1958. She was a past Mother Advisor for Assembly Assembly of Rainbow Girls, and was awarded the Grand Cross of Color by the International Order of Rainbow Girls. She was a past president of Franklin School Preschool. Whe was a member of Funseekers R V Club and with her husband, Don, traveled extensively throughout the Western US, wintering each year in Mesa, Arizona.

Dora is survived by her beloved husband Donald, two daughters, Barbara J. Doll, California; and Carolyn Chapman of Seattle; one brother, Charles Woodall of Oakland, CA; six grandchildren and one great-grand-daughter.

A Memorial Service will be held at the Asbury Methodist Church 5601 S. Puget Sound, Tacoma, 11 am Wednesday, July 16, 1986. In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made to the Arthritis Foundation.

SSN 563-01-8376

Richard Celest HICKS

Richard Celest Hicks was born in Lacey, Washington, September 29, 1917, to Celest Pendergast Hicks and Myrtle Emily Smith and died in Olympia, Washington, December 26, 2003, at the age of 86. Dick grew up on the family estate on Hicks Lake and attended Lacey grade school and then Olympia High School where he was quite the three sports star. He attended St. Martins College on a sports scholarship and received a try-out with the St. Louis Browns professional baseball team right before WW II began. He married Marjorie Adele Weatherbie on August 24th of 1941. After Pearl Harbor he enlisted in the U.S. Navy and immediately received an officer's commission and became a Navy pilot flight instructor since he had his pilot's license prior to enlisting

After the war Dick spent a couple of years in the transportation business and then joined with his stepfather Zaza F. Simmons and started what was to become the Simmons Oyster Company and later Simmons Seafood, Inc. Simmons Seafood also developed a frozen oyster stew and frozen oyster fries which were sold wholesale between Portland and Seattle. What started as a two-man operation eventually grew to several employees and later a chain of seafood restaurants at local fairs with two large seasonal fish and chip restaurants at the Puyallup fair of which Dick and Marjorie were also shareholders.

For many years Dick was an active Freemason and Past Master of Olympia Lodge No. 1. He was also a member of the Scottish Rite and Afiffi temple Shrine. His integrity was well respected, and even though a small oyster farmer from Olympia, he was asked to join the Board of Directors of the Portland, Oregon, Shriner's Children Hospital where he served with distinction for a number of years.

Later in life, Dick and Marjorie traveled, mostly the far East, including Hong Kong, Korea, Australia, and the Philippines. Dick and Marjorie celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary in 1991, and she unexpectedly died two months later.

Dick and Marjorie had three sons: Richard D. "Cork" Hicks (wife Dottie) of Olympia, Robert G. "Bob" Hicks of Seattle, and William A. "Bill" Hicks of Olympia. They had nine grandchildren and five great grandchildren. In the month prior to his death all nine grandchildren were able to visit him, some coming from as far away as Indiana and Texas.

So mote it be.


Became a teacher on Anderson Island.

Obituary: Death Calls Mrs. Tripler, Tacoma News Tribune 5 September 1944 p.17

Mrs. Emma S. Tripler, 68, a pioneer schoolteacher and a resident of Pierce County since 1890, died Monday at a local hospital.  She was a native of Muscoda, WN, and homesteaded at Wollochet Bay.  She attended the old Tacoma high school and was married to Dr. Charles Stuart Tripler, who died many years ago.  For 35 years she taught school in the county, retiring in 1938.  For 17 years she was principal of Park Lodge School in the lakes district. She leaves a daughter, Mrs. Marion Miller, wife of former Lt. Col. Armand P. Miller, U.S.A., Tacoma; brothers, Henry B. and Paul A. Schulz, of Tacoma; sisters, Mrs. Katherine Miller, Tacoma; Mrs. Anna Hunt, Gig Harbor, and Mrs. Marjorie Thompson of Puyallup.  Funeral announcement will be made by Buckley-King.

George Jakob SCHULZ

From "History of Grant County, Wisconsin", 1881, p. 970-971
Town of Muscoda
GEORGE J. SCHULZ, blacksmith, wagon manufacturer and general repairer of machinery, Muscoda; born in Bavaria on the Rhine in 1849; came to America in 1864, and located at Burlington, Iowa; came to Muscoda in 1869, and established his present business in 1872; learned his trade in the old country with his father, who was a first-class mechanic. His business has gradually increased from the start, and he has taken his brother in as a partner, who has charge of the wagon-making department. The firm name will be Schulz Brothers. George J. was married, in Muscoda, in 1872, to Miss Elizabeth Michael [Michel], a native of Pennsylvania, by whom he has three children - one son and two daughters. He is a first-class mechanic, and has worked himself up from a poor boy, now owning his own place of business.

Family records indicate he may have immigrated in 1864. The 1900 census states that he entered the US in 1864 and that he was naturalized. Naturalization records have George enterning Richland Co., WI on 24-Apr-1871. George became a US citizen on 7-Sep-1880 in Grant Co., WI. The application and naturalization documents state that George gave up his allegiance to the King of Bavaria and the Emperor of Germany. He married Elizabeth in WI and had six children there. The family came to the state of WA in 1889 and in Wollochet Bay, two more children were born.

George still married to Elizabeth in 1909 - 1910. They had a farm of 20 acres near head of Wollochet Bay. Purchased from Jimmy Moore in 1889.

Divorced about 1920. Occupation: blacksmith. He immigated to America from Bavaria about 1864.

Died: 26 Apr. 1922. Buried: Artondale Cemetery, Gig Harbor, WA
Birth and death dates from death certificate. Father and mother not identified other than their birthplace being Germany.

George and Elizabeth arrived in Wollochet Bay on the steamer, Victor, that brought them from Tacoma. George and Elizabeth Schulz had purchased James Moore's homestead land on the west side of the bay and came out to farm it in 1889. The farm supported the usual chickens, cows, and horses, and produced loganberries and raspberries, but George found it practical to work out for cash as well. He and sons Edward and George soon were employed at Gig Harbor's first lumber mill, located near today's Jerisich Park. Later, Schulz traveled to Carbonado to mine coal during the week, coming home on weekends. The Schulz's baggage carried from Muscoda, WI had included a cornet, violins and a bass viola for the trip to a new life. He and his four sons, with daughter Emma playing piano, provided music for dances held in Gig Harbor's GAR hall, in the Booster School at Pardy.

census: 1910 WA, Pierce, Artondale
George J Schulz  60  states he was a US citizen in 1865
Elizabeth Schulz 56  
Edward C Schulz  35  
Henry Schulz     29  
Emma Tripler     34  
Catterina Magill 31  
George J Schulz  24  
Paul Schulz      18  
Margueri Schulz  15  
Esmond Magill    10  
Robert Magill     8  

census: 1900 WA, Pierce, Artondale precinct, 13 Jun 1900
Schulz, George    Sep. 1849   Ger, Ger, Ger,  married 29 years, emmigrated to US in 1864, 36 years in US, naturalized, Blacksmith,
      , Elizabeth             PA, Ger, Ger    married 29 years, 8 of 9 children living
     , Edward C. Nov. 1873   WI, Ger, PA,    Blacksmith
     , Henry B.  Apr 1881    WI, Ger, PA,
     , Annie     May 1883    WI, Ger, PA,
     , George J. Oct 1885    WI, Ger, PA,
     , Paul A    Apr 1892    WA, Ger, PA
     , Margaret M. Jun 1894  WA, Ger, PA

census: 1880, WI, Grant, Muscoda, district 119, 1-Jun-1880
Schulz, George 30 Bavaria, Bavaria, Bavaria (Listed as George Shultz)
     , Lizzie 27 OH, Baden, Baden
     , Edward  7 WI, Bavaria, OH
     , Emma   11 WI, Bavaria, OH
     , Katie   1 WI, Bavaria, OH
     , Henrietta, 22, sister, Bavaria  (b. 1858)

Info below appears to be unrelated to our George Schulz.
census: 1870, CT, New Haven, South Ward, 12-July-1870
Volkman, Charles,  47, Prussia, Lager Beer Saloon
      , Anestina, 42, Prussia
      , Bertha     8, CT
Exployer, John,    30, Prussia, joiner
Dellman, Gottlow,  31, Bavaria, Blacksmith
Shultz, George,    23, Bavaria, Blacksmith
Brahmer, Gottlieb, 24, Bavaria, worker in factory

Elizabeth MICHEL

Cremated, Tacoma WA, Ashes scattered on Mt Rainier, WA
She was born either in Butler Co. PA, or Ohio.
She married: George Jacob Schulz,  abt 1871, Muscoda?. He was born abt 1850. Occ: blacksmith. Died: 2 May 1922, Tacoma, WA, Buried: Tacoma, WA

Elizabeth and George Schulz moved from Muscoda to Tacoma, WA area around 1889.  They lived in Gig Harbor, Tacoma and finally Puyallup, WA

She and George Jacob Schulz were divorced about 1920.  She lived in a house on 3rd (?) street in Puyallup very near the fairgrounds.  The house was build by her son Henry (Hank) Schulz.  As of 2003 the house is still standing.

Had a farm in Gig Harbor, Wa.

Tacoma News Tribune 28 August 1937
Mrs. Schulz Dies:
Mrs. Elizabeth Schulz, a resident of Puyallup for the past 22 years, died at the home of her son, Henry B. Schulz, 612 3rd Street Southwest, Thursday morning.  She was a native of Wisconsin but had lived the past 47 years in Washington.  Mrs. Schulz was a member of the Methodist church.  Surviving are four sons and four daughters and a sister, Mrs. Anna Strine of Wisconsin.  Rev. W. O.  Benadom of Orting will be in charge of funeral services which will be held at Hill's funeral home at 2 o'clock Monday.  Final rites will be at Mount View cemetery


CHRISTENING: Baptismal says October, original in possession of Carolyn Schulz Chapman

Edward left home from Gig Harbor WA aft 1910.  Never seen nor heard from again by any family member.  His occupation as of 1900 census was blacksmith

Washington State and Territorial Censuses, 1-Apr-1892, Pierce, WA: Charles is still living with parents

1910 census: Artondale, Pierce, WA: Charles still living with parents

Heinrich Bernard SCHULZ

1900 Washington State census says farm laborer
Cremated, Ashes in Gig harbor WA
Never married, lived with Paul and Anne Schulz in last years of his life in Tacoma WA

Henry B. Schulz, Tacoma News Tribune 30 December 1963 p. 20
Henry B. Schulz, 82, of 1001 N. Yakima Ave., died Saturday in a local hospital.  He was born in Muscoda, Wis., and had lived in this area since 1890. He was a member of the Lutheran Church. He leaves a brother, Paul, of Tacoma; tow sisters, Mrs. Anna Hunt of Gig Harbor, and Mrs. Marjorie Thompson, of Seattle; several nieces and nephews. Services are announced today by the C.O. Lynn Co.

Name:    Henry Schulz
 SSN:    534-20-5489  
 Last Residence:    Washington
 Born:    21 Apr 1881
 Died:    Dec 1963
 State (Year) SSN issued:    Washington (Before 1951 )

George Jacob SCHULZ Jr.

Never Married
No death date however, noted that he was cremated

 SSN:     537-50-9481  
 Last Residence:     98541  Elma, Grays Harbor, WA  
 Born:     27 Oct 1885  
 Last Benefit:           
 Died:     Feb 1968  
 State (Year) SSN issued:     WA (1965)


Tacoma News Tribune, Sun., July 13, 1986
Dora D. Schulz: Mrs. Shulz 79, passed away in Grants Pass, Oregon, on July 7, 1986. She was born IN Selma, Labama, was a long-time resident of Tacoma, currently residing in Auburn, WA. She was a member of Vida Chapter #35, Order of the Easter Star and served as its Worthy Matron in 1958. She was a past Mother Advisor for Assembly Assembly of Rainbow Girls, and was awarded the Grand Cross of Color by the International Order of Rainbow Girls. She was a past president of Franklin School Preschool. Whe was a member of Funseekers R V Club and with her husband, Don, traveled extensively throughout the Western US, wintering each year in Mesa, Arizona.

Dora is survived by her beloved husband Donald, two daughters, Barbara J. Doll, California; and Carolyn Chapman of Seattle; one brother, Charles Woodall of Oakland, CA; six grandchildren and one great-grand-daughter.

A Memorial Service will be held at the Asbury Methodist Church 5601 S. Puget Sound, Tacoma, 11 am Wednesday, July 16, 1986. In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made to the Arthritis Foundation.

SSN 563-01-8376

Charles Douglas WOODALL

From Andrew Marshall [email protected]

I have a Charles Woodall, b. Nov 12, 1883, married Elizabeth Ray and also married Maria Landino. His father was G. W. Woodall. I have this Woodall connected to John Woodall died abt 1750 in VA.

Cotton mills where Charles and brother Robert worked 1927-1920's. Also in Oakland were sisters Jane (Greenhaw), Ruth (Quigley). Brother George Jr (Buck) died Birmingham Al 1924. Sisters Lucy McKeon lived in Wash DC; Sarah Whilely Atlanta; Martha Winn;  Julia Fields Henderson NC where father George Washington Woodall died 1944.

A tall, big guy; not over weight.

Sarah Caroline AUTREY

ssn 553 56 8742;  name on social security appl is Sallie Carolina Bruce


Married to Velma, one son, Mark

worked for railroad. Lived in Ukiah, CA

Name:    Raymond Woodall
 SSN:    547-05-6044  
 Born:    27 Jun 1916
 Died:    Jun 1973
 State (Year) SSN issued:    California (Before 1951 )